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Monday, July 08, 2013

Updates on Lulu and Kittenz

Look at who am opening her right eye!!!

Thank you for all your purrs and special thanks
to Karen Alcorn who kindly sent some funds to help with the kittens' vet visits.

So thankful that Lulu won't lose her eye. This photo was taken at the vets on Saturday.
She still shies away from bright light and there is a white spot in her cornea where the ulcer is healing.  All the kittens are still having runny noses so Dr. Johnson prescribed more clavamox for the next two weeks.  They will have another check up on Saturday the 13th.

Also Doobie Davey is getting nuetered on Thursday.  Hoping that will help calm his tummy.  Doobie and Lil Joe were playing Sunday evening... So funny.  Doobs rarely does anything save sleep and ask for catnip.  He has no idea what toys are for.  

At first, Doobie just watched Joey run all over the living room. Then when Joey jumped at his Uncle Doobie, Doobs just looked at me like he thought Joey was crazy.  So I said, "Doobie, Joey just wants to play, honey.  Remember what play is?  Did you play with your sister?"  Doobie got this "oh!" look on his face and started playing tag with Joey!  And he was really gentle too.  Too bad I didn't get a photo... well maybe next time.

Saturday's vet visit cost $70.12
The two visits before cost $185.46 for a total of 255.58

The emergency Vet visit for Joey was 153.00 (via care credit card)
So far the kittens vet expenses have come to 408.58.  (This isn't counting food and litter and stuffs like that...)

Karen Alcorn graciously sent 25.00 to my paypal account - rec'd 23.72 with a note that said, "With love from Tasha, Buddy and Angel Gypsy (with Mum Karen) @ http:\\"  In Gypsy's memory, will be drawing this photo of him:

After the donation, had $24.38 in my PayPal account.  $24.00 of the donation was applied to the kittens vet bill, while the .38 cents went toward the donation made for Marigold's auction. (Item # 39)  Sweet Marigold's mom can be found at 

Doobs neutering will only be $30.00 due to a low cost clinic.  He will also get his rabies and kitty "flu" shots which costs $10.00.  The shots will be paid for by an org called RETAIN which helps with pets getting spayed and nuetered.  Usually RETAIN pays the whole bill, but they are strapped for funds and can only pay the shots.

And More vet visits to come for the kittens.  They all still need FIV/FLV testing, de-worming, kitten booster shots and spayed/neutered. 

Just an FYI...  since Dr. Johnson isn't able to accept Care Credit, the 255.58 came out of funds budgeted for buying a new cell phone to keep in contact with my disabled Mom (my current one is dead... thanks Samsung for selling a defective phone) and property taxes for my house, which were due two months ago.

I'm looking into setting up an account at which doesn't charge for receiving funds.  If anyone has info about the site, please let me know.  In the meantime, the Paypal "donation" link still works...Any bit for the foster kits would help so much...

Purrz of thanks from all kittenz and katz,
Katie Kat.


  1. Wonderful about her eye! So glad some kind people were able to help you!

  2. Yay! We are so glad Lulu will not lose her eye!


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