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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mew Updates Jeremiah Opurrashun and Road Trip

We are furry thankful fur all our friends... at Christmas and Hanukkah.

Hello, dis am Bootsie and Today Me help with the blogging by sitting in Mom's lap and purring my wittle heart out. I loves my Katie Mom. I am ten years old and my Gotcha day was in Novembur 2007 when I was just 3 months old Bootsie's Furry Furst Foto

We haz been furry behinds in visiting all our friends and it shows in our comments dats hardly anybuddy's come by... we are furry sads about that.  We hopes to gets more visiting done on Friday night dats when Mom likes to rest from a long week of working to raise moneys for us kitties and our Mommies.

Howsumebbers we haz mewz to share. Although Silvia's Guero am doing better, Ronnie still had upset tummy again yesterday.  Still throwing up yesfurday - early this morning though he finally had a good poo in the litter box and nuffin runny. We will finds out today if he is keeping his food down. He may need xrays to check his tummy - no diarrhea am a good sign though. we will lets you know if Ronnies needs to go backs to the vet... plz keeps him in your purrz.

And Jeremiah Midnight, aka JayMee am going to a wonderful friend in Manhattan, Kansas in the morning - First him will be getting his gentlemen opurrayshun and then our dear friend will help him find his furever home, hopefully in time fur Christmas!

Mom am furry nervous about leaving him, yet we trust our friend who am furry goods at playing kitty matchmaker and finding the bestest home! She gets to take them to Petco where kitties can visit with potential families. And the Mew family will get a fact sheet about JayMee and our phone number to ask any questions. I sure hope they send us mew photos too!

We would likes your purrz and prayers fur JayMee on hims journey to loves to finds hims forever family.

We are so thankful that money came in to help Guero and Ronnie to see the vet Tuesday too. We will still need to pay the motel owner and to raise funds for Silvia and her kitties to find a real place to rent. In our town, if you lives in a motel food banks won't give you any food! Even if you have lived in the motel for many years and can verify that.  All folks needs to eats! How come can't figure out by name if a pawson has gotten foods and not address where they am staying?  Please if you cans, we haz a you caring fur Silvia and her kitties to pay the motel owner so she can move to a real home. 

Well Kansas has some furry bad rules, likes you can TNR feral kitties but if you get caught feeding them, you go to jail... Dats am so messed up. An elderly couple in another town went to jail even though all their kitties were fixed and the kitties were trapped and put to sleep - so very sad and wrong... so wrong.  

Anyways, our other kitty, Betty Lou who needs a furever home may go up with JayMee to finds her furevers - will let you know.

We are joining Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! Cause there are always things to be thankful for.... Happy Third Day of Hannukah!

Please gives us a hugs before you go inda comments!

Purrz and Paddy Pawz,
Bootsie Woo and Katie the Mom.


  1. We will be purring for nothing but good things for dear JayMee! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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