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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wordsy Wednesday Purrz Needed Veterans Day

Got lots to talk about... 

URGENT NEWS: One of my rescued kitties, Angel needs a new environment asap - she has "allergic bronchitis" - Had to take her to vet on Saturday due to raspy breathing.
She is on prednisolone for next two weeks and must have change in environment to get better.

Possibly reaction from the ceiling tile (big cellulose tiles supposed to be in offices with high ceilings). Or to a chemical smell coming from the shower drain in back bathroom that needs remodeled due to no ventilation.


The room she stays in is connected to that bathroom.

I have a small two bedroom bungalow.  Two other rescued cats stay in the front bedroom. They do not get along so there is no place for Angel. There is no room at the other homes where my rescued babies are staying.... I will take her anywhere to find her a new home.

Hubby Frank is getting better and out of ICU
Last week on Nov 2, Frank had to have emergency in his throat to remove blood swelling. After surgery, he was on ventilator and had tracheotomy so he could eat and breath.  He was in ICU for over a week... I was able to locate to churches in Harrow and the pastors visited him Saturday.  They took him off the ventilator Sunday and he left ICU.  He is doing much better, but he is frustrated by all the tubes and such.  Spoke to him today... hard to talk with the tracheal tube. He listened to family news and told me "Love You." Please keep him in your prayers.

Our Friend Silvia - still needs rent for next week.
Silvia Espinosa is trying to get a housecleaning job at an apartment complex. She had a good interview this week.... next week, she will clean an apartment and be evaluated on how she does.  Yet the apartment complex really wants a live-in maid, but reluctant to give Silvia an apartment because she has five cats.  I am going to call the apartment manager and give them my recommendation - because her motel room is clean! And you can't tell there are any cats unless you see them!  She will need help with rent again next week at least.... 150.00.
The man that harassed Silvia is now in jail!!!  Hallelujah! Any small amount of donation will help and go toward her rent.

Please send donation to laugh_safely at using paypal and your friends and family option.... Thanks and God Bless you from Silvia, Ronnie, Narcisca, Natasha, Gordo and Guero.

You can email me anytime laugh_safely at and I will send you a number to text me.
Remember Winnie's Wish Auction!

Please keep us in your purrz and we will send your ourz...
Purrz and Prayers to all the kitties and their mommies and daddies today on Veteran's Day.
-Katie Kat


  1. Happy Veterans day to all of you. We are so sorry about Angel. I sure hope you can find her a nice home. Have a good day.

  2. So much going on. I'm glad hubby is doing some better, that's something good.

  3. Weez sendin' purrayers fur all. Now dat bad man is in jail, can she not work at da motel again? Weez all fur her gettin' a new place and all, but at least da motel wuld be sumfin'. Hope it all goes well.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Hiya Dexi and Lexi... I need to talk to Silvia and see if the motel owner will let her do some housekeeping now... Conditions of the room are not that good however... they had to replace the wall in the bathroom and replace the sink last week due to mold. At least this motel doesn't have yucky bugs which will not be mentioned here... mol. Purrz from the Katie Katz.

    2. Mommy lived in a motel once too and she sez they not be all dat gweat, but at least it's a roof. And at lleast they be willin' to fix what be wrong. We hope she duz get da new job and pawrtment, but in da meantime ifin she kuld do a little work it might help wiff da green papers. Back afur everypawdy had to have state cards, mommy used to bar tend or waitress in times when she needed money fast. She even donated bloods. In da bigger cities sumtimes da car lots have events oon da weekend where they give away hot dogs to peeps who come and look. Dat's how mommy used to get foods to eat. Weez not have anyfin' like dat here, but maybe y'all do. Anyways, wee sendin' purrayers and hope all turns out okay.

      Luv ya'

      Dezi and Lexi

    3. Silvia told me yesterday that the motel owner refused to give her back her job... he now has a couple cleaning for him and they get rent for free... which he never offered to Silvia. Will be posting tonight about how we can help her not lose her room... Purrz, Katie Kat.

  4. There is a lot going on in your corner of the world! I will definitely be purring and praying for you and yours. Happy Veterans day!

  5. We adore butt kitty!
    Happy Thursday...

    Noodle and crew

  6. Hello! Thanks for having visited my blog. I am happy to discover yours and I will follow you. Have a nice week-end!

  7. Thank you for stopping by our blog tonight and we think you photos are just lovely! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang


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