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Monday, December 11, 2017

Guero am Furry Sick, can you help?

Hiya Furry Friends... This am Chiquita repurrting today.

Please forgive us for being so behind in visiting..  The Mom am likes a one pawson show - and we didn't gets to blog over the weekend.

Poor Guero, one of Auntie Silvia's cats is furry sick with UTI

I loves Auntie Silvia, she saved me and helped get me to lives with Katie the Mom.. Auntie Silvia helped Save Jeremiah Midnight too.  

Please help Guero... Auntie Silvia goes thru so much to looks after kitties and save their lives. She will do anything to helps us and I mean anything....Furry hard but she loves us soo much.

 Katie Mom can tells you all about Guero.

 - Purrz from Chiquita, helping the Mom blog today.

Guero is sick with UTI and also getting anemic. He has been throwing up and diarrhea. All he has kept down in over two days is a little bit of yogurt last night. 

Guero was saved through a You Caring campaign almost two years ago to get his life saving surgery to remove his urethra. He needs seen as soon as possible...

His Mom Silvia already borrowed money to take him to ER, He got fluids and Meloxicam which didn't help. Still throwing up and having loose stool. Silvia tried to tell the ER doctor what her vet uses and always works, but this guy was rude and said, are you the vet?? And all she was sharing was from another vet!!!!

Guero isn't better. Still throwing up and having loose stool. They gave him nothing for his UTI.  Doesn't make sense. 

Now she has to pay ER visit back by cleaning smoky rooms at motel. She can't borrow any more. Still no money to take him to vet for antibiotic shot or a shot to stop the diarrhea.  Please any amount will make sure he gets to the vet this week. (Guero can't take pills or liquid - he will throw it up.)

Plz paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com...
or go to this You Caring Link: 

Thanks and God Bless You.

Katie the Mom
If you are on FaceBook, please message me and I can give you my phone number to help another way.


  1. We sent a few green papers. We're broke from trying to save Angel Sascha.

    1. Thank you Brian and Terry.... what you sent means the world to us and gave Silvia hope.

  2. Poor Guero, I am praying for him, but I have had so many vet bills that I have none to send.

    1. Thanks for your prayers... I think we got in enough thru Facebook. Please pray for Silvia, too... she isn't well either.
      Purrz, Katie Kat.


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