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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angel Has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

With sad and heavy heart I must share that On Thursday morning just after her spay surgery, Little Bear's Mom, Angel leaped over the rainbow bridge.  The Vet believed she had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.  They had just placed her back in the carrier after her surgery when she gave a gasp and past away... 

No charge from the vets... Donations given for her surgery will help pay for her memorial urn from Pet Angel.  Any donations for her memorial would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday afternoon, a
s I woke from a grieving nap,  I believe this message came to me: "I'm happy now."  Maybe she was given a choice to return to a harsh life outdoors or come home. The vet told me Angel was actually much older than I thought.  Who knows how many litters of kittens she had in the past...  I do know that this 7 kitten litter was so stressful that three kittens lost their lives...
The stress of the labor may have left damage that we couldn't see.

With loving memory to a smart and caring Mommy cat who never got to know the love and purrz that her kittens will know... but now knows the peace and joy beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe her kittens met her on the other side...

There will be a Day...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little Bear Furry Mewzday Update

Hey ya peeplez...

I ates alot today!  Whoopee!

Well Ize bin furry sicks since last Thursday when my tummy just not likes nuffin!  and all my foods cumz outs.

Well i trieds to be a good boy n eats stuffoms on Furryday buts my tummy not feel so good... but i waz a goods boy and thursty soo i dranks lots of water and ate a little bits of foods...buts i hads runny stuffs for going potty and den on Caturday i throwed ups agin but nuffin waz dere.

Da mom tooks me to see a nise man,
buts i no likes care rides as you can see here...

When we gits to da nise man's place (Dr. Johnson of Willowbend Animal Clinic), dere waz lots of noises cuz peeples was on da vet roofs poundin hammers... why dey do dat? dat noisy stuffs...  Mom, n Uncle Mikes n da nise man n me waz in dis room.  Mom gots my weight and I hads lost sum (2.97 at 10 weeks...)  but da nise man tried to looks at me and check my tummy and puts a weird thing in my rump... while all dis dum pound pound pound on da roofs!

So da nise man said lets all go outside!  yay!!! so back in da carrier i go... dis time i not mind too much cause i wants away from alla noise.  Well mom sits me in da car while da nise man talks to her bouts sumpin called deworming and metro sumpin pills (metronidazole).  da next fing I knoh some lady comes outa da buidling and put yucky stuff in my mouf dat i swallowed... pooh.  what dat? yuck!  and da nise man gives mom a bottle wifs sumfings init.

Den Mom and Uncle Mike gets inda car and we go to a big place.. and I gohs sleepy onda way there.  Well Mom wakes me up when her takes me in carrier inda building and puts it ina cart wif wheels so we go shopping fur sumpin i can eats.  I finks Mom called it Pet Smart... well i finks dey am dumb cause day lets dogs run around and scarez me.  soh i not want outa da carrier.

Mom founded sum can (Simply Nourish Tuna and Potato for sensitive tummies) and opened it and it smelled purttee good so she opened da carrier door and I peeked out and drank alla broth off da tuna and Potatoes.. buts dats all.  so den weze finally gets back homes after I told Mom and Uncle Mike who drove da car to TAKES ME OUT A DIS CARRIER!!! again... Guess dat told dem.

Den Mom gave me dis yucky bits of sumpin dat waz inda bottle da nise man gave her -  awful yuckiesi!  MoooM!  what dat fur???  but Ize sooh tired dat i fell sleep...  I felt like eatin a bits again dats nites.

Din on Sunnyday, da Mom gives me dat yucky pill agin but her used sumpin called a syringe and it wen right down!  well dat not soh bads so I hops away n finds da waters and drank and drank... I ates a bit bout twice... and some of dat Tuna and potato stuffs.

Soh well ize gettin tired of dictatin to Mom whats to writes...

Monnyday Ize told Mom to stops wif all da foods fur sicks peeple and gives me back my Fancy Feast!!  Soh din I ates about three times yester day but just spoonf ful each cuz tummies gotta heal ya know...  Well da Mom gave me dat weird pill thing two times yesterday.

And dis morning I wokes Mom and yelled "IM REALLLY HUNGRY!!! WHERE MY FOODS?!?"

Mom picked me ups and we gohs to da fun eating room (bathroom btw.. so the big kitties dont take Bears food)  and I shows her how hungry I am!!

See I ate a lot and it waz YUMMY! My appetite am all back!

Boy waz dats a bads weekend.  Mom waz all furry worried but I fink dats between me drinking waters and da nise man and liquid stuffs (dewormer) and da weird pills (still taking those) dats Ize getten much betterz!  Ize gonna takes a nap now.

See ya Later and thanks for alla da Purrz!!!

And thanks to a nise lady named Karen in Australia fur sending sum funds.  Moms gonna use it to help my kitty mom Angel get her spaying done.  Mom gonna get dat scheduled dis week.  (btw, Bears visit due to an office discount and a credit for a referral - waz only 34.00... =^..^=)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Angel and Little Bear Updates

ANGEL UPDATE: Spaying Furry Soon, then release to the outdoors.

Thursday, Angel was scheduled to be spayed... at the Kansas Humane Society.  But they required that since she was a feral... she had to be in a trap... well Angel has spent the last nine weeks looking after her kittens inside a kennel crate, with a kitty carrier for her bed...  Angel refused to leave the carrier and go into the trap cage... 

The carrier has become her security blanket, her refuge.  This intuitive girl placed her kittens in the dirt-filled litter box before a nasty storm hit hours later (while the kennel crate was on the patio) - and in that storm, lightening struck the telephone pole only yards away...  I gave up trying to make her go.  I not particularly fond of KHS, even though they have done a lot of changes.  One Sunday a month, they help Friends of Felines TNR campaign.  They have gone from saving 12% of animals that come into their doors to saving 85% since they have procured a significantly better facility.  

The only reason I was going to take Angel there was lack of funds.  They have a low cost program.  But like many other clinics in town, they do the "new way" of "wham, bam, here's your cat back, ma'am."  In and out surgery with little concern for the animals welfare afterwards...
So I'm going to take her to Mulvane Animal Clinic who did Joey's neutering. They still think of the animal's welfare - keeping the patient overnight in case of complications.  Although MAC does lower cost neuters starting at 40.00 + rabies at 15.00... spaying cost 70.00 + 15.00, (better than over 100.00 at other clinics in town).  Her FVCRP and deworming will cost more too.  Yet, Angel and I will get what we are looking for...a carrier to arrive in for her... and for me, Peace of Mind. 

 For the past several weeks, Angel and her kittens had been staying with a family member, as well as two of the kittens that I found out in the heat (the other two kittens found homes within hours being found).  After Bears siblings and the two kittens found homes (last one to find a home was Sophie), Bear just couldn't stand being without other young kitties.  Monday, I brought him over to my brother's house to be around Joey, Lulu, Laurie, Pattie and Uncle Doobie.  The first several days this week, Bear was getting along just fine, especially with Pattie (who likes being called Annie now.) They would play and play until exhaustion... I fed Bear separately though since he's only 10 weeks old this week and the others are 5 months.

Thursday early evening, after a big yummy meal of Beachnut turkey baby food mixed with Fancy Feast canned kitten, which has been his diet for weeks, Bear took a long nap under my chair at the computer... When he woke up more than half an hour later, he threw up all the contents of his stomach.  A couple hours later, he ate a little bit of canned food and lots of water.  Yesterday (Friday) morning, he woke up, went to the kitchen, walked around the bowls of food, hid under the potato bin and threw up again... this time only saliva looking.  I called the vet and made an appointment for about one o'clock.  Well about noon, he ate a third of a can of Fancy Feast Tuna (he wouldn't touch the canned kitten food or anything else.) and he kept that down... so I canceled the appointment.  But last night he had diarrhea... twice.  the second time he tried to have a bowel movement and the only thing that came out looked like thick mucus.

He refuses to eat anything since yesterday at noon and won't drink any water without placing it on his tongue. Will be calling Dr. Johnson as soon as he opens today and taking Bear in.  He has not had his kitty deworming yet.  That could be what is wrong... Please keep Bear in your prayers.

On both counts... if you could spare some funds to help Angel and Bear - May God Richly Bless You. (and I will draw your kitty if you send me a photo ... btw working on two right now from previous donations and will finish those when my hands are not so full of kitties needing homes!
If you would rather not use Paypal, please email me for my snail mail address at laugh_safely at

Other Updates:
Katie Kitty Too needs deworming. Got rid of those mean old fleas, but they left a yucky present behind...Maxwell Tigger is still having a problem with skin rash - very much improved though.

Doobie is doing goods with hims bad bowel movements. Tried him on several foods, especially corn free...oddly made his bowels worse... Now he is doing fairly well with Iams Adult formula with probiotics.

Katie Kat

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Little Bear Plays Peek a Boo

 Little Bear loves to play peek a boo!  (Watch about 24 secs into video. the mom)

And that silly Little Bear attacks the camera strap.... listen carefully and you can hear his tiny squeaky voice!

Well to make a long story furry short.... Pawsible home fur Little Bear wasn't a good match...Him needs lots more calming down and a bit more nursing wif Angel.  So him is still with us Katie Katz!  Please purr fur all us Katie Katz foster kitties dat weze findz our furever Mommies furry soon.

Little Bear is listed at
(Should show up furry soon if not there yet)

Joey the Nike Cat

Please tell folks bout  There are kitties listed there who could be euthanized furry soon... especially in Oklahoma... please forward this info: