Dearest Followers of Katiez Furry Mewz
Purrz of thanks to friends and family who were able to help with the property taxes. Thanks to you, I will be able to pay something on all houses this month.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mew Mew Mama Baby Photos

Three of the kittens turned 2 weeks old Monday night. 

Two little boys look a lot alike and have calmer personalities. The third baby boy is very demanding. When I pick him up, he demands to be back with Mommy!  So far Baby Two and 2 of the boys seem to have Persian like faces and may be long haired... time will tell.   
One of the Baby Boys
Baby Two - a Little Girl & Baby Five in Bkgrd

Baby Five - a Little Girl 

Baby Five will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday.  On Sunday, the babies weighed 8.8 oz (Baby Girl Five), 9.8 oz (Bossy Baby Boy Four), 10oz (Baby Boy Three),  and 10.2 oz (Baby Girl Two and Baby Boy One).

Hope to have some better photos soon... The boys are mostly black and the girls are tortoise shell.  Two of the boys have fuzzier hair and short noses.  One of the boys has a white triangle on his chest.  Two of the boys have greyish legs.  Any name suggestions?  -Purrz from Katie Kat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mom Haz Cold and Kittens One Week Old

Hello there, Mew Mew Here.

The Mom haz a furry badz cold... That's why we haven't posted in several days.

Me thinks she got too tired not getting any sleep - looking after me and my babies to make sure I gots lots of foods, and then checking on all the other cats at three houses...

As soon as the Mom feels better, we will show u photos of my five furry healthy kittens who are turning one week old!

See all my tiny babies in the just born photo? All the babies are twice that size now and growing real goods!! 

I loves how Mom mixes Fancy Feast Kitten,  chicken flavored GNC vitamins with some extra water.  My health is doing really good too... I am a strong girl and even though I have a short waist and feeding five children is harder to do, I want all my babies to grow big and strong.   I am very good at keeping all their little tummies stimulated and their bladders empty.  I don't let any of the other cats in the house go in the bathroom and get near my children. Well they are just to young to fend for themselves yet.  I love the Mom! She checks my babies and makes sure their eyes and noses are clean.  She even gives me foods when I can't get up to eat!  She calls it "Room Service."  Well I guess the baby box is kind of a room...

Please purr that Mom feels better soon... I can't wait to show you how much my children have grown. After you see the mew photos, I hope you can help me think of names for them, too.  There are three boys and two girls.   My babies will need furever homes in a few short months and I will too... Please keep us in your purrz that we all find the bestest forever homes ever!

Purrz of Motherly love.
Mew Mew.

P. S. Purrz of Thanks to my friends and family - managed to raise about 300.00 to go to taxes. Which means I will be able to put at least a hundred dollars down on each property this month.  I will be ending the property tax fundraiser for now, because getting help to spay 5 fur kids is more urgently needed...   -Katie Kat.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thankful For Mew Mew and Purthdays!

Happy Purrthday Dearest Marg!!!!

For all you do for all your Fur Babies,
We Wish you the bestest day ever
and may the happiness spread throughout the year!

We are also thankful for Kitty Purrthdays - Baby Patches on April 7 from Nip and Bones

and Flynn from Two Devon Cats had his purrthday yesterday.

(Waiting 4 Uncle Mike to finish shower)
We are furry thankful that though Mew Mew's kittens took three days to all be borned... everyone right now is doing goods!  Mom makes sure Mew Mew gets plenty of her favorite food - Fancy Feast Kitten Turkey, as well as Iams kitten or Purina kitten chow and even milk replacer.... Her has lots of work to do!

I came in to the bathroom to say how are you doing...  and Mew Mew ran out of the box hissing, "None of your Business Lil Bear - get out!"

So I got out!  Well dat's okay.  Mom said you was busy with new babies... but Mom also said I am still her baby though....  

And Lastly, We am so furry thankful that Mom and Nana will not lose their homes in May if not enufs greenies come in...  Hooray!!!  And thanks to all who helped us. The greenies will help pay 2013 property taxes...

Purrz from Benjamin Lil Bear.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Mew Mews Kittens Number 4 and 5

Mostly Wordless for Wednesday Mewz!
 Kittens One, Two and Three born Monday evening.

(Mew Mew Had Kitten Number Four yesterday morning... can't tell Four from One and Three...mol  And then had Kitten Number Five around 1:30pm today!)

Now for a Furry Good Mews Update!
Although I still need help paying the taxes - I called the county appraiser yesterday and 
found out that mother and I are not 3 years behind yet - only 2 years by May 11.  The houses are not in danger of foreclosure until next year!  The bills were very confusing and made me think that 2015 taxes were due before the year was over, instead of after 2015.  Although I can breathe a sigh of relief that we won't be foreclosed on after May 11, we still need help to catch up on 2013 taxes.  The $105.00 raised so far will be used to pay on our taxes. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped....and shared our need.

Reason didn't post this yesterday besides exhaustion, needed some more information. Sedgwick County Property Tax Website is not "secure" - payments are secure, but anyone can pay on your taxes, making it look like an unscrupulous business could sweep in, pay your taxes and then try to take your property, which happens in other states and D.C. I checked with the appraisers office this afternoon and Wichita and possibly Kansas has laws against that happening.  Thank goodness!

Our Other Urgent Needs:
  • Funds for seven kitty girls to get spayed - includes sweet Mew Mew after her babies are weaned and  our outdoor feral Mom who will have to be captured.
  • Funds to get Revolution of Frontline for all the kitties - my vet will give us a discount.

The current funding campaign will be updated - or I may start a whole new one that includes Katiez Katz other needs.  Either way, I have learned a huge lesson - don't wait til the last minute to ask for help... From now on If my kitties and Mom need help, I will ask ahead of time!!!

Purrz of relief,
Katie and 
The Katie Katz

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


UPDATE 5:30am April 7: Kitten Number Four born this morning smaller...hour and half ago checked On Mew Mew and Four was by her tail still wet and Mom had to do some more licking... -Katie Kat.

Monday Night between 8 and 11pm, Mew Mew had 3 kittens in my "adopted" brother Mikes bathroom. Possibly another on the way...

She looked like she starting labor yesterday morning... so when I usually check on kitties at other houses, I stayed at Mike's instead. But no sign of the kittens... Then late yesterday afternoon, I went to check on her and found the kitty bed had been tossed out of the box and somehow the towel that had been on the bed was now laid flat in the box... Have no idea how this little girl accomplished that! Looking very soon...

I had to bring my mother dinner. I prayed over Mew Mew's tummy and talked to the little souls there... I've been feeling that she was going to have at least 3 and one would have some white.

Later last night, while at my Mom's, Mike had come home from bible study and found Mew Mew had given birth to Kitten One already... Well before I could leave, Kitten Two was born, but Mike said that she had some trouble.  I rushed out of Mom's and off to Walmart to get some Kitten Milk in case we needed it.

By the time I got there, Kitten Three was being born, but the placenta was stuck inside and poor kitty was hanging...  I dimmed the lights and shooed Mike to bed so he could get up for work by 5AM. I watched her for a bit... and then left her alone while posting an update on Facebook. Sometimes a momma kitty needs to relax... 

When I went back in, Kitten Three's cord was cut and placenta was gone... Good Mew Mew!  Such a good Mommy... but Kitten Two was crying, looking for a place to suckle. So I offered Mew Mew some milk replacement and she drank quite a bit.  Then Kitten Two calmed down and found a nipple... Whew...  

So far so good.  Kitten One and Kitten Three seem to be all black. Kitten Two has a white spot on it's forehead, white around the eyes and a little white stripe on its chest.
Please keep Mew Mew and her sweeties in your purrz.

Opt to Adopt!!!
Mew Mew's Kittens will need forever homes in just a few months.

Before then, they may need another foster home to stay in.

Also, just found out that dear Maddie from Strange Ranger has passed on... beautiful sweetie. Please stop by and share your prayers.

Monday, April 06, 2015


QUICK UPDATE:  Tried to get a small loan from my bank...and they turned my down. They know I have automatic deposit of my husband's social security and they would be doing an automatic withdrawal of only 109.00 a month. The lowest loan they could do was twice what we needed so I would be giving them back half of the loan to begin with... didn't matter. I told them I would be able to repay them with in a few months with the fundraiser.... didn't matter. I told them my mother and I will be leaving their bank as soon as we can.

(I will be leaving Intrust State Bank as soon as I can to Fidelity Bank where I have a small account for kitty donations. Fidelity doesn't even charge customers for having a bank account.) Please keep sharing... I am so scared right now.

The last real meal I had was Friday at Passover Seder.... My stomach is too upset to eat any real food. So I have been fasting...  I will be drinking juice  and water and taking in some protein to keep up my energy. But that's all my stomach will handle right now.

I am going to call the county appraiser tomorrow and see if paying half of 2013 taxes by May 11 - $800.00 - would be enough to help us from being 3 years behind.

I have to do my kitty rounds now to check on all the babies... I am really asking for help first for my disabled mother and for the cats... who will have nowhere to go.

Also Mew Mew should have her babies any day now... (I was going to transfer her and the babies over to my house because the bathroom is larger there...right now she is in my (adopted) brother's bathroom.)

Happy Easter Passover Post

Hope Everyone Had a blessed Passover / Easter Resurrection Day Weekend. 
(Late posting - haven't felt too well this weekend - all the worry over needing help with property taxes has really upset my stomach. Trying to get a small loan from my bank. Please pray that I am approved.)

Reposting the song that Jan left on her blog... Amazing!
Jan's Easter Post 

This wasn't the post planned -  Planned on posting the video of the I was in at Passover Seder on Friday, but the camera batteries went wacky just as my friend was about to push the button... I will not buy Rayovac rechargeables again after this set will not hold a charge. Energizers and Duracell from now on!  
(Portion below updated April 08)
Another friend got the dance on their phone - but will not be able to post it. (For those who don't know I have physical disabilities... my knees are in constant pain.  Dancing helps strengthen my muscles to help me walk daily.) 

Originally posted the other dance video from our Passover (to the song Sanctuary by Marty Goetz -wasn't in this dance) - but had to take it down. (Wondering if any of you got to see the video?)

The dance leader asked not to have any of the dances up on social media. Her words, "we don't have permission of all the dancers or the person who created the dance."
(Portion Above Updated April 8)

Also promised to share my mother's flowers - but the severe wind from the thunderstorm on Thursday night damaged them.  - Will try to get a pic of her tulips soon.

Instead - a short tail... um tale that happened on Sunday.

Last night I couldn't find Lulu. Her brother Joey showed me where she was! 


I was so afraid she had run out of the house this morning, but that's not like her... She's afraid to go outside..This morning I left the front door open to run inside and get something and the storm door doesn't catch. The wind banged the door open and shut when I was in another room. When I ran back into the living room, just two of the boys were at the door. I thought I did a kitty count then, yet this evening, I couldn't find her. I even asked Lulu's brother Joey to help me look for her... Well he ran to the door of back room where some of the other kitties stay and began pawing at the door. I went back there with him, but didn't see Lulu. But the kitties in the back were hungry so I went and got their food. Joey ran out of the room with me... Yet when I went back in to feed them, he ran back in!

Last night, I was about to leave a message on Facebook, asking everyone to help pray for her when my brother found her in the back room after all. She was hiding on a shelf! 
Thank you Joey for telling me where Lulu was. 
As soon as she got to the front part of the house, she ran and hid under Uncle Mike's Bed!!!.
So we all had Happy Passover/Easter Resurrection Day weekend after all!

 Also, Thanks to Dezi's World - We got this blog award lately!  Thanks so much. We want to nominate Brian's Home and Jan's Funny Farm if they haven't got this award yet... Two bloggers who always inspire me...

-Katie Kat.
P.S. If anyone would like to buy a skirt made out of the fabric below, let me know.  Will get a better pic and the measurements too.  Could be made into all sorts of things!