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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Guero and Ronnie - Thank You For Praying

Happy Hanukkah!!! 

Thank you so much for your purrz and prayers for Guero on Monday....

Because or your support, both Guero and his brother Ronnie were able to go to the vet Tuesday morning...

Guero had UTI and could not keep anything down - with diarrhea over the weekend...

And Ronnie was really sick too with upset stomach and fever - They are both doing much better this morning... Thanks to their vet visits.  And Guero has taken a liking to strawberry yogurt!

Turned out Mischievous Ronnie found something to bite into (Clear Eyes) - naughty boy. Silvia does her best to keep things from him and he hasn't gotten into anything in long time, but he is good at opening cabinets... He was still having hard time last night throwing up on empty stomach and curled up in a ball. Doctor had given him a combo shot of antibiotic and steroid yesterday morning.  Yesterday Evening Ronnie got a pill to reduce the stomach cramps.  Late into the night, he nibbled on some favorite food and kept it down!

Over the weekend Silvia took Guero to the ER and had to borrow funds from the motel owner - who still needs to be paid, about 400.00 dollars. She is working it off by cleaning rooms, but he only takes off about ten dollars a day - Silvia can't find a new place next year or look for real work until the motel owner is paid off.  If you can help Silvia and her cats - We are praying for work in the new year - economy is slowly getting better here in Wichita - going to take time - and costs double just to move into somewhere else.

We have been scrapping metal to raise funds, but have not been able to get enough in to save funds to move out of the motel, to pay the motel owner or cover other debts... And another environment with a real home would be so much better for Silvia and her babies, Mama Narcisca, Gordo, Guero, Ronnie and Sister Natasha. A real home would make it so much easier to keep the babies safe and things away from naughty Ronnie.

We still need to catch at least one more outdoor kitty at the motel. Her name is Chica and she hangs out on the window ledge or Silvia's room.  Her brother Chico may be harder to catch.  Chica is getting to where she lets Silvia touch her and pick her up.  

We are going to keep the You Caring fund up for Guero for now and add updates - Silvia and her babies have come so far - they don't want to give up now and wind up homeless .... Seriously if we can't move forward - all there is backwards - Silvia has no family - they have rejected this beautiful caring woman with such a caring heart and I will never understand why.

More updates furry soon.
Katie Kat the Mom... 
Happy Hanukkah!!!

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