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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Well Here We Am Again.

Hiya folks...Katie Kitty Too with a real selfie as the junior exec of the computer room at Katiez Furry Mewz. This pose was inspurred by Erin the Cat Princess in her selfie today. As you can see we kinda looks alike, us tuxies do... Tuxie Power!!!

The Mom started writing our blog around midnight, but her was just poopled... tired bumfuzzled sumpins. 

Here I am getting ready to get in Mom's lap so we can finish blogging this afternoon.  We wants to thank all the folks who stopped by to visit last Sunny day, even though Mom and us kitties was just too tuckered out to visit back!  We purmice to visits more furry soons... cause we loves alla yous!

(We dids updates on Facebook. If you gots sumpin else, let us know and we update there too. Blogspot dont likes Moms mobile windows phone and won't let us blog on that. And Mom's pc am at Uncle Mike's where I reign supreme in the computer room. No internets at our house.)

Katie Mom looked back at last post and was wondering who to give the fashion wise bunny rabbit to!  Well there am like four pawsibilities... Virginia of the Poupounette. and three other cat folks on Facebook. Will keep you posted about that...If no takers, will auction it off instead.

Good mews about the car kinda sorta... they put the car back together and kinda fixed the bumper frame, but that was it... Uncle Mike and Katie Mom picked up the car Monday... the trunk leaks water and it rained today. At least the Mom can drive Uncle Mike's car without her lips turning blue...

Yeps, you heards right... brand new car upholstery was turning Moms lips blue and lowered her oxygen levels. If Mom had to drive 2016 Ford Focus rental one more day, she would have landed in the hospital. Did you know that car manufacturers are not required to tell how much toxic stuff is in your upholstery? And no regulations about amounts of furmaldehyde or nuffin!!! Mouses!!! as a certain cat princess loves to say. Seriously, the toxins in new cars are dangerous... what is wrong with humans???
"...these chemicals are not regulated, consumers have no way of knowing the dangers...” - Jeff Gearhart, Ecology Center Ann Arbor, Mich 2012 - Toxic new car smell
More Links: Changes started in 2009 - not perfect (ha)
The 10 Most Toxic New Cars On The Market (2012)

Now I haz to apologize fur the next thing... and the food bowl should apologize too.Wednesday Mom, me and a food bowl collided and something cut open mom's finger. I'm blaming the food bowl and Bossy Tommy Cat who came in my domain and scared me...

That's the official story. Not getting another peep outta me coppers! Me didn't do nuffin...mol. I'm an indoor cat and gots rabies shots otay!?! Mom's finger just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and food bowls can be mean when they break and sometimes nip you. Mom bled alot... afore her slapped dat wound together and treated it with colloidal silver. But her finger swelled ups too. Mom went to ER, was there all night and saw nobody but triage nurse. So she left and went to her clinic when they opened at nine and they butterflied mom's finger... and she gots purrscription for Clindamycin 4 times a day! Lucky for her she likes pills. ptooey! Clinic did not has Tetanus shots. so her went to health department and they wanted $53.00!!! So No tetanus shot... Mom just needs a booster but 53.00?!?! Mouses! Her tried another clinic and they not take bank info fur proof of income... needed benefit letter but her lost that (Mom's tired brain was invaded by fuzzy aliens earlier this year.)

Ifs you am all waiting fur a photo selfie of Guero, here we go!
Him was at the vets when dis selfie was taken on Friday.  Mom had to borrow money to get his blood panel done - $98.
Furry thankful for dat borrowed greenies cause Dr. Vet said with his major surgery and all the meds he had, time to check his blood levels and organs... Furry Good Mewz: All in Good range!!! Whoo Hoo! Way to Go Guero!  Him finally hads some goods pooh too. No throwing ups. Now do stay away from strings... dey nots foods.

Fur Silvia's health though, if you have seen the You Caring updates, her doc found a pea sized lump and she had a mammogram Thursday... waiting fur results... most likely will need surgery to remove... pray for benign. Silvia is so compassionate that her was more worried for Guero...

On the job front, Silvia got a call last week from an aircraft tooling company - she went into interview Wednesday and does a test on Monday (tomorrow). This would be wonderful works cause they need someone in parts ordering that is bilingual. Job would start end of August. We purring for this bestest job. Not counting all our chickens yet, don't let Bear hear me say chickens... Howsomever we gotta to keep rents paid til we finds out and then until her first check... On the short list and they called her! This is even better than the survey job pawsibility.

Now fur a loverly selfie of wittle Pearl with Uncle Mike:   Pearl may has another foster to looks after her... Mom needs to get details sorted out how to get her there. Here in town good. The foster lady am out of town right now at family reunion. Pearl still on antibiotics and sniffling. Her tongue am staying pink and her sure eats alot.  Me sure her am going to be twice my size as a grown up girl! From 1.3 pounds to big kitten needing two hands to hold her... Pearl has come a long way.  Thank you all fur helping Katie Looks after her.

Well weze almosts dones.... Maxwell Tigger still needs purrs though - steroid pills didn't help much. Him gotted Revolution okay. but still gots skin rashes. Mom wondering if it am food related. Her going to stop giving him Sheba canned Salmon for treats and try something else. Me and Max both eat Authoriy grain free so not about grain allergies. We gonna try Dinovite as soon as we gots funds to gets the powder cause it works best and lasts longest.

Mom helped a lady her hadn't talked to in over a year find a temporary boarding fur her kitties overnight, while she found a mew place to stay...(same foster that may be taking Pearl this week) Her was evicted from parents home after Mother died... long story and lots of wrong decisions, still not right what her brother did, selling the home out from under his sister.

And Liz, Mitchel the orange kitten's Mom had her car go kaput... her lives in Topeka so Uncle Mike can't really helps with car. Her am trying to gets transmission fixed. Mom am helping Liz puts a funding campaign together to get the car fixed.... Liz has two beautiful rosaries and several digital photos her am willing to gives for helping with her car...  (60.00 or more fur rosaries and they am worth much more. Please specify which rosary.)
Liz has a new job starting tomorrow! Her car is a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT. $900 before starting on car - no car back til 1800 paid in full. Smith Brothers Transmission: 2647 S E 6th Ave, Topeka, 66607. 785 727 1051. Liz must get to work! Bus, cab or walk 2 miles. Transmission funds and cab fare needed asap for this amazing woman who never gives up. snowbearsmom@ gmail . com to


Weze done mostly fur now... mol. 

The Mom am working on a way that you cans buy photo prints of her photography for any size donation. We will has 6x8, 8x10 and two sizes of Canvas and prints 5x7 and 4x6, and magnets too. These will be hard copies by mail and not digital photos cause photos are copyrighted, and Mom and me will sign the back!

You can picks from National Geo photos or Flicker photos... and just sends a donation to paypal at laugh_safely at with the name of photo and what you woulds like. The Flicker stuffs will has watermarks and aren't ready yet. National Geo doesn't allow downloading from pc, but we founds out there is a glitch on mobile phones, please be nice and don't takes copyrighted materials. More info furry soon at the purple kattery auction blog and on facebook.

Purrz, Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Exec. Katiez Furry Mewz.


  1. Hi Katie, us TUX's think alike, for sure, and that is a great selfie... you can see who does the blogging work in your Palace! A lots been going on in your neck of the woods, I do so hope the job comes through and the cars get fixed, those things are always causing peeps trouble but everyone needs them. Hoping you get Pearl's cold sorted soon, I'm sure it will be and then she'll grow to be big and strong and a TUX Princess, just like us. purrs ERin

  2. Oh my goodness, we sure hope the Mom heals up nicely and quickly.

  3. I am sorry you have so many troubles in your family. I am praying for you.


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