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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mom Needs Writing Helps!

Mom just started a Hub account! Here iz hur furst funny little post. (

But hur iz having sum writerz block stuffoms...

She woulds luv suggestions on fings to writes!

You kin request a hug... I meen hub wif dis linkie: or leve us a commint!

We wood furry much likes dat cuz Mom luvs to writes more den she luvs tryin ta sell stuffoms.... Seems dat Hubs kin be goods as an Online jobbie?

We doo havs sum Stuffed Lion Babies, a Hamley Teddy frum England and a
Bearington Kitten who need noo homes!

Momma said dats we gots to pair down to be reddy to move (again?)...

All reezonable bids will be considered, as long as you iz willin ta pay fur dehr shipping! Morh about dem ats our
Auction stuffoms blog!

Luv and purrs fur Daisy's Babies,

Katie Ann Kitty Too
who wants hur Mom and bedroom back!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Special Kitty Unit Photos

Bella Goh Sleepy

Dis here iz Elliot in a half Monty
(mom missed a goods photo uv Ellie cleenin hims tummy)

Below iz Little Elliot Stabler on da pillow, Little Olivia Benson wantin ta play and Bella Baby (frum Bella da Movie) goin sleepy.
(The flashy faded out dehr purrtee grey)

Which leaves Little John Munch (Left), Little Harlee McBelz....And me, Mama Daisy!

Pleze keeps purrin fur dehr Furevfur homes... (Dey iz wiggle wurms. We iz teechin dem ta be calm when picked up n stuffoms) Dat Mama Katie will knoh wher to find derh noo Mommiez Furry Soon!!!

-Daisy May Daffodil.
offishul handler fur da Special Kitty Unit

Purr.esses frum Mom: The undisputed King of The Television Crossover is Richard Belzer's John Munch... Now him has crossed the species line!! (If I could just get someone to notice that, these babies would all have new homes!!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Special Kitty Unit's Excellent Adventure!

Sleepy Bella

Reel short updates (fotoz latur)
Toosday was da SKU's Eight week purfday!!

Happee purthdae Kitty Babiez!

On Monday Mom and our Bruther Frind Mike took

Elliot, Olivia, Munch, Harlee and Bella on a trip to PetSmart!!!

Mom lined a shoppin cart (trolley) wif cardbord and den put dehr carrier in dat.
Onse inside dat Pets Mart Plase, hur
tooks da top off. Dem babiez sats in da carrier and wundered about da world!!

And dey waz petted and awwed ovfur by lots of nise peeples. Evfurry one did purrtee good on dehr furst adventure... (Goin to da vets wif me whn Mom thot I had mastitis was a furst in da carrier.)

Dey was a bit skerd and cold at furst. (cold cuz high A/C
in PetSmart).

Olivia had da most skerdiez...
Elliott waz a shy boy.
Bella was da bestest baby.
Munch and Harlee wanted to climb over da cardbord and outta da cart!!
Den dey all went Sleepy in da grocery cart!!

After dat dey gotta visit our Mike's howse and stayd in his bafroom fur a rest brek wifs water n Kitten Chow while Mike and Mom ate Wendy's stuffomz.

Dey hurd a toilet flush fur da furst time!!! Dat was a scary noize!!
Dey all jumped whn Mike did dat! Poor babiez! Dey just lurning ta watch water fall in dehr water bowl at home!

(Elliott iz a big skerdee boy..
.Him hid behind fings in da bafroom, like da toilet soh Mom not flush noh morh...)

Morh bout dis aventure latur!!

Luv, Daisy May Daffodil
who stayed home and got sum rest frum bein a Mommy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daisy and Babies went to Vets

Short update cuz mom is tired frum trying ta put up an auction blog dat took all nite. Blog entry kept saving in the wrong size font!! We gotted movies fur sale! We gotted sum uver stuffoms like t-shirts and bean babies too and will post dat next.

We meant to post a blog about how Daisy bin having mirakuls --

Now we gots dis short scary update insted (still a mirakul we fink)

Yesserday dem babies turned 7 weeks!!! Mom covered her bedroom floor wif cardbord cuz noobiez iz messy...

Last FridayNite - Daisy gave Mom a bit of a scare!!

Da Babies iz eatin foods and not nursin soh much and Daisy tired of dem fighting over hur!! So she not nursed dem much on Friday...

In the night - Hur gotted "impacted" Mom was afraid hur had mastitis.
Mom stayed up frum 4 in da morning waiting fur a vet ta open at 8:00. cuz da emergency vet wanted 100.00 dollars just fur a nite visit! Mom Took Daisy and da babies to a good place called Wingert Animal Hospital on Saturday to check Daisy fur Mastitis... Guess what? NOH FEVUR!!!

But hur has lip ulcers from a food allergy. Da vet wants ta wait about steriods until after da babies iz all weaned...

Mom switched Daisy from Kitten Chow back to what
we all iz eating - Authority Brand Sensitive Formula to see if that helps... Since dem babies mite haves an allergy - dey is eatin dat too.

Any way da vet said to put a warm wet towel on her tummy for about 3-5 minutes twice a day... and hur is better! Mom is going ta takes her back just ta make sure hur is progressin okay. - Please purr dat she not have any more complications frum weaning deze 7 week old Babies.

Ya knoh what dem babies did?
Mom put Daisy in one carrier and da babies in da othur. Dey mewed all the way to the vet and wanted out!!! As soon as dey waz inside the building... all five got furry quiet and went ta sleep!!
I think that say something for this little clinic! Maybe I goh dehr... (umm no.)

Dey is good people!
Dem vets peeple loved Daisy's Special Kitten Unit... Elliott, Olivia, Munch, Harlee and Bella!

One client wif hims doggie had a good chuckle when him hurd dehr names!!

Mom may let the Kansas Humane Society find dem homes and spay Daisy fur 30.00. Da babies must be at leest 2lbs - cuz they will get operations and id chips and shots.

Mom is gonna make sure that KHS is now a no kill shelter like they promised with their new building.

Ifns ya gots time ta reed - Dis here is an email we sent to da kind folks who donated 65.00 greenies to our Vet Fund...

We finks datz mirakulz iz bin happining...

Well furst our Mom wanted ta takes Daisy and dem babiez in rites after bein born
Ever bodiez seemd ta be doin okayz n stuffoms - n Mom hadz allus babies and our grandmommy to look aftur...and hur waz furry tired out...soh we purred and purred...

(Miracle 1)
Mom watched over Daisy givin hur lots of vitamins and glucosamin stuffs.. Fings seemed purrtee good and da babiez waz growin!!

(Miracle 2)

Til da 4 week old purrthday... Den Daisy started meowin lots and puttin hur babiez on da bed when Mom was goned... Dat wooden four poster bedframe waz too high!! Too times a baby slipped off da bed... Da furst time Elliott slipped off and was caught by da side railing and den da nex times Bella had slipped offa da foot ov da bed. Both times dem littel babiez waznt hurt!!

Soh Friday afore last (June 26), Mom and our brother frind Mike tooks da bed down and putted da box spring/mattress on da floor... and dey fixed a big area for da babies ifns dey climbed outta dehr big boxie...and fur dem ta playz in latur. (da babies waz in a carrier while dis movin took place. Daisy laid next to the carrier)

Den Saturday mornin (June 27), Daisy woods not eat or drink water.... Mom sorted out hur waz exhausted n had gottn dehydrated frum da heat... Mom chekked her water bowl - smelled like a fish bowl...(and she had cleened it?)
Mom was also worried dat hur mite hafs mastitis... mom called da vets ta gets an appointmnt afore dey closed.

(Miracle 3)

Mom forced sum water in Daisy's mouth and Daisy licked her lips and ate a bowlful uf 9LIves Tuna Stinky Goodness. Soh Mom canseled dat appointment. Mom gave hur a diffurnt water bowl and givd her lots of foodies and attenshun. She recovered!

Mom called da vet on Monday fur a chek up andywayz, but Dey wanted almohs 200 green fings ta see Mom and da 5 babiez!! Not da 65 greenies dat Mom had thot...
(Fanks fur sendin dat!)

Dem Babiez is littel and dey gonna charge 33.50 for each + 48.00 fur Mom?

(Miracle 4)
Soh Mom iz playin nurse at homes wif Daisy and weanin dem babiez n stuffoms hurself... No fevers and all da babiez is doin grate!! Even Elliott and Bella are gettin over dehr fear of fallin.
I finks dat purrayrz iz da bestest fing!!

More mirakul stuffoms?

On dem Babiez fifth week purrthdee (July 2), Mom went wif our grandmommy to da peeple clinic cuz grandmom had ta gets hur ouchie test - (Mammogram)

When Mom gotz home agin ta cheks on Daisy n da babiez... dat daffy (good) Daisy had taken all dem babies outta dehr box and back inta closet wher dey waz borned!

Her wanted dem ta be safe in da closet where hur coods count dem. (yes, hur counts dem...outloud wif a meow fur each baby) Now dis closet is old fashioned and haz a short ledge dat dem babies climb over and outta closet ta gets to da big area dat Mom barricade off fur dem!

Soh dis is Momz question... she tole us dat ya haveta be careful wif money ya ask fur or it iz called fraud... No Bootsie, Mom didnot say frog...

a l c i r n 4 0 h j r y 0 8 / fk g" % 3

Bootsie!! stop rollin around on da keybord! I iz tryin ta type! MOM!!!

Here is Mom's question. Hur wanted ta knoh wif all deze miracles goin on - we asked da kind folks dat sented 65.00 if we kin use dis for "general living wif cats expenses," since Daisy and da Babiez need extra foodies and we still gots ta post up signs ta help dem kitties finds furever homes?

And dey said yes!!!

Katie Too

Monday, July 06, 2009

Daisy's Kittenz at Two Weeks

Hiya! Dis here is mai Special Kitten Unit takin a nap.

Bella is da tortie sleepin on Elliott (L&O:SVU) who iz upside down showin himz Domino tummy

(my babiez all gots dat)

Den Harlee (for Belzer's wife) iz sleepin on Olivia (Elliott's partner)!

Den Munchie (for Richard Belzer) iz at abt six o'clock...
Dis dont needz noh morh wurdz...

Daisy May
Next updates Abt Daisyz and babiez miracle stuffoms!
(Photo taken around Tuesday 9th of June, 2009)
Bella iz named fur Bella the Movie, winnur of da Toronto International Film Festival.