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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tattle-Tail Toosdiez 101

Weze tellin on Mawmee dat she not sleepin...
cuz she worried bout green papur fings n huntin fur us and gran mawmee n our daddy purrson.

Weze cold Mawmee... go home and gohz ta bed wif us!!
Katie Too wanna Get in sleepinz bag n get Warm!!
Otay... Katie tells you sumpin den Mawmee goh home n goh ta bed.
Fur all u kinds peeple dats helps us n our Mawmee wif sendin gift kards n boxies n answers too stuff n donatin green fings wif da donate button n stuffoms??
We wants ta helps u bak!see Mawmee guds at writin fur us cuz she likes writin stuff!
Dis iz frum hur rezoomay:
·A+ Computer Hardware/Software Technical Training, with basic training in Networking.
·PC Internet Technical Support Representative for Inbound Call Center.
·More than 10 years using MS Office: Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Access.
·Editing, English Tutor, Journalism, Novelist, Proofreading, Publishing, Research & Technical Writing.
Ifns u needs help writing sumpin, Mawmee kan do dat fur u!!
likes novels, essays, poemz, term papurs n legal stuffoms n web artikulz -dats anyfing!!!
Sends a copee whats u iz writin n she kin proofreedz it n makes it bettur n sends it bak to you!! or ifns you needs resurchin dun bout anyfing... or ifns u gots any kinds uf writin quesshuns.
Send dat to laugh_safely ats
Or ifns u iz having trubbles wif ur compooter - u kin asks hur bout dat
and she kins find da answer fur you!!
U kins leeves a question in da commints or sends an email!

OTAY?!? Nite nite... we goh ta bed now n gets up Toosday sunny time.
Katie Ann Kitty TooOfishul Mawmee Warmer...


  1. we hope 2009 iz a much better year for you all. those are cute pics.

    yur moms a bery qwalifyed beans. tell her ta try lookin at call centers for jobs. owr company and another call center are pretty much the only places hiring in owr city. its a nise sit down comfy job.

  2. Another good place is temporary agencies. It was always so easy to get a job -- I was a network engineer -- I just signed into a temp agency and went out on jobs. Usually got a permanent job offer fast, too. And I could kind of pick and choose the company as well.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting me. Please drop in again. Your mommy is very smart - she should have no problem finding a jobbie!

  4. Here sums probwemz wif dat...

    Lotz uv da call centers here wont hire our Mawmee cuz she cant pass dis silly securitee fing... Mawmee whats dat? U iz a goods watch kitty!!!

    And wif da temp plases - she bin dehr alreddy... deys not hadz nuffin fur weekz now.

    She gonna goh baks huntin wif dem dis weeks doh.

    Katie Too.


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