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Monday, April 06, 2015

Happy Easter Passover Post

Hope Everyone Had a blessed Passover / Easter Resurrection Day Weekend. 
(Late posting - haven't felt too well this weekend - all the worry over needing help with property taxes has really upset my stomach. Trying to get a small loan from my bank. Please pray that I am approved.)

Reposting the song that Jan left on her blog... Amazing!
Jan's Easter Post 

This wasn't the post planned -  Planned on posting the video of the I was in at Passover Seder on Friday, but the camera batteries went wacky just as my friend was about to push the button... I will not buy Rayovac rechargeables again after this set will not hold a charge. Energizers and Duracell from now on!  
(Portion below updated April 08)
Another friend got the dance on their phone - but will not be able to post it. (For those who don't know I have physical disabilities... my knees are in constant pain.  Dancing helps strengthen my muscles to help me walk daily.) 

Originally posted the other dance video from our Passover (to the song Sanctuary by Marty Goetz -wasn't in this dance) - but had to take it down. (Wondering if any of you got to see the video?)

The dance leader asked not to have any of the dances up on social media. Her words, "we don't have permission of all the dancers or the person who created the dance."
(Portion Above Updated April 8)

Also promised to share my mother's flowers - but the severe wind from the thunderstorm on Thursday night damaged them.  - Will try to get a pic of her tulips soon.

Instead - a short tail... um tale that happened on Sunday.

Last night I couldn't find Lulu. Her brother Joey showed me where she was! 


I was so afraid she had run out of the house this morning, but that's not like her... She's afraid to go outside..This morning I left the front door open to run inside and get something and the storm door doesn't catch. The wind banged the door open and shut when I was in another room. When I ran back into the living room, just two of the boys were at the door. I thought I did a kitty count then, yet this evening, I couldn't find her. I even asked Lulu's brother Joey to help me look for her... Well he ran to the door of back room where some of the other kitties stay and began pawing at the door. I went back there with him, but didn't see Lulu. But the kitties in the back were hungry so I went and got their food. Joey ran out of the room with me... Yet when I went back in to feed them, he ran back in!

Last night, I was about to leave a message on Facebook, asking everyone to help pray for her when my brother found her in the back room after all. She was hiding on a shelf! 
Thank you Joey for telling me where Lulu was. 
As soon as she got to the front part of the house, she ran and hid under Uncle Mike's Bed!!!.
So we all had Happy Passover/Easter Resurrection Day weekend after all!

 Also, Thanks to Dezi's World - We got this blog award lately!  Thanks so much. We want to nominate Brian's Home and Jan's Funny Farm if they haven't got this award yet... Two bloggers who always inspire me...

-Katie Kat.
P.S. If anyone would like to buy a skirt made out of the fabric below, let me know.  Will get a better pic and the measurements too.  Could be made into all sorts of things!


  1. Oh, dear, we always seem to be running late. We love the song The End of the Beginning. It seemed so appropriate for the Resurrection. :)

    We're praying for you, Katie!

  2. Yous deserve da award, and fur sum weason we fawt weez alweady commented. We fink blogger ate sum of oow comments, cuz this isn't da furst time today weez found this. Anyways, gweat stowry, glad yous found her.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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