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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where's the Porch Brrr No Furnace and Silvia update

Hey Look Mom - No Porch!  Where the steps go???


dat waz da wordless part... mol  the Mom was going to leave you in suspense til tomorrow... but I talked her out of dat.  -Purrz From Angel...

Out in the yard... been working on repairing and painting my back porch steps for three weeks now... Oh please I hope can get done this week.  No more rain...plz.

Also, furnace needs lots of purrz... Had a Sears Tech come out two weeks ago - needed a new gas valve - but would have been 512.00 dollars for him to fix - so just paid him 69.00 for the diagnostic and "Uncle Mike" bought the gas valve online for half the price of Sears buying from Carrier... Now the replacement valve is set up differently and electrical system won't start the pilot light... So back to bringing out the Sears Tech - great guy though - really trust him... Gotta get this done to keep kitties and me warm.  Hopefully won't be too much on my Sears Card... mol.

And now for Silvia and Cats Update:

Please keep Silvia and her babies in prayer.  Last week, a friend pushed on the wall in the bathroom and the wall collapsed due to mold - the motel manager had the repairs done, but very upsetting to the cats with strangers pounding away in their litter box room... also had repaired the back wall of the sink  - then today - the sink started leaking all over the floor - another repair had to be done. 

We have about 45.00 of 150.00 needed for next week's rent.
If ten folks donated 10.00, I can squeeze in the rest. ... 

Silvia checked at Labormax on Monday - no work available, but she did get her file updated. 

On the job application at Via Christi Tuesday (yesterday) - Silvia went in for the drug testing but the Financial Aid manager said they were looking for someone with a social work degree or a paralegal - yet she did similar work before at Via Christi several years ago.

She may not get the position... 


Natasha, that's the grey and white kitty, gets really nervous when the weather is bad and won't eat, drink or use the litter box. Bless her heart. Monday night, Natasha waited till early Tuesday morning to eat and use the box... poor baby threw up. Will let you know how she is doing. Hoping it's just nerves and no visit to the vet needed.  

Last night, Guero was sneezing from the dusty work fixing the sink.... 

Please Pray and Share. 

Thank you so much from Katie, 
Silvia and her cat babies... Narcisca the Mom (tabby and white), Ronnie (main photo), Natasha (grey and white), Gordo (all grey boy) and Guero (white kitty)


  1. Where to stawrt? Weez'll stawrt wiff da kitties. Course weez be purrayin' as dat's sumfin' we do well and all da time anyways. As you may know me is Terrified of storms. Mommy has searched high and low and in tween fur sumfin' dat wuld calm me down. Funally we found it. We wrote 'bout it last week in our series on Sterile Cystitis. Anyways it's called Beaphar Calming Spot On. It's not made or sold by anyone in da U.S. We get it on Amazon. But it be Valerian Root. Each dose is 0.4ml of Valerian Root applied to top of head tween ears much like a flea tweatment just different spot. One dose lasts one week lessen kitty gets area really wet and then another dose would be required. You can purrobly get Valerian root in a health food store fur sure. We say dat cuz it takes almost 2 weeks fur da company to send da drops from Ireland. Now on to da human stuffs. Hope you can get da steps dun afur more rain comes down.

    More and more companies awe wantin' college degwees. Sylvia might check wiff da unemployment office and see ifin they have a progwam fur displaced workers what wuld pay fur a 2 year degree. In da meantime she might have to take a job wiff a fast food joint, convenience store, temp agency, anywhere to get sum money comin' in. Mommy offen took jobs as a waitress, bartender, cook, whatever wuld get her money comin' in and fast. Afur da innernet there wasn't fundraisers and mommy didn't know peeps who wuld help her financially so she had to live in hers car a few times and eat outta trash cans or go hungwy, wait she still duz dat. MOL Anyways, you get da idea. Hope sumfin' pans out. Weez purrayin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thanks fur your purrz, Dezi. Silvia is looking for work... she is getting some temp work - but won't pay until December. She will be cleaning a home next week.

  2. We are sure praying for Silvia. We shared on Facebook and Twitter.


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