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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Right Eye Still Swollen

Taking this flyer with me to Vet's today.

Kittens all have names for the moment.  Sweet Laura is long-haired.  Annie May (aka Pattie in the poster) is a purr machine. Lulu is a wee bit shy. Lil Joe has a white "J" in the middle of his brown tabby back.

Lulu's right eye is not getting much better. Taking all the kittens with me to the Vet's today. Appointment is at 12:30 CST. 

Even after 7 days of antibiotics and eye meds, they are still sneezing sometimes, but for the most part their little respiratory systems sound fairly clear to my untrained ears... and at least three kittens have clear eyes.

But Lulu's right eye has to be seen.  Hopefully Dr. Johnson will be able prescribe a different eye med that might work better for Lulu than the one given at the emergency vet.

My greatest prayer is that Lulu will not lose her eye....  Please keep her in you purrs and prayers.

Katie Kat
The Purple Kattery Art Studio
and Katiez Furry Mewz.

P.S.  Truthfully, there are no "real" funds for their Vet Visit.  I am down to less than hundred dollars in the bank until my husband's SS monthly check comes next Wednesday.  But eyes are not something you wait on... nearly lost the sight in my left eye last year, then had to have laser surgery on my right eye last month.

Using a Care Credit account that will be maxed with no available funds as soon as the "deferred interest" is added in July, which will make the account over $2500 in debt.  The account was nearly maxed last year:  to pay off half the dental bill for the Original Cats Gang (all now over the Rainbow Bridge; see banner at the bottom of the blog); for Princess the Persian's medical needs (who found a forever home last August) and to try to save the life of a kitten named Andi the Brave last summer who had FIP... she passed away in my arms.

The Care Credit Card was also used two weeks ago to take Lil Joe to the emergency clinic and to pay for antibiotics and eye meds for Joe and his sisters.  

Today's office visit for the kittens will be 49.50, plus whatever meds Lulu might need.

For Any Donation to help pay on the Care Credit Bill, I can draw your fur babies from a photo.

In loving memory of Andi the Brave...


  1. Oh those kittens are so darn cute. Sorry you are having so many problems. Believe me, I know all about that. Just keep visiting blogs until people get to know you. Sending tons of purrs to you and the kittens.

  2. Good to see you post again. Thanks for the update on your eyes. We didn't know you'd had the second surgery. Hope the kitties will all be okay.


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