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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wittle Bitty Kitty Selfie

Awww.... Lil Princess showing her tummy and all her baby siblings at the vet last week. 

Mew Mew had just cleaned her tummy.

Dr. Johnson did a wellness exam on Mama and the kittens.  Everyone seems to be doing really well!  They all weighed in between 10 and 11 oz! 

Which means that baby number Five - that's Tiger on the right - gained almost two ounces!

All growing at a good pace.  The boys kind of have temp names.
Dezi of Dezi's World likes Dandy and I like Cody - so the one kitty boy with a little white on his chest is Dandy Cody -  The other two boys are Treble and Bass ("base") - cause they like to mew a lot.
Maybe they will start a music group!?!  Dandy Cody and the Boyz!

Dezi's idea was to name all the kitties with rhyming names - like Dandy and Kandy and Mandy and stuffs... if their names rhymed, when they get older, they may all hear "andy" part and come running the same time... that would be funny.   I had a kitty named Sandy Red Tigger and when I wanted him, I called, "Sandy Dandy Andy Wandy"  and he would come running to see if I had a yummy for him.

Well the boys names are still temporary... The name Treble happened when I gave the vet assistant the biggest baby boy and said, here's trouble.  She wrote that down as his name, and I said, "no, don't name him Trouble.  How About Treble?" and then she had the idea that Baby Boy 3 could be Bass ("Base").

Treble is the biggest boy and Bass is a little smaller.  They are growing really fast.  Maybe when they are a bit bigger, their purrsonalities will show more.

Think they may be small babies like Mama Mew Mew...  

One thing for sure, Princess is going to have longer hair, Tiger may get longer hair and maybe at least one boy might have long hair too.

More Kitten Photos next time!

and the Katz 


  1. Aaaaaw they awe so adowable. Their names temp or purrmanent awe wally cute. Mommy sez amazinly nuff ifin yous call them by name while holding them a foo times and then reward them when they wesponnd, they learn their own names even when they rhyme. Me never did run when mommy called fur Lexi and me still dusn't cuz me knows she not be callin' me. Mommy has shorened a lot of names fwu da years and has on a foo occasions had kitties with rhyming names and never had a purrawllem. We kitties be purretty smawt. :) Anyways, they awe all so purrecious. Weez alweady purrayin' when da day comes they will get da pawsumest furevew homes. Hope yous have a wunnewfully blest week.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. They're so adorable. Glad they're all doing fine :) Pawkisses for a Sunny Day :) <3

  3. Those are some mighty cute kittens what ever their names are. Happy Monday to all of you.

  4. What lovely kittens and we're delighted that they all have their names.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What lovely kittens and we're delighted that they all have their names.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Oh my goodness, that is a whole lotta cute!

  7. Oh they look cute!! I hope they are doing OK! We are catching up!!! Happy LAST Sunday Yeah we are SO LATE but we want to honour our promise to visit everyone!


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