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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wordy Wednesday - Salmonella!!

Maxwell Tigger Repurting (Katie am still on strike cause her am growlie. She can't remember who me and Bootsie am) 

Ronnie before getting sick
Auntie Silvia's kids are sick with Salmonella! Katie Mom bought Purina Naturals at Petsmart and Purina Indoor Cat Chow at Walmart on August 12th. NO FUNDS TO GET 5 cats MEDS.

To top all that, Silvia had an emergency with Ronnie last week - got into hard to open cabinet and bit a Tide detergent pod. Money came in for shot to help get rid of toxins - yet by weekend, Silvia rushed him to ER for fluids - she owes the motel owner for ER and paying her phone. Mama Narcisca went to vet on Monday for UTI and she owes for that bill. Then yesterday, Ronnie back to vet and he tested for Salmonella! All the kitties are throwing up with diarrhea.  Throwing out cat food (we gotta finds out if foods supposed to be tested somewheres) and no money for more food or meds for her kids... Need to cover debts and cat food and meds for salmonella... Need purrs and help asap.

Uncle Mike's neighbor is still in hospital (Vet Visits and Emergency Purrz) His name am Dirk - he has indoor and outdoor kitties and Katie Mom has been feeding them everyday... Dirk had a white mama cat supposed to stay in the house, but she got out while the emergency crew showed. Katie saw a white kitty and tried to pick her up to see if it were mama cat or white boy cat (checking fur milk) to put her back in the house, but she scrambled out of her arms and took off. She hasn't been seen since. Katie and Mike tried to finds the kittens in the house, but no good. We am wondering if something happened to the kittens cause Mom said white kitty didn't have any milk and her has not come back home... 

Bootsie and me am doing betters. The ouchie on my neck is getting much smaller thanks to little pills Mom gives me with my favorite canned food and ointment on my neck.  Bootsie has lost some weight though, yet her am taking her pills likes a trooper. Just gots ta finds sumpin her likes to eats.

Pearl am doing lots betters too and we hopes to gets her to her foster home furry soon. The foster Mommy's house has been getting lots of remodeling down - hopefully likes a day this week Katie Mom can get over to see where Pearl will be staying.

Our Friend Liz who has Mitchel had her car go kaplooey, transmission stuffs and had to go to shop. She somehow scraped enough moneys to gets it fixed and then it died last weekend! Thankfully in a parking lot. Well the transmission shop picked up the car and has been working on it... We sure hope the problem is under warranty and she doesn't owe anything. She had to take a bus to works again this week and she is picking up the car later... we are crossing our paws. 

Well dat's all fur now... we hopes to tells you abouts Hickory Hollow Animal Refuge furry soon. Katie Mom am going to gets them backs up on the webs to help them gets more volunteers and funds.
Hickory Hollow Ranch

Fur now, to helps Silvia gets meds for her kitties to gets over Salmonella, please paypal
laugh_safely at yahoo dot com or call Arapahoe Vet Clinic at 316 262 6491 and ask for Silvia Espinosa account.

-Maxwell Tigger
Jr Mewz Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz

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  1. Purrs to everyone, we pray that better days are ahead.

  2. It is horrible that all of those kitties got salmonella! I hope that they will be okay. Make sure you contact Purina. They need to get that batch off of the shelves. We will be purring and praying for everyone.

  3. We send tons of purrs and hope they will be ok. Purrs

  4. I am praying for you all. I hope the cat food company will pay for care and issue a recall.

  5. Meow Meow, we's sendin' lots of purrayers. We fur sure know 'bout emergencies and no moneys.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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