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Purrz of thanks to friends and family who were able to help with the property taxes. Thanks to you, I will be able to pay something on all houses this month.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday Little Princess Has a Home

Mama Mew Mew here! My Little Princess has a promised Forever Home!

Lil Tiger May have a home too... still pending.

Please purr for my boys that their forever homes will be found soon.

Please purr for Our Mom's Mom, aka Nana:

She had  a brain tumor removed over ten years ago, but the painful headache and eye swelling symptoms are back...

Purrz from 
Mew Mew and the Katie Katz.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy 6 weeks old Birthday Kittens!

Mew Mew at the Vets

Kittens at 4 weeks
Mew Mew and the kittens went to the Vet on Saturday.  Mew Mew had been throwing up her food last weekend... and she had gotten really skinny.  She slowly gained her weight back when I took her off of anything with milk in it, including the kitten replacement and Fancy Feast kitten.  I dud give her and the kittens a different brand of kitten milk that was lower in lactose. 

Last Thursday she started throwing up again... So off the vets Saturday.  Dr. Johnson and I think it was still Milk products, so no milk products at all!  He gave her Royal Canin high fiber and she ate it all weekend and no throwing up!  Hooray!  But Cody, threw up several times Sunday, yet he kept Mama's milk down just fine.  Today no throwing up for Cody either...I took the kids of off Milk related foods too, so hopefully Cody will be better now.  Please keep Cody in your purrz.

Mew Mews Kittens are turning 6 weeks old today!  They will be ready for furever homes by sometime in June! 

If you have a FaceBook account, you can find us at

Already getting some interested folks for applications on Facebook

I hate this part - like being "god" in control of little kitty lives.

Tiger at the vets

Mew Mew showed up the weekend after my friend Annette Hedke died on my Birthday, Thursday, February 5.

Sunday morning, I had a dream, where I was telling Annette, "No, I can't. Please stop asking me."  I woke up and thought, that's crazy, why would I say I can't to something, when with God all things are possible?  Then I got some food for J J, the kitty girl who stops by to eat on the porch.  Instead of J.J., there was a really friendly black cat on my brother's breezeway porch... Oh no, a new kitty.  When I put food down, she jumped on my shoulders as if to say, I need your help.

Dandy or Cody at the vets... not sure mol
But we didn't have room for another cat - I prayed, and I heard God whisper, "I have provided a place for them..."  I knew he meant all the cats in my care... and now he must mean this little black cat as well.  I brought her in and kept her in the small bathroom.  Good thing, because we had a snow storm after Sunday.

Now, I know that God had to also mean Mew Mew's kittens - he has a place prepared for them.

Please Share and Purr.  Pray that God will guide me in His will for finding the forever homes that He has provided for them, that I will be able to discern where each kitten should go.

Little Princess at the vets

Prayers and Purrz,
Katie Kat.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mommies Day From the Katie Katz

Toby and Oreo want to wish all the Mamas out there, Human, Feline and Canine -

(And a Happy to all the Cat and Dog Dads Too...)

Hope you all hads a furry purr wonderful day!

Purrz from the Katie Katz.... 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kittens Out of the Box Adventure

 (from left to right - Princess, Teddy, Dandy -head down, Cody and Tiger- aka Tiggy)

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

It's Official!  The boyz names are (drum roll)..... Cody, Teddy Bear and Dandy (thx Dezi!)

Don't quite rhyme yet similar sounding. Those cute boys all look like little bears
so Treble and Bass are now Teddy Bear and Cody Bear

Kodiak and Teddy are kinds of bears.  And Dandy is going to be a dandy looking long haired boy with a white bow tie...

Purrz til next time
Yours Truly,
Katie Kat and Mew Mew.
 =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
Mom likes making up rhyming songs for us kitties, like Toby Wohby Bohby and stuffs like that…

So when her talks to the boyz, she gonna say awww… Dandy Andy Wandy
Teddy Eddy Weddy and Cody Ohdy Wohdy…. Mom is silly. 

- Toby, who likes silly rhyming sounds.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wittle Bitty Kitty Selfie

Awww.... Lil Princess showing her tummy and all her baby siblings at the vet last week. 

Mew Mew had just cleaned her tummy.

Dr. Johnson did a wellness exam on Mama and the kittens.  Everyone seems to be doing really well!  They all weighed in between 10 and 11 oz! 

Which means that baby number Five - that's Tiger on the right - gained almost two ounces!

All growing at a good pace.  The boys kind of have temp names.
Dezi of Dezi's World likes Dandy and I like Cody - so the one kitty boy with a little white on his chest is Dandy Cody -  The other two boys are Treble and Bass ("base") - cause they like to mew a lot.
Maybe they will start a music group!?!  Dandy Cody and the Boyz!

Dezi's idea was to name all the kitties with rhyming names - like Dandy and Kandy and Mandy and stuffs... if their names rhymed, when they get older, they may all hear "andy" part and come running the same time... that would be funny.   I had a kitty named Sandy Red Tigger and when I wanted him, I called, "Sandy Dandy Andy Wandy"  and he would come running to see if I had a yummy for him.

Well the boys names are still temporary... The name Treble happened when I gave the vet assistant the biggest baby boy and said, here's trouble.  She wrote that down as his name, and I said, "no, don't name him Trouble.  How About Treble?" and then she had the idea that Baby Boy 3 could be Bass ("Base").

Treble is the biggest boy and Bass is a little smaller.  They are growing really fast.  Maybe when they are a bit bigger, their purrsonalities will show more.

Think they may be small babies like Mama Mew Mew...  

One thing for sure, Princess is going to have longer hair, Tiger may get longer hair and maybe at least one boy might have long hair too.

More Kitten Photos next time!

and the Katz 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mew Mew Mama Baby Photos

Three of the kittens turned 2 weeks old Monday night. 

Two little boys look a lot alike and have calmer personalities. The third baby boy is very demanding. When I pick him up, he demands to be back with Mommy!  So far Baby Two and 2 of the boys seem to have Persian like faces and may be long haired... time will tell.   
One of the Baby Boys
Baby Two - a Little Girl & Baby Five in Bkgrd

Baby Five - a Little Girl 

Baby Five will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday.  On Sunday, the babies weighed 8.8 oz (Baby Girl Five), 9.8 oz (Bossy Baby Boy Four), 10oz (Baby Boy Three),  and 10.2 oz (Baby Girl Two and Baby Boy One).

Hope to have some better photos soon... The boys are mostly black and the girls are tortoise shell.  Two of the boys have fuzzier hair and short noses.  One of the boys has a white triangle on his chest.  Two of the boys have greyish legs.  Any name suggestions?  -Purrz from Katie Kat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mom Haz Cold and Kittens One Week Old

Hello there, Mew Mew Here.

The Mom haz a furry badz cold... That's why we haven't posted in several days.

Me thinks she got too tired not getting any sleep - looking after me and my babies to make sure I gots lots of foods, and then checking on all the other cats at three houses...

As soon as the Mom feels better, we will show u photos of my five furry healthy kittens who are turning one week old!

See all my tiny babies in the just born photo? All the babies are twice that size now and growing real goods!! 

I loves how Mom mixes Fancy Feast Kitten,  chicken flavored GNC vitamins with some extra water.  My health is doing really good too... I am a strong girl and even though I have a short waist and feeding five children is harder to do, I want all my babies to grow big and strong.   I am very good at keeping all their little tummies stimulated and their bladders empty.  I don't let any of the other cats in the house go in the bathroom and get near my children. Well they are just to young to fend for themselves yet.  I love the Mom! She checks my babies and makes sure their eyes and noses are clean.  She even gives me foods when I can't get up to eat!  She calls it "Room Service."  Well I guess the baby box is kind of a room...

Please purr that Mom feels better soon... I can't wait to show you how much my children have grown. After you see the mew photos, I hope you can help me think of names for them, too.  There are three boys and two girls.   My babies will need furever homes in a few short months and I will too... Please keep us in your purrz that we all find the bestest forever homes ever!

Purrz of Motherly love.
Mew Mew.

P. S. Purrz of Thanks to my friends and family - managed to raise about 300.00 to go to taxes. Which means I will be able to put at least a hundred dollars down on each property this month.  I will be ending the property tax fundraiser for now, because getting help to spay 5 fur kids is more urgently needed...   -Katie Kat.