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Friday, October 17, 2014

Molly Tells About Nana Update and JJ's Kittens

To: Blogging Cats (and their Humans)...
From: Molly

Thank you for all your purrs and prayers for the Mom's Mom.  After going Via Christi Immediate Care (vs  Emergency Room )  Our Nana is getting better... She has a very bad and painful UTI. Please have your human tell you what that is.  Cats can get them too and they can be very painful and you have to take yucky medicine, sometimes pills that are so big and hard to swallow!  Nana still needs a new MRI to check her head to make sure no more bad tumours are growing.  The good doctor at Immediate Care Suggested some very good doctors for Nana and the Mom to visit.  Hopefully Nana will have her MRI soon. 

Thank you so much for sending your purrs and funds to help me and my kittens... The Mom says they might be ready for their forever homes in a few weeks... and then I can get spayed. I love my kittens, but would really like a break and not have to worry with more children in the future...

Now the Mom tells me about another mother cat named J.J. and her kittens that are at Uncle Mike's house and they are living outside.   One of the black kittens has no tail!  J.J. looks like her brother Joey.  Joey and J.J.'s mom is a black cat named Yubie (aka Hubie).  J.J. is from Yubie's second litter.  The Mom has not seen Yubie in a long time, but we are all very glad that J.J. came to Uncle' Mike's house to be fed and cared about.  J.J. is shy of humans, but wants her kittens to have a good life.  

So far, the Mom was able to bring in the tabby kitten and found out that kitten is a girl... so now Tabby Kitten is in the bathroom.  She was very scared at first, but now lets the Mom handle her a lot... but she is missing her littermates and J.J. very much and cries alot when left alone in the bathroom... 
Please purr that the Mom can capture the other two kittens so they can have a good life and help Tabby Kitten not be so lonely.

The Mom is going to put J.J. and the other kitten's food inside a kennel cage and when they all go in, she can close the door... but J.J. may get too fraidy.   If only J.J. knew that the Mom is good people so she could learn about the wonderful world of indoor living...

The Mom hopes that J. J. will stay close after the kittens are brought into the house, so that she can get spayed... 

Back to remodeling the blog... The Mom needs to get all my kittens posted in a blog page so that when good people answer the ad for my kittens, they can see what my sweethearts look like...  and of course the Mom and I will interview everyone and ask lots of questions so we can find the right home for my girls and my little boy.
Will keep you posted about my kittens and J.J.'s kittens while we work on the blog stuff.

Love and Purrz,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Going to the Emergency Room

Mom's headaches are so severe this morning that we are headed for ER.

Dr. Joanna Tran, my mother's so called primary care physician sent her a letter two months ago, basically "firing" my mother from being her patient.

A more complete review of this doctor is on Angie's List.

Please keep my mother in your prayers.
Will post an update as soon as I have more information.



Monday, October 13, 2014

Mollys Kittens from Friday Oct 3

Growing and growing....
Just last Friday the 10th, the Little Boy (grey tabby) finally graduated from lapping kitten replacement to crunching Purina Kitten Chow. One of his big sisters likes canned Kitten Fancy Feast, while the other two prefer crunchy kitten food!

Will show more photos "furry" soon.

Sincerest apologies for posting there would be more kitten photos to see on Saturday, October 4th and then no post on October 4th!  

To make a long story short, my mother (sometimes mentioned as Nana or Granmawmee) had a brain tumour removed more than ten years ago. She is experiencing similar headaches and extreme mental tiredness. She has not been physically well lately either.  Please pray that the tumour has not returned and for her overall health.  

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Katiez Furry Mewz will be under remodeling...
When we return, there will be
page tabs about all the kits and more furry stuff.

Purrz from Katie, Uncle Mike, Nana.

And The Katz Gang:
At My Home: Molly and Kittens who need homes furry soon
and Angel (boarding till her dad is well).

Nana's Kitty Bibi
My Kids at Nana's: Katie Too, Maxwell Tigger, Bootsie Woo

At "Uncle Mike's" (my brother from another mother)
Outdoor Feral: J.J. - daughter of Yubie and sister to Joey, Laura Belle, Lulu and Annie.
J.J. just showed us her 5wk kittens a few days ago (photos soon. J.J. is a tabby that looks exactly like Joey.  Posted earlier about a calico who had kittens somewhere who may be J.J.'s sister. Have not seen the calico since September.)

Indoors at Uncle Mike's: Toby, Lil Bear, Doobie, Oreo,

Who Still Need Homes or a Sanctuary:
Tommy, Miri, Sammy, Jordi, Jazzpurr and Boo Boo.
Joey and his littermate sisters: Laura Belle, Lulu and Annie (girls still need spayed.)

Friday, October 03, 2014

Bloggers In Needs and More Mewz

Doobie Davey repurrtin on Da Mewz on Furry Friday...
Hopes you dont minds a long postie... Gots lots to talks bouts.  Weze gonna talks about Deziz World, The Painter Pack, Molly's Kittens.. and well... me.  Hard to see in dis photo... dehr am a reds spot at the ends of my tail.  I talks about that in a little bit. Well weze break up da mewz in 4 parts.

Deziz World And Stuff
Well furst uvz all, weze be keeping up wifs  and how Audra Mom and her special service kitties am doing.  

Dems pawtment people dids some goods things finally likes putting a real toilet back in and moving furniture so Audra Mom could go to sleeps in her bed!! Audra founds out dat movers did some really weirds stuffs like packing the packing material instead of using it to pack wifs... what silly movers am dat?  Audra Mom and Kitties am still waiting on da bigger fridgerator which am post to be alivered on 8th of dis month. And Dey gots a fundraiser fur getting a recliner to sits in.  If you kins helps wif dats recliner, da fund raiser am shorts about 500 green papers: Helping Right A Wrong  

And wif all the fings dis special fambly am going thru, dey still writes about a kitty dats needs a fur ever home.... dis am Jelly Bean who spite being hurts by a mean human being, still knows dehr ams loves out there. Her infurmation:  Jelly Bean am waiting in Tulsa Oklahoma at a good vet clinic thanks to Pet Adoption League of Tulsa OK, a 501c3 rescue.

The Painter Pack

If you haven't heard bout the Painter Pack Bloggers, den you should checks dem out...
Dis furry goods fambly am in furry much needs not to gets homeless... Dey has 3 dogs and 2 cats.  Even helps fur da Painter Pack Mom to finds work woulds be bestest Mewz! Here am how to learn more:
Brian's Adoption News -Forever Home Wanted: Can You Help This Dog Blogger?

Go Fund Me Site
And the Painter Blog

Now Fur da funs parts afore I shows you mai reds tail and stuffs...
The Mom has tooks so many photos of dis here kittens dats it am hards to choose da bestests! Dem 3 girls and 1 boy am 6 wks old on Caturday! Dat little grey boy am half the size of hims sisfurs...
4 photos frum Sept 24th - one fur each kitten. 

Time fur Nappies

Duz u likes mai Christmas Tree?

I gots a kitty smile on mai back!

I Am Looking Fur Luvz

More Photos on Caturday!!!

Now Bouts Mai Tail....

Sumtimes I has bads poohs... Iams foods bin helping furry much... but I gots dem bad Poohs agin.  I bin trying nots to lets Mom know since her am soo busy wifs dem kittens who am at her house whiles I stay at Uncle Mikes along wif most of us Katie Katz...  but Mom finks it mite be all dem bads fleez and wormies mites be makin fings go all topsy turvy in my tummy... and I gots a big fats tummy!

Well Wednesday nites her was checking in on all us kits at Uncle Mikes and saw da bads poohs in da litter boxes and thot day mite be mine... well I had to show her mai tail and dis am what her saw... (dis am graphic... so I show u a small photo...)
Doobiez Tail Wednesday Night

 Well Mom was soo upset - theres no vet funds cause her had to pay fur Nana's (dat the Mom's Mom) Medicare payment fur October... so all her did Wednesday was pray.... and Uncle Mike killed flees on mai back by hand.

And din when her comed over Thursday evening wifs some Vetericyn, her lifts up my tail and it not red no more!  Mom ask Uncle Mike, did you treat Doobies tail wif sumthin... and him say no... so Mom starts sayin  Jesus am healin mai tail!!!  Now if Him would heel my tummy too.  She sprayed dat Vetericyn stuff on mai tail to speed up healing anyways... her was so thankful my tail am healing wifouts a vet visit so far!   I still am havins bads poohs. Mom am gonna try to add different foods... likes weight management which gots fiber in it.  I probbly still gotta go to vets sumhows fur my rumbly tummy and da Mom am gonna ask our Vets if him can givs us all da Revolution we needs on credit.  If da vet duz dat, we will lets you know how you can helps us cover dat credit account.
Doobiez Tail Thursday Night.

So fur now, plz keeps my tummy and my tail in your purrz...  oh and Plz Keeps Brians sisfur Zoe in your purrz, too. Her not eating goods.
Thank you to Hannah and Lucy last month fur helping pay vet bills for Molly and the Kittens. 

FYI: When you helps us, Weze always pays it furward.
We gave 10 greenies to Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection last month. Dey am the only no kill animal shelter in town. And den we paid it furward this month by helping Deziz World and The Painter Pack... purrz n stuffs...

- Dooby Davey
In doobie tabby repurrtin...
4 Furry Mewz on Furry Day.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Calling all pet bloggers fur Dezi's Mom

Weze interrupts Movie Mondays agains... fur dis specially pawtant mewnouncement. 

Dis am Katie Kitty Too... I don'ts blogs lately cause uvs all da younger kits needs their turns, but when it am Time For Claws... den I gets dem outs!  

Our Mom am sooo mads... about How our Friends at Deziz World am being treeted.

Weze knows not many folks stops here on da bloggiesphere, but weze am sooo mads dat we hopes sum folks will joins us to call and writes deze dumb peeples and tells dem to 

STOPS DAT!!!  and blog about dis too.

As lots of u mites know,  Dezi and Lexi's Mom am disabled... and Dey ams having da worstest purrblems with dehr apawtment.

Furst deys need lots of remodeling cause uvs a flood in a nuther pawtment. But did the housing management fix Dezi and Lexi's pawtment after dat flood?  Nope...

Da furst of September, Dehr Mommy had to call and writes everybody, including teevee just to gets her pawtment fixed and gets set ups in a motel whiles dey fix her pawtment.

Well finally dey gotted moved to a motel whiles dehr pawtment gotted worked on.

Den last Caturday, Dezi and Lexi and Mom returned to dehr pawtment to finds there stuffs everywhere, all the furniture in really dumb places, boxes that belongs in bedrooms was stuffed into the kitchen, and stuff like fridges replaced that were just fine, and doze movers used her good towels for caulking, left leaky drinks on her antique table and ther awful cigaretted butts in her trash!!

Dehr Mom could not even gets to her bed to sleeps and dey gots a toilet dat nobody can use! It too small!  Maybe it supposed to be for kitties who are toilet trained, but dehr Mom can even reach it!  Dey replace all sorts of stuffs, but da moldy sink in da bathrooms that was supposed to be replaced am still there!!!

Dehr Mom called peoples, and when sumbodies comed fix this mess, they just stood around and argued that they weren't gonna move anything!  

Anyway if you haven't stopped by their bloggie, you just gotta reads it fur your self... and sees da photos. And dis am just one of them... See how Dezi and Lexi's Mom can't even get to her bed to sleeps????

Nobody oughta be treated this way...

Our Mom am sooo mad that her am gonna tells our Daddy and weze knows how our Daddy gets mad at dumb peoples and managements companies... weze know him will call deze people and tell them what fur... kindly in British...  But dey will know that even folks from England knows better.

Well Lexi's Mom left some email addies in her bloggy, and we used dat to finds the main website.  So's weze asking all pet bloggers to "kindly" call this management company and tell them that the way they am treating our Friend Audra High and her Kitties Dezi and Lexi am not rights and we will nots sit by quietly and let them do that.  

Da Cayla snoopervisor mights be kinda nice even if her am kinda dumb fur a hooman, so weze askin to be polites but firm with all dat you writes or talks too... cause you might just be talking to someone who ams looking to finds a better company to works for...

Da website of dis management company am

For some dumb reason, the only phone number we could find on their website was for
the hard of hearing... but here it am for Oklahoma: Oklahoma TDD # 800-522-8506

People to email:

And here am the website fur Belmont Communities in Oklahoma:

Dehr am lots of dem sooo.. weze mite call all of dem and kindly tell how we don't likes how Dezi and Lexi's Mom am being treeted...

Ain't dat rights, Lulu?


Weze knows not many folks stops here on da bloggiesphere, but weze am sooo mads dat we hopes sum folks will joins us and call or writes deze dumb peeples and tells dem to 


Purrz and Clawz
From Katie Kitty Too
And Lulu Girl.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday Thursday Kitten Vet Photos

We missed Wordless Wednesday - so here am Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday!
Photos from Molly Mom and Kittens at vets on Monday... Mom was being examined, while kittens figured out the world of slippery floors and sitting on shoes... At one point, two of the girls decided shoes were a good alternative to the floor... One sat on my sandal.. and the other on the Vet Assistant's Shoe.

For Wordless Wednesday.


And The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - Comparing Notes on Slippery Floors and Sitting on Shoes.

 Fur Thankful Thursday...

We ams thankful to go to vets on Monday and gets our eyes cleaned... and auntie biotix. 
And that the Katie Lady tooks 34 fleas off us little babies on Wednesday!!!
(using of all things, Tuna Vegetable Oil - Molly cleaned it off afterwards)

FYI- Molly and the kittens came from my mother's neighbor, a single mother who is very overwhelmed financially...

Although Angel, the other cat I also picked up at my mother's neighbor, was out of food and water at the time she was not thirsty or hungry.  However, Angel was in the basement because one of the dogs kept trying to hurt her. Angel and Molly do not get along and have to be in separate rooms.

At the time I picked Molly and kits, Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection (LAPP), the only no-kill shelter in town, had recently pulled two mother cats and kittens from the kill shelter to keep them from being PTS for simply being kittens and a mother cat.  LAPP had no room for more kitties.

So I took Molly, kits and Angel in, even though I had no place for them and was overwhelmed at the prospect of looking after more sweethearts...

Long story short about what was wrong with the house (that needs to be sold) mentioned in a previous post.  Will share a fuller story later...

The house where Molly, kits and Angel could stay had something wrong with the water and a weird odor through out.  I was getting congestion and thought it was the mineral ceiling tile dust, although that tile is still bothering me. I couldn't see how I was going to be able to keep everyone there and spend the nights with the kits, when every time I ran the water, there was this awful rotten egg smell. The weekend of the 6th I called the water dept and left a message. They called me back on Monday, the 8th.  All I had to do was set the hot water heater on the highest setting for at least three days!  A heat resistant bacteria had settled into the hot water heater!  And that poor house had been like that for months and months and I thought it was something coming from the water supply, since the house was close to the river... duh.

Well I ran the heater on high for 3 days and the majority of the odor disappeared and I was able to breathe in the house again!  However I'm still using bottled water.   The hot water heater needs to be drained to get rid of the dead bacteria... the water still smells like dingy dirt... and I'm going to get a water filter for the kitchen sink. And a whole house filter later. 

Purrz of More Kitten Mewz Furry Soon...  -Katie Kat and Molly.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Wittle Kitten Update.

Good thing the Mom tooks Molly and kittens for followup from the emergency vets...

Dr. Johnson said Molly supposed to gets at least two weeks worth of anti biotix and da kittens needed aunti biotics too!  And some eye ointment for da eye gunkies...

And dat new Vet ER lady not gives Molly enufs meds and not gives none to the kittens neether.

Littlest kitten am 10 oz, dats da boy grey kitten and da biggest am 14oz, one of dem cute white and black spotted girls...
Mom finks dey am big enuf now to gives baths in Dawn Dishwashing stuffs, but her not know what the mixture of Dawn to Water am... Her gonna find dat

Mom post up new cute vet photos fur Wordless Wednesday!


We Needs more adopting Mommies and Daddies!
Purrz from Angel's Lil Bear.