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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Guero at Vets and Hanukkah Song Fur Mew Years Eve

Yesfurday, Guero went to the vets early in the morning 
Him needed to gets antibiotic and a shot fur pain.  Last time he went to the vets they only gave him half a dose of evfurryting insted of full doses... that might be why him had to come backs so soon.
Guero getting checked before meds

Guero sang the song of Hims People at the vets.

Guero gets UTI's easily cause him no has boy parts no mores... Guero am so goods and only wants loves.

When Guero gotted home, him went sleepy and started feeling betters.  Vet bill was 75.00.

After taking Auntie Silvia and Guero to vets, Katie Mom and Uncle Mike wents to picks up metals and met this doggie named Chloe.  Chloe's daddy gaved an old rusted bench and an air conditioner frame... then off to picks up an exercise bike! And then Auntie Katie tooks an old metal shelf outta da garage old metal cabinet outta basement. Uncle Mikes puts in car parts into da trucks and then off to the recyclers... 360 pounds and about 20.00 - dats was goods and helped pay part of Guero's vet bill.

Todays, Uncle Mike and Auntie Katie gonna picks up more metals and Uncle Mike am going to works on Auntie Silvia's car... Dat's all fur now on Mew Year's Eve. We talks again tomorrows...  Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.

... At the Secret Ninja Hideout where all the Mewzers meet from their different foster locations...
Katie Too Finished helping Mama Blogs and jumped down from the computer chair. Her went to join the singing practice fur the last night of Hanukkah.

Today, Flash the Hero Cat was joining the Mewzers and him didn't know much abouts Hanukkah so him kept interrupting with questions....

 Katie Too Started the Mew Song...

On the First Day of Hanukkah my True Love gave to me...

Others joined in... A Picture of Judah Maccabee!

Flash: Wait... Who is Judah Maccabee?

Angel the Fetch Kitty: Is he the guy who Whacked Bees with Hammers?

Katie Too: No! Judah Maccabee saved the Jewish People from the mean King Antiochus Eppiphaneez...who wanted to sacrifice a pig at the temple.  Judah Maccabee and hims brothers fought the Greeks and made them go home. Then they rededicated the temple and found oil for one day to light the menorah, but it lasted 8 days! Judah was called The Hammer, that's what Maccabee means.

Angel: but Joey said he whacked bees.
Lulu and Joey

Lulu: Yep that's what Joey said.
Joey the Nike Cat Hero, Flash's half brother: Oh, I thought his name was Judah Whackabee.
(Joey snuggled with Lulu, waiting to sing again)

Angel: Can we whack mousies when we done singing?
Katie Mom: sure... lets start again.

On the Second Day of Hanukkah, my True Love gave to me, Two Matzah Balls and a Picture of Judah Maccabee!

Flash: What are Matzah Balls?
Katie Too: That's like a dumpling made of flour and cooked in chickens. Bear likes chickens.

Lil Bear: but Joey said they were bouncy balls that didn't bounce.
Katie Mom: Depends on how hard the dumplings are... On to the third verse. 

 On the Third Day of Hanukkah my True Love gave to me, Three Sufganyot, Two Matzah balls and a picture of Judah Maccabee!

Flash: What am Sufganyot?

Bootsie rolled around on the floor and lost her kippah again: Dats yummies fur humans with jam and stuffs.  Dey eats dats in Israel at Hanukkah.

 Lil Bear: But Joey said sufganyot was soup to go with chickens in it for the bouncy balls that don't bounce.
Katie Too: Joey!!
Joey: Sounded better than jelly. Unless am catnip jam...

Katie Mom: Sufganyot and matzah balls are not in the same dish, Joey. Okay, on with the fourth verse.

On the fourth day of Hanukkah, My True Love gave to me... four potato latkes, three sufganyot, two matzah balls and A Picture of Judah Maccabee!!

Flash: Okay, what are potato latkes?
Maxwell Tigger: That's potato pancakes and they taste goods with tuna.
Lulu:  Joey said they were potato latch keys made to open the door to the cat food closet.
Joey: or to the tzedakah box - the giving box fur donations and stuffs.

Katie Mom: Joey, you can't make keys out of potatoes... Fifth Verse!!

On the Fifth Day of Hanukkah, my True Love sent to me...
FIVE GOLDEN GELT!!!  Four potato latkes, three sufganyot, two matzah balls... and a Picture of Judah Maccabee!

Flash: ummm... what are gelt? (wondering what Joey has to say this time)
Joey: oh that's just money made of chocolate... we can't eat those.  Now if someone would make them out of cheese...

On the Sixth Day of Hanukkah my True Love Sent to me... Six dreidels spinning, FIVE GOLDEN GELT, four potato latkes, three sufganyot, two matzah balls... and a Picture of Judah Maccabee! 

Read from Left to Right
Flash: What are dreidels and they spin? Sounds like fun
(Now Flash had Joey's attention. He sat up excitedly)

Joey: Yes they are lots of funs... They are spinning tops and when humans spin them, you can chase them til they fall over. Dreidels in America have the Hebrew letters Nun
Gimmel Hay and Shin which stands for Nes Gadol Haya Sham. (typo fixed), that means A Miracle Happened There. In Israel the Dreidels have a Pay letter instead of Shin for  Nes Gadol Haya Po, A Miracle Happened Here.

Flash: Where did Dreidels come from?

Joey: Well tradition says the game started as a way of memorizing Torah when reading Torah was outlawed by the Greeks, yet the game really didn't start then. There am a good site to reads about that.
Katie Mom: Let's finish this song and then we can look at the website.

On the Eighth Day of Hanukkah my True Love Sent to me
8 candles glowing, 7 Golden Menorahs, 6 Dreidels spinning, FIVE GOLDEN GELT, 4 potato latkes, 3 sufganyot, 2 Matzah Balls... AND A PICTURE OF JUDAH MACCABEE!

Oreo and the Hanukkiah
Flash: Okay, I really like this song... one more question. The menorah is a candelabra and has 9 candles for lighting. There are eight candles for the eight days of Hanukkah. What is the ninth candle for?
Kitty Menorah

Oreo: That candle is called the Shamash or servant candle and lights all the other candles in the Menorah.

Flash: Thank you everfurry one fur letting me sing with you!
Now Joey and I must be off to save the worlds before the Mew Year!
   (Flash and Joey run off at the speed of Light to finds hero things to do to saves the worlds, one kitty at a time.)

Happy Mew Years Art with Katie Kitty Too

Katie Mom and Katie Too join Art on Caturday to wish evfurryones a Wonderpurr New Year's Eve on the last day of Hanukkah!



  1. Purrs to Guero from all of us and Happy New Year Eve!

  2. Beautiful New Year's card! We hope Guero feels better soon!

  3. Lovely art!

    Purrs to Guero x

    Happy New Year!
    Athena & Marie xx

  4. Feel better Guero and keep on singing the song of your people when you don't! Love & Happy NY to all! Neat 2017 graphic.

  5. We liked your Hanukkah SONG. Mom saved the link so we could learn more!

    1. Joey meant to say the letters on the dreidel stand for nes gadol haya sham. Sham means there. Shin is the name of the letter. Katie Mom will fix the typo when her gets back from picking up metal stuffs

  6. Glad Guero is feeling better. Cute Hanukkah song. Happy New Year!

  7. Aww that is a lovely song and very instructive too. It's good to share different cultures among us cats, makes us better and loving. Glad Guero is on the mend. purrs ERin XX


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