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Monday, April 06, 2015


QUICK UPDATE:  Tried to get a small loan from my bank...and they turned my down. They know I have automatic deposit of my husband's social security and they would be doing an automatic withdrawal of only 109.00 a month. The lowest loan they could do was twice what we needed so I would be giving them back half of the loan to begin with... didn't matter. I told them I would be able to repay them with in a few months with the fundraiser.... didn't matter. I told them my mother and I will be leaving their bank as soon as we can.

(I will be leaving Intrust State Bank as soon as I can to Fidelity Bank where I have a small account for kitty donations. Fidelity doesn't even charge customers for having a bank account.) Please keep sharing... I am so scared right now.

The last real meal I had was Friday at Passover Seder.... My stomach is too upset to eat any real food. So I have been fasting...  I will be drinking juice  and water and taking in some protein to keep up my energy. But that's all my stomach will handle right now.

I am going to call the county appraiser tomorrow and see if paying half of 2013 taxes by May 11 - $800.00 - would be enough to help us from being 3 years behind.

I have to do my kitty rounds now to check on all the babies... I am really asking for help first for my disabled mother and for the cats... who will have nowhere to go.

Also Mew Mew should have her babies any day now... (I was going to transfer her and the babies over to my house because the bathroom is larger there...right now she is in my (adopted) brother's bathroom.)


  1. Oh No weez so sowry. But we know how ya' feel. Da bank won't give us a loan eevew, cuz we have mommy's check deposited there automatically so they know what we make and dat there's no mowe. We sure hope and purray y''all can get it worked out. Mommy sez there comes a time when one can no longer live in their caw oor on da stweets. She's been there and sez she now falls into da gwoup of can'ts. Weez purrayin' and shawin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. We can't seem to find yous email addwess and just saw yous comment on meez bloggy, so we fawt we wuld come back over and say ifin yous wanna talk to mommy, you can email anytime to:
    Lexi is the one with Kidney disease, and she is on Azodyl small caps 2 times a day. She is suppose to be on Renavast and Vitamin B-12 with Folate, but we can't afford it right now. Lei's Phosphorous numbers were great, but CKD cats should eat a high quality diet low in phosphorous and with a good protein source. You can find a list of all the cat foods and their numbers here at Tanya's: They also have a great support group but unless you have blood tests and urinalysis numbers, they're not very helpful. they treat the numbers. Altho' I have found them too be very nice and helpful. but they do appear to have way more money than us. If you need helpp with finding these or understanding them, let me know. Hope this helps.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi, Lexi and mommy Audra


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