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Monday, April 20, 2015

Mew Mew Mama Baby Photos

Three of the kittens turned 2 weeks old Monday night. 

Two little boys look a lot alike and have calmer personalities. The third baby boy is very demanding. When I pick him up, he demands to be back with Mommy!  So far Baby Two and 2 of the boys seem to have Persian like faces and may be long haired... time will tell.   
One of the Baby Boys
Baby Two - a Little Girl & Baby Five in Bkgrd

Baby Five - a Little Girl 

Baby Five will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday.  On Sunday, the babies weighed 8.8 oz (Baby Girl Five), 9.8 oz (Bossy Baby Boy Four), 10oz (Baby Boy Three),  and 10.2 oz (Baby Girl Two and Baby Boy One).

Hope to have some better photos soon... The boys are mostly black and the girls are tortoise shell.  Two of the boys have fuzzier hair and short noses.  One of the boys has a white triangle on his chest.  Two of the boys have greyish legs.  Any name suggestions?  -Purrz from Katie Kat.


  1. Such a whole big bunch of itty bitty cute!

  2. Aaaaaaw They be so adowable. We fink Dandy be a good name fur one of da little boys, as in hims a dandy. And then of course ifin yous wanted to go along wiff a feme like there kuld be a Candy/Kandy, Mandy, Tandy, Handy, and so on. Mommy sez it's hawd to name sumfin' yous can't weally see and watch. She sez me be da furst and only kitty hers evew named afur evew seein' me, but she wuz wight on da mawk. Me sure finks so.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. Hey, thanks for the purrs, I am feeling a wee bit better today.


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