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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mom Haz Cold and Kittens One Week Old

Hello there, Mew Mew Here.

The Mom haz a furry badz cold... That's why we haven't posted in several days.

Me thinks she got too tired not getting any sleep - looking after me and my babies to make sure I gots lots of foods, and then checking on all the other cats at three houses...

As soon as the Mom feels better, we will show u photos of my five furry healthy kittens who are turning one week old!

See all my tiny babies in the just born photo? All the babies are twice that size now and growing real goods!! 

I loves how Mom mixes Fancy Feast Kitten,  chicken flavored GNC vitamins with some extra water.  My health is doing really good too... I am a strong girl and even though I have a short waist and feeding five children is harder to do, I want all my babies to grow big and strong.   I am very good at keeping all their little tummies stimulated and their bladders empty.  I don't let any of the other cats in the house go in the bathroom and get near my children. Well they are just to young to fend for themselves yet.  I love the Mom! She checks my babies and makes sure their eyes and noses are clean.  She even gives me foods when I can't get up to eat!  She calls it "Room Service."  Well I guess the baby box is kind of a room...

Please purr that Mom feels better soon... I can't wait to show you how much my children have grown. After you see the mew photos, I hope you can help me think of names for them, too.  There are three boys and two girls.   My babies will need furever homes in a few short months and I will too... Please keep us in your purrz that we all find the bestest forever homes ever!

Purrz of Motherly love.
Mew Mew.

P. S. Purrz of Thanks to my friends and family - managed to raise about 300.00 to go to taxes. Which means I will be able to put at least a hundred dollars down on each property this month.  I will be ending the property tax fundraiser for now, because getting help to spay 5 fur kids is more urgently needed...   -Katie Kat.


  1. We sure do hope the Mom feels all better really soon. Hey, I'm gonna go hunt for your email address, hope I can find it..

  2. Weez purrayin' dat mommy feels better soon and dat all of ya' get da pawsumest homes evew. Da babies awe adowable. Have a pawsum week.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. I am purring that mom feels better.
    I bet the kitties are wonderful

    Check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

  4. We are purring and praying that your Mom gets better real soon. Mew Mew, your babies are really cute!


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