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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thankful For Kitties Saved and Kitties Loved

Hiya evfurryone... furst of all this am Katie Kitty Too.
I had my Gotcha Day last month. I am 14 years young and Mom had her birthday ten days ago...and her am a gazillion years old now.

Well the Mom am bin tired from working hard to help us kitties - so her skipped having a blog pawty fur herself... and we forgotted to post on Valentines!


Before the Mom goes back to working hard scrapping metal to help us kitties, we haz some thankful things to share:

Orange Boy who is about a year old is one of the kitties
rescued from a motel parking lot several weeks ago. Last Friday, he went to Cattails Manhattan, Kansas to find hims furever home.  Sweet boy went fur a vet checkup last Wednesday - he lost sight in his left eye from an injury when he was only six or seven months old.  He gained weight since his rescue - yay!  

And he gotted some worm meds so hims stool am much better. Although he was furry patient with the vet and the assistant, we weren't able to test him fur FIV/FLV yet because him is a big boy who not likes needles to steel hims bloods! Hopefully, Cattails will be able to test him furry soon...

One of our other rescues from the motel parking lot, Molly One (Chiquita's mommy) - had two beautiful kittens last night or early this morning. Mom checked on her this morning and her was nursing two wiggly babies. Her am protective of them so this photo am a bit dark...

Please keep Molly One and her babies in your purrz. One of the babies is black and white, the other is purry dark tabby and hard to see in the photo.

And lastly - we wants to honor our furry blogging friend, Brian's Home - Sister Kit went over the bridge last week. Furry sads - yet we are joyfully thankful that Sister Kit had a wonderful long life with her sisters and brother Brian, with one of the bestest families on the internets. Run and play like a kitten again Dear Sister Kit with Sister Sascha, until we see you again.

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Executive.
Katie the Mom and all The Katie Katz

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Birthday Pawty, Foster Kitties and a Guest Selfie Too

update: the Monday pawty haz bin postponed to later this week... 
>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

Just a few kitty selfies: 
Miss Peach, hanging out in a rare sunny puddle back in January... (furry cold today)

Litter mates Chica (left) and Chico (right) hanging out in the carrier together

A Kitty at a Farm that Katie Mom went to yesfurday to pick up scrap metal for raising funds. They gots lots of kitties, peacocks and cattle and Old Trucks!

More photos and stuffs tomorrow cause that am Katie Mom's Birthday! We will haz a small celebration and you am invited to bring your own catnips!!

And we will show you some photos from the Wichita Cat Fancy Show today... Mom am going there furry soon.   Her missed going yesfurday and today am the last day!!

Purrz from Chiquita, helping Katie Mom type today.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Power Out - Chica, Chico Selfie and Natasha Furry Sick

Hiya - This our furry first Selfie Sunday by me and my brother Chico. We took several, but the best one with brother up next to me Katie wasn't ready yet. She left the phone in the other room.

Katie was going to help Our Mama Molly 1 to take a selfie too and Orange, but the power went out in the house and we needs more light to get good selfies.

As you can see, it is a bit dark in the carrier bed without the lights on... So hopefully when the lights come on we will haz an update post with more selfies!

We are furry thankful not to be outside worried about cars and weather and bad dogs and stuffs.  Katie said we still need greenies to cover our surgeries.

Mama Molly hasn't had her babies yet. We will keep you posted.

Katie tells me that Auntie Silvia's cat Natasha am furry sick with asthma and a bad heart. A friend helped Auntie Silvia take her to ER yesfurday and they gave her pills, but she threw them up. Natasha's Mama  Narcisca been throwing up her foods too...

Natasha needs a steroid shot furry soon.
Can you helps her and Mama Narcisca by sending some green papers to paypal at laugh_safely at Yahoo dot com?

Since it am lates posting cause of power out and other stuffs, Katie had to go to Uncle Mike's house to use computer... We will see you furry soon with more photos and updates.

Please keeps us all in your purrz.

who am learning to likes indoor world, but not quite ready to explore yet.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

My Half Siblings and Mama am bin Caughted!

This am Chiquita....

Katie Mom and a rescue friend gotted my Mama and half siblings caughted Tuesday night! They used a drop trap and it worked to get four kitties: My Mama Molly I, My half siblings Chico and Chica, and Orange, a kitty that may be the Daddy of Molly Mama's babies that her will haz furry soon.

Chico, Chica and Orange went to haz dehr gentlemen and lady oppurayshuns this morning at Kansas Humane Society. Chico and Chica are also getting tape worm meds too. Katie Mom got an update that Chico and Chica are doing goods after surgery! But they gots to has their ears tipped even tho they are going to be inside.

Katie Mom and her friend were too busy doing da trapping dats photos forgotted get taken on Tuesday.
Howsumever, we do haz photos after the trapping... My Mama Molly is now in a big kennel cause her am going to have babies again. Can you see the resemblance? I looks like my mama with round eyes likes a Persian only short hair. Mama isn't scared...just looks sad. Her am over eight years old or more now. 

Katie and Auntie Silvia think Mama was left behind years ago to keep having babies and babies. For some reason, only one would survive. Every time her babies were rescued, she would cry for days. But she was always smart and could not get caught until Katie Mom and a friend used a drop trap on Tuesday.

Just last year, she had three survive, one was long hair and the other two are Chico and Chica that gotted caught on Tuesday. The long haired kitty was shot when it was little... yes sooo sad and makes Katie Mom and me mad for my innocent sibling to die like that.
I wish Katie Mom had been able to finds a drop trap when Mama and I were together. We sure loved each other back then - been more than a year ago.... I don't know if Mama remembers me now.

Katie Mom tried to show me Mama am here, but I gotted scared and ran off... Cause of strange lady coming in to help bring My family inside. Maybe I can try again later to remember Mama.

We don't haz a goods photo of Orange yet...
Here am this one from last year, eating at Auntie Silvia's place. Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia tried to catch him umpteen months ago when him was only half grown. He is a big kitty now. Sad thing he can't come back to motel to eat there anymore and we don't know if he has anyone else in the area who cares about him and we don't want him to be put down for being unwanted :-(

We am so thankful that my family got caughted and Orange Too! 

Yet here am the things we needs purrz abouts. Firstly that we will find Orange a place to go (he is lovable good boy but ornery MOL), and each kitty that gotted fixed today costed $70 each and then another $20 to treat Chico and Chica for Tape worms. That's $70 times 3 plus $20 = $230!! 

We don't think they takes Care Credit. Katie Mom will finds out.  We needs our caring readers to helps with the bill.  Can you helps us pay the $230 by sending some greenies to paypal dot com using gift to friends at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com?

Thank you so much for purring and helping Katie Mom save my family and Orange Cat too.

- Purrz from Chiquita,
Formerly Feral Kitty.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Wittle Update about Foster Kitties

Hello Folks, It's Sunday Selfie Time and just Peachy and Me today... Angel am napping somewheres.
Miss Peach

Miss Peach -Well the Mom left off my beautiful tail and gotted her foot instead... Guess feet need selfies too sometimes... 

Chiquita - We am posting a furry short update today about the foster kitties, Bo and Mickey. 

Bo and son Mickey

Peachy - They went to Manhattan, Kansas on Friday - Mom drove two hours up and two hours and so back.  They gotted their opurrayshuns at the Kansas State Mobile Vet Unit.  

After their oppurayshuns, they went to be with Cattail of Manhattan, KS.  On Mom's Facebook page, there am already somebodies who am in loves with Bo and Mickey!  We am so glad that Natalie Young will find them the bestest home or homes.

Chiquita - Well I am glad they ams gones... I just like you dear Peachy and sometimes I likes Angel.

Jeremiah Midnight
Peachy - yes you are furry picky.... Bo and Mickey wanted to be friends... They like other kitties so that will help them find good homes.  Will gives you mew updates about them furry soon.  

We gotted an updated about Jeremiah Midnight! Hims the spokes kitty in our New Year's banner. Sweet kitty went through alot - abandoned, attacked by a mean kitty and had big owie on his leg... all healed now and fur has grown back. Natalie Young and Cattails helped him get the bestest home and him am getting lots of loves!  We loves good mewz!!

Purrz and stuffs til next time,
Peachy and Chiquita with the Mewz today.
Katiez Furry Mewz