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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oreo Sunny Selfie Shocker Sunday

Hey ya Folks!  Oreo here getting my sunny on my tummy today! Mom watched church online and then came into the kitchen and of course I had to say hello...

Well Some furry interesting mewz around here... 

Furst, Mew Mew went to the vets last Monday and well... she am gonna haves kittens in about 4 to 5 weeks... Good thing Mom got her inside last month.  We still don't know where her came from. I likes her. She been letting me sniff her nose lately and then hissing.  Well that's better than hissing at everything. 

And the bestest Mewz at least from a peeple purr spective... me it sound boring... unless I'm the one chasing the ball.

Here in Kansas two teams are gonna be playing in about an hour - a furry historic game!  Wichita State Shockers and KU Jayhawks gonna play each other and Mom says they haven't done that in like gazillion years!  Mom thinks you can watch the game here...

Shocker last matchup with KU in the NCAA tournament was 1981.  I'm only maybe 3 so I wouldn't know about that.  

So Thats why the new colors today of Gold and Black!

Well Mom am gonna run off now to watch the game on a big screen at church!  Her said that's really purrific cause better than our little tv or going to a smokey bar.  I dont likes smokey bars.. or chocolate candy.  Mom likes chocolate though... 

Mom gotta hurry out the door. I gonna has more Sunny Tummy Napping.

Yawwwn....  I'll wait til Mom gets home and Play Laser Tag... That's always a close game between us kitties who tags the dot the mostest!

Purrz, Oreo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patties Day

Happy Saint Catties Day!!! 
Ellie May says, "OPT TO ADOPT!"
Ellie Still needs her furr ever home

Purrz from all of the Katie Katz

See you Next Time!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day and Free Game Fur Cats

Hiya folks! Lil Bear here.  Mom Found a fun thing for catz at itunes called Nifty CAT GAMEZ!

Mom gotted a message from a purrson on Fiverr. who am looking for a kitty who wants to play with the itunes game on their ipad or laptop. And if the kitty plays with the game, then they want the Mom to video tape them and you will gets sum greenies for doing that.

My Mom can't figure out how to do load the itunes game cause we dont haz a laptop and our computer dont like the 32 bit itunes program.  The games are free though.

Dis am what the purrson asked:   "I would pay for for you to film the small cat really playing the (app) game. If you have iTunes linked to your computer or an ipad you should be able to access it...It says only available on Ipad but you may still be able to access from your computer or other device if compatible. I would need you to film the cat and game on the screen together (meaning you film the cat with video watching and playing the game on computer screen or ipad screen) This is just a short quick promo I need. You think it is possible?"

Just wondering if anyone am interested? The person asking is here: You might have to get an account with Fiverr to let babystar know you would like to try making the video. Or let the Mom know in our commints and she can tell the Fiverr purr son.

Mom finks dats making computer games am art, cause you gotz to draw stuffs and make pictures that move... For real arts though, Mom drew this Bronze Menorah with crayons... 4x6 cardstock...

Mom just found out that today am Pi Day... dats when the time at March 14, 2015 at 9:26:53!  or 3.14159653. We were hoping for Catnip Day, or at least catnip Pie. Like Marks Mewz gotted

Maxwell at gotted all the numberz right... I can't count that far.
I can only count to nine and nine and nine and nine in head scritches from Mom... thats a lot of scritches!
A Pi with Pie in it... mol

So here amz a pie with a pi in it - I still would rather haz tuna pie with a fishy in it!
Luvz from Benjamin Lil Bear. 

Here Am the Pet Parade Blog Hop!!

Happy Caturday. We gotz the Art blog hopping list finally!
An InLinkz Link-up

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful for Midnight Litter Runs and Lil Bear

Tons of litter...mol
And more litter
Been putting this errand off for several days... but finally went early this morning around 1Am.... Hooray for 24-7 Walmart and tons of Feline Fresh Litter...  I love the peaceful quiet of shopping at night and the weather had been warm today. So night time temps were purr-fect.

I have asthma and several kitties who don't tolerate clay... Pine Shavings stretch out the litter so we have enough for all the kitties... 

And when I came back to my adopted brother's house, (aka Uncle Mike to the kitties), before I got busy changing boxes, somebody was hiding under the couch cover...  Who could that be?

Who dat???

Whatcha doin' kitty cat?

Lil Bear just had to play cat and mouse with me! Yes at 2 in the morning.... 

After Bear played grab my hand from under the blankie for a while, Oreo stopped by to see what Bear was doing... and got pounced on!

Oreo didn't stay to play. He took off for the safety of the kitchen.

Then I had to change boxes...Playing with Benjamin Lil Bear made the litter box changing no longer a chore! Thanks Bear-Bear!

Well it's 7:30 am and I'm off to my house to change boxes for Angel, Molly and Ellie May. And then take a nap.

After that, I hope to get the Teddy Bears box shipped to the Auction winner from Winnies Wish Auction....  We didn't get all our blog visiting done Sunday night... or much this week - so look for us this weekend!  We will be sure and do lots of visiting on Saturday nights...

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunday Selfie with "Happy" Ellie May

I am looking for the laser dot!!!
(We will visit selfie posts later tonight)
Ellie May and Molly are still waiting for their fur-ever home. Hard to believe that Ellie May is over seven months old... She is so petite and looks like a four or five month old kitty in size.

I am searching for a foster to look after them while they wait... it's getting increasingly hard for me to check on kitties staying at three different homes and for Ellie May to get the one on one attention she needs to learn that being held is okay.  

She had a tummy ache from bad tape worms which kept her from wanting to be handled. Now that the tape worms are gone, she is having trouble getting used to being picked up.  I am using her favorite things. I pick her up during laser toy play and I hold her or have her sit in my lap while she eats some yummy Fancy Feast, but I can't do this every day. She needs someone who can work with her every day. -Katie

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Caturday Lil Baby Bear Roses Art

Hiya folks, we haven't purrticipated in Caturday Art in a while...

So Mom thought it would be fun to share a sweet photo of me as a kitten...

After all, I am going to two furry soon. Mom said sometime in July.
I was taking kitten nap on a small mattress that had roses on it.

The roses are originally blue. Mom thought it would be fun to play with the hue!
First the original and then two color changes:

Original Color
Hey Mom, my ears are aqua... and green!

Well that was fun... which one do you likes the best?

Hope to see you again next Caturday fur more Art Fun... by the way Happy Purim too!

Purrz n Stuff,
Benjamin Lil Bear...
who am almost two.

Purrticipating in the Caturday Art Blog Hop  we added our post, but can't add the hop...

Happy Caturday!
Katie Kat.