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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday Kittens and Stuff

Joey relaxing hours after he spent the morning limping on his hind leg. Since I only heard a blood curdling yell and no other noises, wish Lil Joe could tell me if he fell and banged his hip or just got the worst leg cramp in kitty history.

He sure scared the heck out of me!!! I was crying and so worried that something horribly awful had happened. After I updated how Joey had started walking and jumping around, I love Fuzzy Tales comment, "We're sure this is a huge relief--take a deep LOL."

That night he had a growth spurt which might point to muscle cramps and growing pains. According to some websites, cats can have leg cramps just like us people. Anyone know a kitty that has had muscle cramps?
Joey does have the longest legs and is very long waisted. 
So is his sister Lulu.

Lulu was the only one who relaxed on the scale. All her siblings wanted back down!

Annie was 3.03 and Sweet Little Laurie at only 2.13. (playing with boxes yesterday in the living room)
Everyone gained a little weight since Saturday before last and all four were doing great with no upper respiratory symptoms until last night. Now Joey's having some yuckies in his nose again. Good thing Dr. Johnson gave me a second box of Clavamox (two Saturdays ago). This box isn't mixed up yet so it will be fresh. In spite of this slight set back in Joey's URI recovery, will be concentrating on finding these four kitties furever Mommies. There are several very good Vet clinics;to send flyers to - hopefully this week.

And Doobie is doing really well after his neutering... his digestive system has calmed down too. Now a week later, he is having normal bowel movements for the first time!!! I am so thankful that I can finally concentrate on finding Doobs his very own forever home too.

Doobs watching the kittens play the day before his surgery.

Here he is resting last Thursday evening, after his surgery. 

The vet's assistant at Spay and Neuter of Kansas thought Doob's name should be Hoss! Well he actually lost a pound after the surgery, but he might have gained it back. I still think of him as Davey the Brave, big goofy sweetheart...he loves watching the kittens and wants to play too.

Purrz n more Stuffs later.

Katie Kat.


  1. Fank goodness!
    I'm gwad to hear efuryone is doing OK!

  2. That's a good report. We're really glad to hear that everyone is doing well. :)


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