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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Jeremiah and The Furry Goods Journey

Hello Everyone, this am Ellie May helping share the Mewz today. Katie Mom and I figured that you woulds like to see how I am doing after my scary anemia several weeks ago. Here am a link to posts about me.

I am doing much better and have gained my weight back. I even let the Mom pick me up some now, which I didn't let anyone do before - at least while I am eating. I really try to be a good girl, and I love the mom - it's just I have trouble with smells and my brain gets overwhelmed by sensory perception.  All cause I had a rare reaction to Advantage II Flea Meds when I was younger. Now I only gets Revolution to keep the mean fleas away. Mom helps me get the good Me to come out by loving on me while I am eating my favorite canned food.
Purrz from Ellie May.

Now fur Today's Furry Mewz
with Katie Kat the Mom and Ellie May

Journey to Loves

JayMee's Journey to Loves Selfie

Jeremiah Midnight, aka JayMee (him gets all lovey when he hears JayMee) went to a good friend in Manhattan on Friday - long two hour drive and soo worth it.  

Our friend is Natalie Young and she has a wonderful organization called CaTTails in Manhattan, Kansas. Natalie helps spay and neuter lots of kitties and also finds them homes too!  Katie Mom and JayMee were one of the few who actually showed up to get the opurrayshun done fur free!  Can you imagine the Mom drove two hours and some folks could not drive fifteen minutes to the clinic to be responsible fur their kitties?

Anyways, JayMee was scared at first - him was shivering and furry quiet which am not like him. He loves to talk. Katie Mom tooks him out of the carrier and held him in the car for a minute to lets him know that he would be okay, before putting him back in the carrier. There were doggies who had to go into mobile clinic first and be sedated fur their surgeries. And then time for Katie Mom to say goodbye and give Jeremiah Midnight's carrier to Natalie.  Joyful and sad too. He came thru the surgery just fine and is now with Natalie waiting for his forever family. If you are on FaceBook, you can visit CatTails Kansas page at

J. Midnight at vets with owie

Auntie Silvia calls him Midnight and dear boy went thru alot with a mean kitty fighting him - Midnight gotted the worst of the deal with a bad owie on hims hip and scratched up ear. He looked so bad after the fight that someone thought him had died... Miracle of miracles, he survived. All the poor boy knew was bad luck until Auntie Silvia helped save him. She was feeding him until he could trust people again... and then Katie the Mom was able to make friends with him and take him to our house until him gotted well.

Now he will find a forever home and family! Natalie says him is the sweetest boy!  Like a whole mew life fur him in the Mew Year.  Will post updates when we knows more.

And  Auntie Silvia's kitties, Ronnie and Guero - Guero is doing goods right now - Ronnie is a silly boy and wants to carry plastic bottles around - so Auntie Silvia has to watch him alots - and puts soaps in glass dispensers and stuff and let him carry water bottles...  We hads to gets a mew soap dispenser yesfurday cause smarty pants Ronnie found the Dawn bottle that was put away.  So please keeps Ronnie in your purrz that he stays out of trubble!
Purrz from Ellie May 
and Katie The Mom today.

Now fur a word frum Jeremiah Midnight:

Hello down there! I want to thank Auntie Silvia fur saving me and to thank you all fur caring and supporting us kitties - especially fur the helps for Auntie Silvia - She has been really struggling and she cares so much.

Without Silvia's help, many cats would not be alive today, including her five cats, and kitties that Katie Mom has helped find homes and Kitties like Chiquita and Miss Peach who live with Katie Mom.

Without Silvia's help, I would not have made it after being terribly hurt.  I could not have gotten well from my wounds or be able to make it to Manhattan Kansas to find my forever home.

Silvia has saved so many animal lives out of her caring heart, now it is her turn to need help. She and her kitties need her family of friends to make it thru Christmas - loving people who care.

Harder at Christmas when your real family have abandoned you... Auntie Silvia knows what abandoned kitties feel because she was abandoned too. After all she cared so much fur me and I was abandoned and scared!!!

Can you help me give her a Christmas this year so we can finds her and her kitties a real home like she wanted fur me too?

Please paypal send to friends and family at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.  Or use the address in our column to helps Auntie Silvia find her real home fur Christmas and the Mew Year too.

Thanks and God bless you.
Purrz and Paddy Paws,
Jeremiah Midnight, 
On my way to a furever home because
Auntie Silvia cared.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mew Updates Jeremiah Opurrashun and Road Trip

We are furry thankful fur all our friends... at Christmas and Hanukkah.

Hello, dis am Bootsie and Today Me help with the blogging by sitting in Mom's lap and purring my wittle heart out. I loves my Katie Mom. I am ten years old and my Gotcha day was in Novembur 2007 when I was just 3 months old Bootsie's Furry Furst Foto

We haz been furry behinds in visiting all our friends and it shows in our comments dats hardly anybuddy's come by... we are furry sads about that.  We hopes to gets more visiting done on Friday night dats when Mom likes to rest from a long week of working to raise moneys for us kitties and our Mommies.

Howsumebbers we haz mewz to share. Although Silvia's Guero am doing better, Ronnie still had upset tummy again yesterday.  Still throwing up yesfurday - early this morning though he finally had a good poo in the litter box and nuffin runny. We will finds out today if he is keeping his food down. He may need xrays to check his tummy - no diarrhea am a good sign though. we will lets you know if Ronnies needs to go backs to the vet... plz keeps him in your purrz.

And Jeremiah Midnight, aka JayMee am going to a wonderful friend in Manhattan, Kansas in the morning - First him will be getting his gentlemen opurrayshun and then our dear friend will help him find his furever home, hopefully in time fur Christmas!

Mom am furry nervous about leaving him, yet we trust our friend who am furry goods at playing kitty matchmaker and finding the bestest home! She gets to take them to Petco where kitties can visit with potential families. And the Mew family will get a fact sheet about JayMee and our phone number to ask any questions. I sure hope they send us mew photos too!

We would likes your purrz and prayers fur JayMee on hims journey to loves to finds hims forever family.

We are so thankful that money came in to help Guero and Ronnie to see the vet Tuesday too. We will still need to pay the motel owner and to raise funds for Silvia and her kitties to find a real place to rent. In our town, if you lives in a motel food banks won't give you any food! Even if you have lived in the motel for many years and can verify that.  All folks needs to eats! How come can't figure out by name if a pawson has gotten foods and not address where they am staying?  Please if you cans, we haz a you caring fur Silvia and her kitties to pay the motel owner so she can move to a real home. 

Well Kansas has some furry bad rules, likes you can TNR feral kitties but if you get caught feeding them, you go to jail... Dats am so messed up. An elderly couple in another town went to jail even though all their kitties were fixed and the kitties were trapped and put to sleep - so very sad and wrong... so wrong.  

Anyways, our other kitty, Betty Lou who needs a furever home may go up with JayMee to finds her furevers - will let you know.

We are joining Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! Cause there are always things to be thankful for.... Happy Third Day of Hannukah!

Please gives us a hugs before you go inda comments!

Purrz and Paddy Pawz,
Bootsie Woo and Katie the Mom.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Guero and Ronnie - Thank You For Praying

Happy Hanukkah!!! 

Thank you so much for your purrz and prayers for Guero on Monday....

Because or your support, both Guero and his brother Ronnie were able to go to the vet Tuesday morning...

Guero had UTI and could not keep anything down - with diarrhea over the weekend...

And Ronnie was really sick too with upset stomach and fever - They are both doing much better this morning... Thanks to their vet visits.  And Guero has taken a liking to strawberry yogurt!

Turned out Mischievous Ronnie found something to bite into (Clear Eyes) - naughty boy. Silvia does her best to keep things from him and he hasn't gotten into anything in long time, but he is good at opening cabinets... He was still having hard time last night throwing up on empty stomach and curled up in a ball. Doctor had given him a combo shot of antibiotic and steroid yesterday morning.  Yesterday Evening Ronnie got a pill to reduce the stomach cramps.  Late into the night, he nibbled on some favorite food and kept it down!

Over the weekend Silvia took Guero to the ER and had to borrow funds from the motel owner - who still needs to be paid, about 400.00 dollars. She is working it off by cleaning rooms, but he only takes off about ten dollars a day - Silvia can't find a new place next year or look for real work until the motel owner is paid off.  If you can help Silvia and her cats - We are praying for work in the new year - economy is slowly getting better here in Wichita - going to take time - and costs double just to move into somewhere else.

We have been scrapping metal to raise funds, but have not been able to get enough in to save funds to move out of the motel, to pay the motel owner or cover other debts... And another environment with a real home would be so much better for Silvia and her babies, Mama Narcisca, Gordo, Guero, Ronnie and Sister Natasha. A real home would make it so much easier to keep the babies safe and things away from naughty Ronnie.

We still need to catch at least one more outdoor kitty at the motel. Her name is Chica and she hangs out on the window ledge or Silvia's room.  Her brother Chico may be harder to catch.  Chica is getting to where she lets Silvia touch her and pick her up.  

We are going to keep the You Caring fund up for Guero for now and add updates - Silvia and her babies have come so far - they don't want to give up now and wind up homeless .... Seriously if we can't move forward - all there is backwards - Silvia has no family - they have rejected this beautiful caring woman with such a caring heart and I will never understand why.

More updates furry soon.
Katie Kat the Mom... 
Happy Hanukkah!!!

 BlogPaws Wednesday Blog Hop

Monday, December 11, 2017

Guero am Furry Sick, can you help?

Hiya Furry Friends... This am Chiquita repurrting today.

Please forgive us for being so behind in visiting..  The Mom am likes a one pawson show - and we didn't gets to blog over the weekend.

Poor Guero, one of Auntie Silvia's cats is furry sick with UTI

I loves Auntie Silvia, she saved me and helped get me to lives with Katie the Mom.. Auntie Silvia helped Save Jeremiah Midnight too.  

Please help Guero... Auntie Silvia goes thru so much to looks after kitties and save their lives. She will do anything to helps us and I mean anything....Furry hard but she loves us soo much.

 Katie Mom can tells you all about Guero.

 - Purrz from Chiquita, helping the Mom blog today.

Guero is sick with UTI and also getting anemic. He has been throwing up and diarrhea. All he has kept down in over two days is a little bit of yogurt last night. 

Guero was saved through a You Caring campaign almost two years ago to get his life saving surgery to remove his urethra. He needs seen as soon as possible...

His Mom Silvia already borrowed money to take him to ER, He got fluids and Meloxicam which didn't help. Still throwing up and having loose stool. Silvia tried to tell the ER doctor what her vet uses and always works, but this guy was rude and said, are you the vet?? And all she was sharing was from another vet!!!!

Guero isn't better. Still throwing up and having loose stool. They gave him nothing for his UTI.  Doesn't make sense. 

Now she has to pay ER visit back by cleaning smoky rooms at motel. She can't borrow any more. Still no money to take him to vet for antibiotic shot or a shot to stop the diarrhea.  Please any amount will make sure he gets to the vet this week. (Guero can't take pills or liquid - he will throw it up.)

Plz paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com...
or go to this You Caring Link: 

Thanks and God Bless You.

Katie the Mom
If you are on FaceBook, please message me and I can give you my phone number to help another way.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Jeremiah Midnight Gets Nuetered Next Week!!

Hallelujah Update! A friend of mine called who lives in another town and she is going to fund JayMee and two of my foster girls to be fixed next Friday the 15th! Just have to travel to another town. Thank you all fur your purzz - Jaymee's neutering will take place next week, which is better since he just got his vaccinations on Monday.... and my friend can help Jaymee find a mew home, too.  Purrz from Katie the Mom. 

Update: Asking fur Purrs fur Jeremiah Midnight that all goes well with hims neuter surgery tomorrow (correction, next Friday the 15th). We have never used El Paso for surgery before… so this will be a first. Always worried there because they have tons of dogs and so dog oriented…yet they are only $50.00 and take Care Credit. Looking for other options... Stay tuned.
We are furry thankful that Jeremiah Midnight.... got hims shots on Monday.... him likes being called JayMee fur short. The Mom said, Hi JayMee before they gots out of the car Monday and he looked so sweet at her likes... am you talking about me? I likes that sound fur me. Duz you luvz me?

He has gained a whole pound - now 8 lbs and his owie is healing nicely. Dr. Johnson said to do Tresaderm for his ears cause they still a bit itchy.

Electricians were at the vet's office rerouting the electronics so kitty room was not available. So they just took J.M. Back where Dr J took care of him in the surgery area. The only photo mom gotted was JayMee in hims carrier.

He will be getting him boy operayshuns tomorrow...(correction!!! Next Week - see update at the top)

Please keep him in your purrz.  Please keep helping and sharing fur JayMee to haz him
furever home too.

-Katie Kitty Too
Jr. C.E.O. (Certified Eccentric and Ornery)
Helping the Mom blog today

Also the Mom was wondering if any other Kitty pawrent has heard about certain vaccinations having some ingredient that may cause kitty cancer?  Dr. Johnson used some expensive vaccinations that don't have this antigen and well we just can't afford that fur every kitty and now Mom and worried...  like the rabies shot was 33.00 (our discount made it 24).

P. S. I am 14 years old now! Mom doesn't know my real birthday, but my gotcha day is in January.... Please keep purring fur me too that I stay health fur more years to come.