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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wordy Wednesday Healing Purrz and Prayerz

Hiya Folks, Katie Kitty Too here,
With some furry mewz thats needs posting... Furst of alls... there am kitties that needs vet visits asap... now they all not in the same house.  My human Mom's family looks after several kitties in different homes. Purrblem am thats Katiez Furry Mewz Not gots enough funds.

I am the oldest kitty and need a wellness checkup furry soon. I sneeze and has runny nose sometimes...we're pretty sure I don't has a cold. Mom don't know if dat from allergies or my teeth needs checking. In fact, I just had to clear my nose just now! I may haz to needs a blood panel to finds out what am causing the sniffles.

Lil Pearl Electra needs another checkup after taking antibiotics for several weeks. Her nasal congestion am only kinda betters...It may be allergies and asthma related. She was scheduled to get seen at Cat Hospital today, but funds kept us from going... and now vet is booked up. We will haz to see another vets or wait til next week. Mom am furry worried about her congestion not clearing up with Baytril (did get over her pneumonia). We haz pawsible foster fur her, and hope change of environment can help if congestion am allergy related and she also needs more attention. Pearl likes to nips when playing and pinch peoples faces... that silly girl really needs to learn some manners!!! Any advice on curbing the nippies would be greatly appreciated... Mom tried mentholatum and only worked a few days... now Pearl nips the mentholatum fingers cause they smell bads!  Mom wants to try supporting good behavior like licking yummy tunas off of hands to see if that works instead.

Maxwell Tigger needs a checkup cause him still gots mild rash and him scratched himself silly and now has a big coin sized sore on hims neck... we not show you da yucky photos, just if you can please sends some greenies so him can gets to vet and get antibiotics and some steroids.. Mom needs help getting his claws trimmed and him gonna has to wears a collar to helps gets well.

Bootsie Woo, who am furry shy and nots likes to gets on the internets much has some kinds of fungal infection. Her stays with Nana. and we thinks dats da rains and musty basements may has sumpin to do wifs dat. We needs some help in identifying dis... and Bootsie needs to go to vets asap and gets medication.  It looks like ring worm, but Mom thought dat should be red... just gots a circle on her tail and two straight lines on her back of missing furs...  The photo is out of focus cause Bootsie nots like to hold still. Her favorite past time is rolling on the floor.

Danny with Foster Mom
Now fur some more mewz dats needs purrz... Furst da good mews fur Silvia and her kitties.  Silvia finished her second day of training at the aircraft tool company...She did really well and only missed a few questions on the written test Howsumever, she did not gets job yet. They really like her and told to wait til the end of August and contact them back. Silvia also reapplied to Kansas Legal Services where she used to work 7 years ago.  Other good mewz am that donations came in to help pay fur rent this week and next week!  And a furry goods kitten was rescued from the Motel parking lot last Friday now named Danny. we show more photos of him later. Here am a photo with his foster mommy. Although Danny's pawrents not been saved....

Mewz fur purrs, Narcisca needs a vet checkup... her am having trouble with yeast infection again and going to potty. The vet wants her to have C/D formula foods that Guero eats. A friend may be able to help with Narcisca go to the vets...  and a terrible thing happened on Monday.  Danny's daddy was hit by a truck.  Silvia and Alex tried to save him, but were too late. All they could do was surrender him to the ER. Silvia's kitties and Mama cat howled and cried... yes us cats know when a kitty goes OTRB!
Danny's Mama

Auntie Silvia is still grieving. We don't have a photo, just a photo of Danny's Mommy. We pray Mommy can be trapped before her gets hurt too.


One more thing... remember Mitchel, the orange kitten and hims mommy Liz Cornish? We mentioned last week that Liz needs help with getting her transmission fixed. Don't have the go fund me up yet... howsumever, Face Book suspended her account!!! Mom am trying to help verify Liz, and pass out the word that this could happen to anyone. Please save all your contacts in case you haz to starts over.

Hickory Hollow Ranch - one of the sanctuary buildings
More furry mewz soon, likes we finally gonna haz internets at Moms house on August 30th Whoo Hoo! no more long updates... and mewz about the bestest Life Care Sanctuary in Kansas, Hickory Hollow Ranch. 

Please if you can helps sends funds so us kitties can gets to vets, you can use the button on the side or just sends a paypal gift to friends at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

-Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz.

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  1. Wow, such a lot of news, both good and sad. We hope everything works out well for all. And congratulations on getting internet at home soon. You need it.

  2. Sending purrs and prayers for all of you guys! I'm so sorry to hear about Danny's Dad. That is horrible. *hugs* I hope that you are able to get all the funds that you need and that your check ups go well.

  3. Dang, that sure is along of purrs needed so we're sending tons of purrs. Maybe green papers after payday, our funds are low too.

  4. Sending lots of purrs and prayers, dear friends. So much going on there.

  5. Sending healing purrs and vibes

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. So many sick kitties, I am so sorry. I am praying for you all.


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