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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Mom was shy bout dis

Hiya effurrybuddy

The Mom finely hads sum time to let us use da compootur. 

Hur haz bin takin carez of hur mom... we callz hur Nana.

sohz herez our Live Strong postums now
cuz da Mom waz furry shy bout talkin bouts cancer.

Dis why da Mom am shy bout dat....
see hur hadz a cancer scare long before we waz borned. Da doctorz did an autopsy on dis wart and it waz precancerous.  Sohz dey used sumpin to kill all da skin round dis bad wart and it hurt a lot.  but so far it not comed bak.

Sumtimez tumorz can be as deadly as cancer.
Our daddy purson had a tumor in hims kidney dat burst and him waz furry sick back in 1996.  Dat waz a mirackle him survived.  And him also hads a tumor on hims brain when he was furry young - bout two years old.

Da Nana hads a brain tumor removed about ten years ago - now hur haz aphasia and severe hyperacusis, which keeps her from going to normal places likes churches and walmarts.

{ the Mom here:

Aphasia is literally an impairment of language ability, which can range from having difficulty remembering words to being completely unable to speak, read, or write.  Sometimes most of ability is recovered thru physical therapy.  "Nana" couldn't even speak right after surgery.

Hyperacusis is defined as a collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sounds. This can be caused by inflammation of the ear drum or dysfunction in the brain itself.  A dysfunction of processing sound in the brain can even cause someone to fall while hearing a loud noise, which happens to "Nana." Both of these disorders can result from brain surgery.  The "daddy purson" (my hubby) also has a milder form of aphasia and hyperacusis. Both "Nana" the "Daddy Purson" have have actually gone into a state of shock from certain loud noises. }

In Mom's fambly three other peeplez hadz tumors, two in der brains and one haz a tumor behind da eyez.  Da fambly dat hads brain tumors did not survive likes our Nana did.
We purrz fur alla da cancer and tumor survivors and dehr famblies.

Katie Ann Kitty Too

Monday, October 03, 2011

Quick Note Bout Live Strong

Quik Post Note:

Sumpins happened to our LiveStrong Background.  We just fixed it and dont know if it showed on October 2....

Katie Kitty Too