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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Friends are to be Furry Thankful For

Hiya evfurry one on the Thursday before Christmas....

 Yesfurday was the last day of Hanukkah....
Dis am Chiquita helping with the blog today... 

Please copy our Christmas Card
 A friend of Mom's made this furry cute card and you can see it in the Holiday Show from Peaches and Paprika when dats am announced (

Us Kitties all voted that JayMee our latest foster - who am with CatTails in Manhattan, Kansas now waiting fur his forever home - should has the honor of being in our Holiday card! Now if Mom gets a break this weekend, she may make one with more of us kitties in a mew year card or sumpin. We wanted to apologize fur not having moneys to send out Christmas Cards..... just has our Bloggie cards...

In the mew year, we hopes to get a mew page made that has bio of all the kittiez at Katiez Furry Mewz, and another page abouts all the kittiez that we haz helped over the 10 years of this bloggie.
JayMee gotted Voted fur Christmas Photos


Today we are furry thankful fur friends who am helping us make it thru Christmas and the mew year...  Because of you, Ellie May was saved when she had Anemia in November, Silvia's kitties were able to go to the vet and Silvia's rent will be paid for next week before Christmas since Scrapping metal this week is really been slow because of the Holidays. (Thank you to the kitty families who know they gave...)

Us kitties and the Mom won't has purrsents this year, yet the Kitties gots foods, litter and loves. We are purring that we will haz enoughs money fur Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia and Katie's Mom (we call her Nana) will be able to has Christmas dinner... (and a purrsent fur Silvia... and to pay the motel owner back for vet money borrowed) We are purring that there will be enough moneys to make it thru into the mew year. You see, the Human Dad's income doesn't come until after Christmas - unlike in England where folks on senior incomes comes before Christmas no matter what. That made this week furry hard and had to borrow money to make it.

Well the Mom has to go do ...
some work helping a friend who can pay her something to haul trash fur him... (didn't help today, maybe tomorrow) We will talks to you mores by Saturday. To Be Continued (with a furry Christmas Miracle Story... )

 Purrz and Paddy Pawz
Chiquita and Katie the Mom

Thankful Thursday Hop - Brian's Home: I Love Having a Family That Shares and Cares

P.S. We needs funds to make it thru to the New Year - yet we haz to share about dearest Lita. Please Visit Lita's Blog at Fur Everywhere or visit her You Caring page to help her have love and care so her Mom can care for her if it am time to go home...Lita has struggled along time with her health... Purrz from Katie and the Katz.


  1. Friends are so important and we are glad there is so good news in your neck of the woods. Hugs! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. I am sad to read about Lita. I wish I had something to donate to you and to her too.

  3. I hopes you do get enough to make it through, and that the extra work hauling gets you where you need to be so you can share a lovely Christmas together... Purring for all those in need, wherever they may be...


  4. We are thankful for all you do to help those in need!
    Merry Christmas to all


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