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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Jeremiah Midnight Gets Nuetered Next Week!!

Hallelujah Update! A friend of mine called who lives in another town and she is going to fund JayMee and two of my foster girls to be fixed next Friday the 15th! Just have to travel to another town. Thank you all fur your purzz - Jaymee's neutering will take place next week, which is better since he just got his vaccinations on Monday.... and my friend can help Jaymee find a mew home, too.  Purrz from Katie the Mom. 

Update: Asking fur Purrs fur Jeremiah Midnight that all goes well with hims neuter surgery tomorrow (correction, next Friday the 15th). We have never used El Paso for surgery before… so this will be a first. Always worried there because they have tons of dogs and so dog oriented…yet they are only $50.00 and take Care Credit. Looking for other options... Stay tuned.
We are furry thankful that Jeremiah Midnight.... got hims shots on Monday.... him likes being called JayMee fur short. The Mom said, Hi JayMee before they gots out of the car Monday and he looked so sweet at her likes... am you talking about me? I likes that sound fur me. Duz you luvz me?

He has gained a whole pound - now 8 lbs and his owie is healing nicely. Dr. Johnson said to do Tresaderm for his ears cause they still a bit itchy.

Electricians were at the vet's office rerouting the electronics so kitty room was not available. So they just took J.M. Back where Dr J took care of him in the surgery area. The only photo mom gotted was JayMee in hims carrier.

He will be getting him boy operayshuns tomorrow...(correction!!! Next Week - see update at the top)

Please keep him in your purrz.  Please keep helping and sharing fur JayMee to haz him
furever home too.

-Katie Kitty Too
Jr. C.E.O. (Certified Eccentric and Ornery)
Helping the Mom blog today

Also the Mom was wondering if any other Kitty pawrent has heard about certain vaccinations having some ingredient that may cause kitty cancer?  Dr. Johnson used some expensive vaccinations that don't have this antigen and well we just can't afford that fur every kitty and now Mom and worried...  like the rabies shot was 33.00 (our discount made it 24).

P. S. I am 14 years old now! Mom doesn't know my real birthday, but my gotcha day is in January.... Please keep purring fur me too that I stay health fur more years to come.


  1. Purrs and prayers from all of us, we know all will be okay with the surgery. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. I will be praying surgery goes well. Our vet has a choice of adjvunct or non adjvunt shots, the non is better.

  3. We will be purraying! We have always gone for the adjvunct. In rural communities, the vet does not usually carry them, and we've had no issues.
    Purrs and Love
    Marv and Mom


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