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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adopt Me Tuesday Mewz

Welcome to our Mew Furmat with Kitty Mewz from the Webz!
Each Dayz Mewz will haz A blog hop Theme!
Today's Theme is Opt To Adopt Tuesdays!

And then we will tells you our Mewz.
Purrz from whichever kittiez in the 'puter room.

And now from the KFM BLOGGING NETWORK with Today's Mewz Anchors:

The San Diego Humane Society started to welcome more than 2,000 orphaned kittens to their shelter Saturday as the so-called "kitten season" begins for the shelter. 
The organization hosted a “kitten shower” to welcome the start of the season and encourage people to donate kitten food and care supplies.  For more info, see More Than 2000 Orphaned Kittens Arrived at San Diego Humane Society and San Diego Humane Society


Cat turned in by family for 'eating too much' will die in NY shelter

Leo is on kill list for Monday at Manhattan Center GIVEN UP BECAUSE HE 'EATS TOO MUCH' YET THIS POOR BABY IS UNDERNOURISHED.!   He's borderline anemic and at two to four years old, Leo is only 5.9 pounds. The shelter lists Leo as undernourished.

This sweet boy may be euthanized for only being hungry!  The shelter staff says he's full of cuddles, and loves to be picked up and loved.  To adopt Leo, click here. To contact a NYC ACC approved New Hope Partner, click here for a complete list.  Please share Leo with friends in rescue in the New York area. Leo only has a few hours until it will be too late.  If you would like to follow his thread, click here:
ADOPTION MEWZ at Brian's Home:

Opt to Adopt: Super Social Cat Tyrion Wants to Be Yours – Greenville, SC

Tyrion is one of a litter of four Game of Thrones kittens. Tyrion is the greeter, He never meets a stranger. He’s so sweet and loving!! He loves to play with toys and is very inquisitive. He loves being with other kitties. Very mild mannered and a total schmoozer!! You will love him and his brothers and sister!! Contact Charlotte

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 -Joey and Lulu, today's Furry Mewz Repurterz

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And now for our furry mewz... from The Mom who am furry worried....

URGENT 3 Days left: I am worried about a dear blogging Friend, Sherri Painter and her son who are doing all she can to just keep going and find jobs...  Sherri is always posting on Facebook (see  and her blog ( of animals in need... Yet she is in need herself.
"We only have 3 days until rent is due. And if we don't have it, we'll only have 7 days to vacate."  Please share in all medias!  How devastating would be to be so close and get evicted.

We sent 25.00 last week to help - which was the money for my Passover ticket at my congregation.  (I am part of the dance presentation and was able to get my Passover ticket sponsored.  With my food allergies, may not be eating much of the meal anyway! Will see on Friday.  Hopefully I can get some gluten free crackers to substitute for Matzah.)

Secondly, I am scared about the following:  My mom and I just received bills from the city concerning our property taxes for 2015. My mother's properties and My house are delinquent in taxes by 3 years in May...I thought we had till June.  We desperately need to pay 2013 or have our homes go back for taxes.... Not only losing our homes, but Mom and kitties would have nowhere to go.
We Need $1571.38 by May 11 for 2013 property taxes to keep from losing our homes... These includes my disabled mother's house, my grandparent's old home (my mothers home and my grandparents are adjacent to each other. My GP's died in 1999).   More info next post about those homes. (Last year was able to pay 2012 using credit cards, but those are maxed out now.)

We have Kitties staying at all three homes...for more info see

Sold this book - Only 1,000 were made

Also Important but not as urgent:
  • Funds to spay 5 cats. (5 x 60.00 discount at KSHS a local (kill) shelter or 5 x 80.00 at Wichita Cat Hospital),  
  • Waiting to find out about bills from breaking my toe in December.. filled out financial aid but still waiting to know if bills are taken care of or if I can make payment arrangements that fit my budget.
  • A foster home for Mew Mew a sweet pregnant kitty. I may have to take her to LAPP, a no kill shelter. Do have up to 80.00 to send with Mew Mew from selling an antique book.
  • I will continue to find items to sell and will be posting some of them on an auction blog. Will share link this week.
  •  Funds for getting Revolution for all my fur kids of at least one dose each (19 doses) - $318.00... vet discount (see post about Jazpurr's Boo Boo ). 

Without the flea meds for all kitties, Jazpurr may get another rash... 

 If you would like to help with getting our fleas deaded:
You can reach Dr. Mike Johnson at Willowbend Animal Hospital 316 854 9271. Please tell them you want to apply credit to account 332 so Katherine can get her flea meds for Jazpurr and the other kittiez.

Please help Sherri first - her need is more urgent. She has 3 days...  
Thanks for listening and all good loving prayerful advice welcome.

-Katie and the Katie Katz.


  1. Wow! 2000 kittens is a lot of kittens. I hope they are able to keep up with the demands of kitten season.

    1. Isn't that amazing?!? Had to be our furry furst Mewz repurrt! -Joey, Lulu and Katie Kat.

  2. Oh sweet Katie, weez shawin' and puttayin' dat all da needs be met and yous hav extwa

    LLuv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  4. I agree with Mark...2000 kittens is a lot! That is amazing! Thank you for joining the Tuesday's Tails Blog Hop! It looks like Leo was pulled by a rescue! Yay for Leo! Have a Happy Easter.


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