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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jeremiah Midnight at the Vets Yesterday

Hello?? I can't tell you what humans called me before. Auntie Silvia calls me Midnight. Katie Mom likes Jeremiah Midnight. I am very glad to be inside a home again. I am just under a year old and need to have my gentleman surgery.

I am glad to be loved again. I am thankful to be in a home even if I am in the bathroom until the Katie Mom knows if I have a bad virus like Leukemia or FIV...

I sure hope I don't have that. Katie Mom didn't have enough funds to get my test yesterday though (about 38.00 dollars needed)

Here I am at the vets. This nice vet assistant helped check me out too.  They were very nice to me and I purred all the time to show my appreciation at being loved and checked on. I did want to jump on top of the cabinet but they did not let me do that.
I weighed about 7 pounds and 2 ounces, although should weigh a few more pounds. I hope getting worm meds and eating yummy foods helps me gain more weight.

And then Dr. Johnson checked my ears and listened to my heart and looked at my wounds. 

I have ear mites so I have to haz meds fur that.  

I have a half circle scar on my right leg where I almost lost a lot of skin. 
Scabbed over half round wound

It scabbed over with my fur on top. My leg is healing well and no abscess though.

Hair loss on my leg

Mom still needs to buy my antibiotics cause the meds at home were not enough. I has a sore toe too and it keeps bothering me so I licks it alot and I was limping this morning.

The vet bill yesfurday was $97.00 (care credit) and I still needs antibiotics ($18), FIV/FeLV test ($38) and vaccinations (rabies $24, Leukemia $30, FVRCP $17) . Then I will get my gentleman surgery. Can you helps me get my antibiotics, tests and shots?

Thank you fur purring to help me to get well and finds a furever real home... 
Purrz and Purrz for all of my mew fur friends too,
From Jeremiah Midnight.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mom, There am a Hurted Cat in the Bathroom

Mr. J. Midnight
(It has occured to the Mom that we haz not been silly lately... So Angel and I are going to sing a silly song today... MOL)

Chiquita: Mom!!! Why you bring a boy in the house Furryday morning???

Mom: Cause him was abandoned.... He was at Auntie Silvia's motel...Thursday at midnight and someone was throwing things at him. You remember eating there with Molly your Mommy?

Chiqui: NO!!! I don't wants to remembers dat. I lives here now. I don't like boys.... I wants to be with Katie Mom furevers. No boys. What him doing in the bathroom? Why he get up there on the cabinet?

Mom: He is a very nice boy - and him got hurted. We will finds a good home fur him. I think he likes to be up high. He feels safer there.

Angel: Yes when this thing go bye bye?

Peachy: I'm going back to sleep... you guys are too noisy.

Mom: right now he needs to see the vet about his owie... We are going to see the vet for an appointment today at 11:30.

Peachy who can't get any sleep now: Okay what happened to him. Why he hurted?

Mom: he may have gotten in a fight or someone may have hurt him. Dr. Vet will find out. He also needs to be checked for Leukemia. That is why he is quarantined and of course he needs flea meds too. 

Chiquita: so what dat boy's name so I can say I don't like him better...

Mom: His name is Midnight and you might decide to like him if you tried.

Chiquita runs to the porch... : Nope. Me don't like Midnight!!

Angel: Hey Mom he talks alot. you know a song bouts kitties that talks alot? Can we sing dat?

 Mom: Sure!! Let's sing Jeremiah was a Black Cat!
Peachy.... oh boy. how can a ginger baby doll Persian get some sleep around here?

 Angel and Mom sing this song (to the tune of Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog)

"Jeremiah was a black cat, He was a good friend of mine
He loved to talk about everything and drink some catnip wine.
yeah he hads some good catnip wine...

Singing Joy to the worlds... all the kitty catz now.
Joy to Jeremiah singing in his catnip tree...
Joy to You and Me!!!

Chiquita yells from the porch: ME DON'T LIKE JEREMIAH MIDNIGHT!!!

Well we hopes you all in kitty cat lands likes Mr. Jeremiah Midnight cause he could use your help. He has some very bad scratches on his leg and a bad sore on his toe. He had been coming to eat at Silvia's motel room for a few weeks. Then last week he was seen in the alley with blood all over him and the homeless couple who saw him thought he was dead. Miracle of miracles, he showed up to Silvia's motel to eat again the next day.

He is a furry sweet boy and does love to talks alot and get loves. He was very easy to catch. I wrapped him in a towel and put him in a carrier.  Please purr fur him, especially that he turns up negative for leukemia.

If you can help with his vet bills, Please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

(Art was made with Lunapic

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thankful Mewz and Mewz Fur Purrz Too

Furst uvs all... we am furry thankful that Gordo am doing betters...

More things we am furry thankfuls about...

Lady Grey and Ninja Kittens

Marco and Polo

Lady Grey and the Ninja kittens, Faith, Hope, Lovey and Oliver all gots a furever home (waiting fur new photos).

Marco and Polo gotted a home (will ask fur new photos).

Pam was able to make her first down payment on her trailer (will get photo of trailer).
Pam's Pups...

Katie Mom was able to works the election on Tuesday to raise some moneys fur us too.

Fur all the scrap appliance and other metals that Mom haz bin able to gets to help us kittiez.  

Fings we still needs purrs abouts...
Chica (l) Chico (r)

Chico and Chica, two outdoor kitties have not been caught yet.

The rest of Marco, Polo and Lady Grey's family (about six more kitties) needs fixed and to haz homes.

Auntie Silvia (Gordo's mom) needs new contacts so she can renew her driver's license and apply for good jobs and her car keeps having trouble - Uncle Mike has put in two alternators and still not working right...

Pam has not been able to move into her trailer because the owner of the trailer park where the trailer is staying won't let her. The gal who is selling the trailer to Pam wants me to go down to Mulvane with her and be a witness to how the owner is acting. (I still think that Pam should move up to Wichita where there is a trailer park willing to move the mobile home for free, and Pam's son-in-law will be able to get work)

This is the time of year when recycling metal slows down due to weather changes... Purring and Praying that we will be able to continue to raise funds. We have three appliances that are good and can sell them, we have lots of stuffs in the garage to sell - purr that the Mom gets help to get more things ready.

And we am furry thankful always fur all our internet friendz...

So mice to see you today!

Purrz from Chiquita who am helping Katie Mom Blog today.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Gordo Needs Your Help ASAP

Update: Doc decided to just do the antibiotics for now and wait on the steroid shot to see if antibiotics works. Bill was only 45.00! We got a sweet donation from a wonderful cat blogger that covered the bill so far //

Last year Gordo, one of Silvia's cats, had to have Perineal urethrostomy, the surgery that unblocks a male kitty's urinary tract by removing the urethra...

This makes him susceptible to urinary tract infections... he has also been having trouble keeping on enough weight and on the blood panel last year, his thyroid indicating level was near the border of needing thyroid meds.

On Wednesday, Silvia and I took him to the vet, because he had been howling and throwing up his food... Dr. Mahoney wanted to do the blood panel first before checking anything else. His results yesterday did not show a change in his thyroid levels, but did show signs of a urinary tract infection... KFM was able to pay for the blood panel from metal scrap and a personal donation... (came to 95.00)

Now he needs antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory shot which will be only 75.00 - Can you help Gordo get well by sparing even five or ten dollars?

If three people only sent 20.00, I can cover the rest. Once he gets his meds, he will feel like eating again... Poor boy - we love him so much.

Thank you so much in advance.
You can paypal to laugh_safely @ yahoo dot com using gift to friends
or call Arapahoe Veterinary Clinic and ask to put credit on Silvia Espinosa's account
so we can bring Gordo in to be treated. Phone number is 316 262 6491

Purrs and Paddy Pawz
Katie Kat

(Sad thing is since we hardly ever blog on Fridays, I will be surprised if anyone notices the post.... )

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Bootsie Woo am in Wichita Eagle Mewz!!!

Guess what furry internets peeples!  

My name am Bootsie Woo. I am furry shy and don't blogs too much.

Today I just had ta roll around onda floors on everyting and tells evfurrybody!

I iz inda papers! Yes I gotted my furry own name, Bootsie Woo in the Wichita Eagle yesfurrry day!

Here am the link and you can see my name dere in all the lists of furry good kitty names! 
Here kitty, kitty, kitty: some of Wichita’s favorite cat names by Beccy Tanner. I iz under cattygory Names We Just Don’t Know Why.... MOL.
I am about 9 years old now. Here I am at Cat Hospital having my teeth checked a year ago September 2016. I had losted a tooth from a resorptive lesion. I really needed dental surgery to remove a tooth, but no moneys ever came in fur dat. (Bootsie at the vets) I am eating reel good now though Mom am going to gets me a checkup on my teefs.

My furry furstid post was how I was saved from a salvage yard. I not haz good English then. I was only three months old. Bootsie Woo's Story

And den another post was how Humanz am furry creepy back in 2009: Humanz am Furry Creepy

Fur more posts wif me in dem, please see dis linky: Search fur Bootsie

Purrz n Stuffs,
Lil Miss Bootsie Woo