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Tuesday, April 07, 2015


UPDATE 5:30am April 7: Kitten Number Four born this morning smaller...hour and half ago checked On Mew Mew and Four was by her tail still wet and Mom had to do some more licking... -Katie Kat.

Monday Night between 8 and 11pm, Mew Mew had 3 kittens in my "adopted" brother Mikes bathroom. Possibly another on the way...

She looked like she starting labor yesterday morning... so when I usually check on kitties at other houses, I stayed at Mike's instead. But no sign of the kittens... Then late yesterday afternoon, I went to check on her and found the kitty bed had been tossed out of the box and somehow the towel that had been on the bed was now laid flat in the box... Have no idea how this little girl accomplished that! Looking very soon...

I had to bring my mother dinner. I prayed over Mew Mew's tummy and talked to the little souls there... I've been feeling that she was going to have at least 3 and one would have some white.

Later last night, while at my Mom's, Mike had come home from bible study and found Mew Mew had given birth to Kitten One already... Well before I could leave, Kitten Two was born, but Mike said that she had some trouble.  I rushed out of Mom's and off to Walmart to get some Kitten Milk in case we needed it.

By the time I got there, Kitten Three was being born, but the placenta was stuck inside and poor kitty was hanging...  I dimmed the lights and shooed Mike to bed so he could get up for work by 5AM. I watched her for a bit... and then left her alone while posting an update on Facebook. Sometimes a momma kitty needs to relax... 

When I went back in, Kitten Three's cord was cut and placenta was gone... Good Mew Mew!  Such a good Mommy... but Kitten Two was crying, looking for a place to suckle. So I offered Mew Mew some milk replacement and she drank quite a bit.  Then Kitten Two calmed down and found a nipple... Whew...  

So far so good.  Kitten One and Kitten Three seem to be all black. Kitten Two has a white spot on it's forehead, white around the eyes and a little white stripe on its chest.
Please keep Mew Mew and her sweeties in your purrz.

Opt to Adopt!!!
Mew Mew's Kittens will need forever homes in just a few months.

Before then, they may need another foster home to stay in.

Also, just found out that dear Maddie from Strange Ranger has passed on... beautiful sweetie. Please stop by and share your prayers.


  1. Adorable little family! God bless you all, and may these sweeties find a forever home as quickly as necessary.

  2. Such sweet kitties, may they all find loving homes in due course.

  3. Hope you find a way to pay your taxes soon! Sharing those sweet kittens.

  4. Sure hope you can find some money to pay the taxes. Have you tried that Fund me deal. I don't know much about it. But good luck to you.

  5. Oh my gosh kittens are so wonderful to have in the home, I'm so glad all went well with the birthing.

  6. We are sure happy that all is well with Momma and the little ones.

  7. Glad everything went well , such tiny little kitties.

  8. Aw, they're so cute and tiny. We are full with 4 cats here. Wishing you the best.

  9. They are so adorable, and Mew Mew looks like a very good mommy. We're purring and praying for you all and your taxes. We will share about it on Twitter right now, too.

  10. What sweet babies. Happy to hear they are all doing well. Praying for you and them. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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