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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chickens, Fuzzy Selfies Plus Helps For Silvia and Cats

Lil Bear wants chicken
Lil Bear: MOOOOMMMM!  Where's the Chickens?  Moohm Mama Mommy Mom?
Where you puts the chickens???

No chicken there
Lil Bear looks in the food dish: Dats not chickens... dat's egg... you puts egg in dehr... Dat smell like chicken but dats not chicken.

Joey asks about chicken
Joey: Yes, do tell Mother. Where's the chicken?  Why does fried egg smell like chicken, yet not taste like chicken?

Mom: Eggs that we eat come from chickens, but they never became chickens... 

Joey: You are most illogical, Mother... 

Lil Bear: Chickens come from the magic cold box... why magic box has eggs and no chicken?

Mom: because I haven't gone hunting... I go hunting in a place called a store. I bring back chicken and then I put it in the fridge... the magic box...

Doobie jumps up besides Lil Bear:  Someone mention chickens??? hey what's wrong with the flashy box?  We looks all fuzzy...

Mom: the flashy box fell down several months ago and got broke Now the focus part doesn't work very well sometimes.. Let's gets a nice photo of you, Doobie. (mom takes one good photo of Doobie, but the rest come out all fuzzy)
Good Doobie "Selfie" b4 more fuzzy photos

and oh there goes the batteries... (beep beep... batteries exhausted)

Doobie: When you gonna gets a new flashy box Mom?

Mom:  After I go hunting for new glasses and gets the porch steps  painted to my back door.  After Uncle Mike fixes the furnace at my house ...and the wall in his living room and help Silvia and kitties pay their rents...

Lil Bear: But what about Chickens???  

Mom: well, okay. I confess, there is some chickens thawing out in the Magic Box... I'll cook you all some yummies furry soon... (Bear pouts cause he has to waits)

Joey: In the meantime, our friend Silvia and her kitties still needs help to pay their rents.  that mean motel owner won't give her back her job!!!

Its gonna be Thanksgiving soon!  The very bad man is now in jail, but the motel owner won't let Silvia clean rooms again!  He gave Silvia's job to a couple and now they get free rent!  And Silivia never gotted free rent!

Well this whats I likes to do to hims!   (Joey claws the sisal scratcher...)  but dat won't help Silvia and her cats, Narcisca, Natasha, Ronnie, Gordo and Guero... 

And I wants Mom to Call KAKE on Your Side too...but we dont wants dat motel owner to make trouble fur Silvia...

They need 150.00 by Tuesday again... Silvia has applied for work and did get to some housecleaning at an apartment complex, but they can't pay her until the end of November.

As you can tells by what the Mom said, we dont even has moneys to gets a new flashy box!
So we ams helping Silvia by starting a fund me campaign. 

Here am the link to You Caring.  We hopes to get enufs money fur rents fur several weeks so any money Silvia gets can be used tor feed herself and her kitties until Chrismas.

You Caring is now using We Pay, which am goods.

Howsomever, if you has a paypal account, please donate to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com...  

Or let the Mom know if you wants to just mail some greenies and mom will email you what to put on the check... Silvia doesn't have a bank account.

Remember Winnie's Wish Auction!

Daddy Frank is still getting betturs too! He gotted out of ICU and am in a ward now.. and up and walking some. He still has to eats through tube so no chickens for Daddy yet.  If you would likes an update on how Frank am doing, please sends us an email... to yahoo dot com


  1. We are sure glad Daddy Frank is doing some better, that's good news. Hey, if you hunt around when you set up a You Caring event you can select to use PayPal as the payment method. More people will use that option, or so we've found. Check your email.

  2. We sure hope Sylvia finds some more work soon. And we are glad that Daddy Frank is doing better. We're sending purrs and prayers for both.

  3. Hope you guys got your chickens!
    Oh my goodness, I hope Sylvia gets a good job soon. What a mean hotel man to do that to her!
    Glad Daddy Frank is better!

  4. Sendin' lots of purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. Hope you all get your chick-hen. Mom sent some green papers for Sylvia and her kitties. Hope it helps. Thanks so much for joining our blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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