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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mitchel the Orange Kitty Went to Vets

Lil Mitchel after being founded.
Helloo again! Fur folks who reads on Facebook dats I wast losted... well I gotted founded Sunnyday abouts 5:30 pm... and I found out what my mew name am! - I ams Mitchel !!  My mew mommy named me after her pastor, Father Mitchel Zimmerman who am leaving fur another parish. 

Well I was just founded by the neighbors and being held by Auntie Katie's friend, when who should show ups to gets me? Why Auntie Katie! Then her tooks me to her house and I gots a whole room to myself... it has a funny big cold tub init... and flushy noisy thing... oh well. It all goods. I had some wonderful foods called Sheba Salmon.

...And then Monday morning I ated more yummy Sheba... and then I hads a runny pooh... on the tarp and cardboard in my room.  I'm still learning about litter boxes.  so in the afternoon, I wents to the vets and gots my furry furst checkups... I weighs 3 and a half pounds cause I growed overnight! 

I hads tons of fleas and the furry nice 

Dr. Johnson of Willowbend Animal Hospital helped comb a lot of them out.  

I gotted a funny vanilla liquids to eats... Auntie Katie said it fur dewarming...(deworming) but da liquids was colds... I don't know. Dey puts a funny liquids at the back of my head (Revolution). And  tooks my bloods... I iz negative fur something called looky me awww...?? whaz dat? (Leukemia negative hooray!)  

When I gots back to Auntie Katies house, I has good pooh in my litter box and long nap. (took back to vets for fecal sample - Katie Kat)

Purrz, Mitchel the Orange Kitten.


In other Mewz... Please keeps Auntie Silvia and her kitties in your purrz... later this week, the lady who helped rescue Mitchel will be interviewing Silvia for housecleaning work.  Silvia still needs 50.00 for today's rent and 43.00 for car insurance. If anyone cans helps, please see the button on the side of the blog or go to paypal and give a gift to

Purrz from
Katie Kitty Too
Junior Repurtter
Katiez Furry Mewz

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Abandoned Orange Kitten Furst Selfie

Hello? This am my furry furst selfie...  I was dumped fur no goods reason. Auntie Katie found out bout me on Facebook. Her wants to helps me get to my furever home...

I may haz a forever home with the lady that Mr. Worf and Stormy lives with in Topeka. You can finds their interviews here... Double Feature: Ronnies Tummy and Meet Mr. Worf and Stormy

I gonna stays wif Auntie Katie until next Saturday and then her am going to drive me to meet my mew Mommy halfway from here to Topeka.

Can you helps me gets to my furever home by paying some greens fur gas, foods and litter? 

Auntie Katie said there am side button fur greenies to helps or use laugh_safely at yahoo dot com at Paypal gift to friends.

Oh do keeps me in your purrz and I promise to be a goods boy.
-Orange Kitten
who am waiting to finds out hims mew name.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rosey and Kitty Sketching

We hopes you tries this furry purrtee sketching from Makes everything furry goods.
-Purrz from Katie Kitty Too
Junior Artist
The Purple Kattery <3

Effect from
Silvia's Natasha in a Box
Narcisca Mama

Updates on Silvia's Narcisca Mama - Her am doing much betters and didn't has to go backs to vets. Katie Mom and Aunty Silvia am so furry thankful for all our kitty friends sharing greenies and buying stuffs from us too. Katie Mom am doing auctions on FaceBook.
Aunty Silvia am looking furry hards to finds works. Her am applied to mew places every week. Katie Mom tells me dehrs a lady who owns housecleaning service that am checking to see if she can hire Aunty Silvia, but dat lady nots talked to Mom yet. And Aunty Silvia still needs to pay for car insurance (abt 43.00) this month so her can drive Uncle Alex to jobs... Dat motel am letting Aunty Silvia clean rooms again, cause the housekeeper left, but dey gives her only a few greenies and no help with renting room... dats nots right.

Cans you helps Aunty Silvia buy her car insurance for the month? Aunty Silvia, Uncle Alex and derh kitties needs foods to eats too...

Well Katie Mom lets you know if dat lady gets ahold of her. Mom and Aunty Silvia hopes to go gets Insurance on Monday... and still needs about 50 more fur rents on Tuesday. Fings are getting betters, all cause we loves them... purring dats fings keeps looking ups. 

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too
Junior Repurrter for
Katiez Furry Mewz

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Narcisca at Vets Needs Purrz

UPDATE Friday June 24: Narcisca is doing better... Silvia didn't take her back to vet yet. Sweet Mama was constipated, but she finally went... Silvia is giving her more canned food to help her digestion... Purrz, Katie Kat. 



Silvia and Narcisca at the vet yesterday afternoon.... Mama Kitty may has yeast infection and irritation... vet gave cortisone.

Then early in the middle of the night, Narcisca running a temperature and throwing up... Silvia is taking her back to the vet this morning.

Please keep Mama Kitty in your purrz.

-Katie Kat and Katie Kitty Too.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Special Fathers Day Birthdays and Daddy Cat

BiBi, Nana's Cat, 15 yrs
Hiya Furry Friends and Human Moms and Dads...Maxwell here with a furry special Sunday Happy Father's Day! Furst ofs all, it am Nana's -Katie's Mom's birthday today, too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!!! Bibi am Nana's cat... her am 15 years old and furry blessed to haz Nana fur her Mommy....

And We wants to Dedicates This Father's Day... 

To a furry special kitty named Daddy Cat (05.02.00-06.12.16) at Jacqueline's Cat House... Him went OTRB last Sunday with Mommy Cat by hims side. Daddy Cat am celebrating Father's Day in Heaven with hims son, Jax today.

Jacqueline and Mommy Cat are missing him furry much. Please stops by and wish Daddy Cat a Happy Father's Day OTRB...  

Here am my Vet Selfie from yesterday with Uncle Mike's help... which do you think am my best side? Left or Right?

Left Side

Right Side and Right hurty Paw
Wittle Bootsie

Dr. Johnson, (WillowBend Animal Hospital) examined my paw...Thank you so much dearest friends fur your prayers and fur helping Katie Mom pay my bill. I do tries to be a goods boy, yet sometimes I gets bored and wants to play... Bootsie not wanted to play and well, her tole me so and gave me a wittel nippy. I don't blames Bootsie. Her am goods. Please keeps me in your purrz and I promise to gets better and be a goods boy.

-Purrz From Maxwell Tigger
Jr. Reporter,
Katiez Furry Mewz

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Please Pray for Maxwell Tigger

UPDATE: Furry Good Mewz! Two wonderful folks were able to help pay almost all of the vet bill, leaving Katie Mom only having to cover 4.87. The Vet found a small healed over wound between Maxie's toes... seems like my shy sisfur, little Bootsie toles Max off fur playing too roughs and gave him a wittle nippy. Max am a goods boy, him just don't knows how big him is compared to Bootsie and mes.
Shy Bootsie

Maxie gotted auntibiotix and meds fur pain... Him am grounded to the bathsroom while him heals, so Katie Mom can looks after him and makes him takes his yuckies. -Katie Kitty Too


Hiya, Katie Kitty Too here,
Please purr fur my brofur, Maxwell Tigger...

Him hurted his right paw - all swollen. We don't know how him hurted dat. Katie Mom thinks him musta jumped down and landed on hims paw.  We has to takes him to the vet today and get him's paw xrayed.

We haz no greenies to takes him cause social security greenies not comes until Wednesday, unless by somes miracle dehr am moneys at the postie office from Daddy... we expecting dats on Monday... (our credit card and Care Credit funds am maxed out...)

Maxie can't waits. Him am limping and hissing at Mom when her tries to check hims paw.

Our Vet am Willowbend Animal Hospital. (316) 854-9271 Dr. Mike Johnson. They opens at 8AM CST today. Right now it am 5:00am and Mom not sleeping. Her am too worried about Maxie. He stays wif Nana who am furry worried too.
Paypal is
 Purrz, Katie Kitty Too

Art made with free editor embossing technique (effects, stylize, embossing)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Double Feature: Ronnie's Tummy and Meet Mr. Worf and Stormy

Double Feature Wordless and Wordy: 
Silvia's Ronnie Tummy Time


(Auntie Silvia had an interview at a staffing service today...
Uncle Alex got sick working in the heat.
Please keep him in your purrs and prayers. -Katie Too)

Meet Mr. Worf and Stormy. 

Hiya efurry purrcat, dis am Katie Too with my furry furst purrview.  

Katie Mom met Mr. Worf and Stormy's Mom, Liz Cornish on Bonanza, a selling site, and drew a kitty fur her named Snow Bear who wents OTRB in 2001.  

Mr. Worf and Stormy been wanting to share about themselves and their human Mom, cause her am struggling to finds work and they don't want to lose their furever home.  Please see the end of the purview to finds out how you cans help.

They don't blog, although they mights in the future... howsumever, their Mom Liz Cornish does FaceBook and beautiful crucifixes on Etsy. You can friend and shop and ask fur more photos of Mr. Worf and Stormy!

HEEERRREESS Mr. Worf and Stormy!
From Left to Right Stormy and Mr. Worf
Q. Please introduce yourselves and your human Mommy.

Stormy: I'm Stormy, a handsome black cat and this is my brother, Mr. Worf who is black and white. We boths has long furs. Our Mom am Liz Cornish. We've owned her for a bit over seven years. We have her very well trained now. We just turned seven on June 5.

Q. Happy  Birthay! So you gots your Mom when you was furry little! How did you come to lives together?
Panda, Worf and Stormy

Stormy: Our mom, Lily owned Liz and we were born in Roundup, Montana on June 5, 2009. I'm the oldest. Worf is the middle cat and we had a younger brother, Panda Bear. He died while we lived in Roundup. We're not sure exactly what happened. He just disappeared one night. Furry Sads.

Q. How would you describe yourselves? 

Mr. Worf: Well, I'm exceptionally handsome and regal. I'm just purrfect in every way possible. I'm smarter than Stormy too. He's kind of mellow. Me, I'm very assertive. I'm the boss of the house, make no mistake. I demand attention. You'd better do what I want or else! 

Stormy: Worf is right that I'm more laid back, but he's not smarter than I am. I'm smart enough to let him think he's smarter and to let him think he's the boss. I really am though. I get what I want in that way. Look, he meows for food in the morning but I always eat first. You tell me who's smarter. 

Q. Has your human had other cats before? What were their names and what happened to them?

Snow Bear
Mr. Worf: Our human has had a lot of other cats - she's been blessed that cats want her for their human. We never met lots of them, of course, but she did tell us about them. She told us about Snowbear a lot. He died from cancer in 2001. Wicker was another one. She had CRF and was nearly 17 when she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Liz says she was really cool and super opinionated. Sounds like our kind of cat! 

There were the eight that died in a fire: Lacey, Badger, Sparkles, Henri, Fireball, Sparky, Callie, and Heidi. She still cries about them sometimes. Firestar and Negra - we knew them - they lived with Liz when we were born. They met an untimely sad end. Polo vanished one night. We knew him - he was super. So was Sunny. 

Sunny adopted Liz the same day that our mom did. Finally there were Flame, Sasha, and Tigger - we knew all of them and we were all great friends. We got kicked out of the place we were living and mom had to put them in the shelter where they adopted acceptable humans. We're happy for them but we do miss them a lot.

Q. Do you has nicknames?
Stormy: Liz calls me Stormy Sugarplum or Stormy S. Sometimes Stormster. Where she got that I have no idea. It's not really dignified so I'm not sure I like it, but being the generous, loving, and patient cat that I am, I tolerate it.
Mr. Worf:  Well, most of the time she calls me Mr. Worf, which is my proper name so I approve. When she has the nerve to get angry with me she calls me Worf. That makes me a bit perturbed. Now when she gets really angry at me she calls me Worfie. That irritates me beyond belief and I tell her that in no uncertain terms. How dare she insult me!

Q. Where do you lives and what am that like?

Stormy: We live in a very small apartment in Topeka, KS. It's a rough part of town right off a busy street so we have to stay indoors all the time now. We don't like it, but Liz wants us to be safe. Really it makes us very sad. The last place we lived we got to go outside when we wanted. We could hunt and help Liz in the kitty cemetery. Now we get to sit in the window and watch the birds outside.

Q. What kind of fun do you likes to do?
Mr. Worf: I love to chew on things. I've chewed on an iPad charger, the power cord to a vacuum, a printer cable, a track ball and shoelaces. The funniest thing I ever did was when I walked up to Liz, got the end of one of her shoelaces in my mouth, pulled, and untied one of her shoes. She got upset and yelled at me. Of course I didn't appreciate getting yelled at - I was just having a bit of fun!
Mom Lily and Kittens

Stormy: I like to jump in Liz's lap when she's making a rosary, especially when she's trying to close a loop. Of course she can't close the loop with me sitting on her hands. She gets so frustrated! Personally, I think it's funny. All I want is some attention.

Both of us love catnip and then we like to play fight with each other and chase each other around the apartment.

Q. Have you ever blogged?
Mr. Worf: We haven't yet, but we have thought about it. The problem we think we'd have is getting mom off the computer. She's always watching stuff we don't like, like Big Brother, or airplane crash stuff on Netflix.

What kind of social media do you use, like Facebook?

We like mom's facebook stuff and we'd really like to do some ourselves. What's really cool is seeing our pictures on there, and when I got to take over for those couple of days mom wasn't feeling good - that was super fun.

Q. What would your human say she loves best about you?

Stormy: Well, I know she loves to hear us purr and she loves when we snuggle with her. She loves how pretty we are too and how we follow her around. We think that makes her feel really good.

Q. How do you help your human through stressful times?

We spend more time with her and snuggle more. We give her more kisses too, especially if she's been really stressed and crying a lot. Lately she's really been crying since her friend Fr. Mitchel is leaving. She talks about him a lot; how much he's helped her and how much she's going to miss him. 

Not having a job and not being able to buy food is tough and makes her cry too. So we cuddle a lot. We try to show her we love her. As much as we hate being picked up we let her pick us up and hug us. Personally we think it's really undignified, but it makes her feel better, so that's OK with us. Also, we try not to kick kitty litter all over the kitchen.

Q. What do you like best about your human?
Mr. Worf: How kind and loving she is to us and how she puts us first - she makes sure we're taken care of before she takes care of herself. 

Q. What would happen to you if your human wasn’t able to support her family?
Stormy: If it ever got to that point we would have to leave. I know she would do everything to avoid putting us in the shelter since we all know what happens there. It would break her heart and ours. She really needs a lot of help and support right now, until she can find a job. 

She also has to get her health issues under control and until she gets a job and can make the co-pays that's not going to happen. 

Mr. Worf:  It's really tough and sometimes it's scary. But she's promised she'll always do her best to take care of us, no matter what. She's been our human all of our lives and we just can't imagine our lives without her. It makes us really sad to think about it. 

If you could please help our human Mom keeps us by sharing our You Caring Page: or goes to her Etsy shop or
( and buys a rosary.  Auntie Silvia got one and it am furry beautiful.

Purrz from Mr. Worf and Stormy.

Dis am been a purrview by Katie Kitty Too
Junior Interviewer, Katiez Furry Mewz 

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