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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Meowry Christmas Eve Purrz Fur Gordo and Miracle Stuff

Hiya everyfurry one on Christmas Eve and stuffs
Chiquita helping Mom blog again. We haz Sunday Selfie photos from Gordo at the Vets Last night...

We know lots of cats and dogs gets their posts done the night before...
Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia were in the Vet Emergency Hospital with Gordo late last night.
The cost was $239.00 that needs repaid... If you can helps with that, plz paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot come. thanks so much.

He had a urethra removal surgery over a year ago and sometimes he gets UTI. Gordo got an antibiotic and a pain meds and will see his usual vet after Christmas.

We are furry worried about Gordo. He eats good, but lost seven pounds over last two years... He is only 8 1/2 pounds when he should be 10 or 11. He had blood tests run and thyroid levels are on border of hyperthyroid, blood sugar ok. ER doctor said could be chronic mild urinary infections that go undetected. Auntie Silvia tells me my cousin Gordo gotted furry sick as little boy and almost didn't make it... we don't know if that has anything to do with his health now.

Please keep Gordo in your purrz and prayers.
You can read posts about Gordo here (

On a furry goods note, Peaches and Paprika gotted their You Tube Holiday slide show up now...
Our Christmas Card am about time 3:39! Ours features Jeremiah Midnight resting on a blankie, one of our foster kitties who am now with Cattails in Manhattan. We all voted and thought him looked soo sweet dat he could be our spokes-cat this year.

If you hazn't gotted our Chrissymouse card badge yet, here it am again:
And now fur a little Christmas / Hanukkah Miracle story as purrmiced.

This miracle happened on the last night of Hanukkah last week. And Hanukkah am all about miracles! 

Katie Mom hauled truck and trailer. Her had not driven a truck with a trailer on it fur a gazillion years! (well maybe twenty or so... mol - Katie Mom)

Well first when you gets to the transfer station.... you haz to pay some moneys up front while on the first scale. So Mom did that and left her waist pack open by mistake.  While throwing all the wood from an old RV and yucky trash out, some of the wood lifted up the bag and her billfold fell out...

Mom didn't notice until back on the second scale after emptying.  Mom, the other worker with her and a trash employee moved all the yucky trash and they all purred and prayed and stuffs.... Mom felt a funny peace and didn't panic.  and then her billfold gotted founded! Mom did her happy dance and hugged everfurry body!  But forgotted to make sure all the cards and Drivers License was still there... her has no idea why she didn't notice when finishing paying the rest of the fees at the empty scale.

Well later that night while at the store, looking fur store fuel points card - that's when she noticed credit cards and driver's license missing... and that's when her tried to worry again... yet that Holiday Peace came over her again.  Mom had to wait until the next day. She called the trash transfer place and Lo and behold!!! They had her driver's license.  Still had to call credit card companies... though.  Still dat's our Hanukkah and almost Christmas Day miracle.

See you tomorrows... 
Happy Christmas Eve,
Purrz and Prayers,
Chiquita and the Katie Katz
Gordo and Auntie Silvia

Chiquita on Sunday Selfie with Gordo.


  1. Oh the poor lad, he is in the wars. That was so lucky, and yes surely fate stepped in there for you and saved the day. Still some good will come from losing the cards that you did and will be better for it. Wishing and praying for a good Year for you all....
    Toodle pips an purrs

  2. Meowy Christmas, guys! We're sending lots of healing purrs to Gordo and hugs to you all.

  3. Purrs to sweet Gordo from all of us. We hope the rest of the holidays are calm for you all.

  4. We're purring and praying for Gordo. Wishing you all a calm and bright Christmas.

  5. Hope Gordo is ok,hope your Christmas is a Nice one,xx Speedy

  6. Sending magic purrs & 🎄 Meowry Christmas


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