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Friday, November 20, 2015

Purrz and Purrz Fur Silvia Please

Our Mom, Silvia Espinosa am in a lot of pain - had to go to doctor today. 

She had a biopsy done to check for cancer last week...Her am in a lot of pain - had to be "stitched" and on antibiotics- for anyone, especially cat moms who understand the pain of cervical biopsies - please share and help... 

She did get a home to clean for next week... don't know when or how much.... still need to pay for next weeks rent on Tuesday.

If you Gots a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or sumthing
Auntie Katie haz saids there am sum good hashtags fur sharing
likes #homelesscats #homeless #youcaring #biopsy to helps more people
know about us...  any hashtag suggestions are really welcom.

Ifns you would likes more photos of us, I will ask Mom and see if she has any.
cause Aunty Katie's flashy box not working right now... Aunty Katie am feeling sicks too... 

Thank you all for helping us not be homeless... Please helps us haz a furry Happy Fanks Giving 

we wouldn't know what to do withouts our Mom.

Purrz Frum Ronnie and
alla Silvia's Katz, Narcisca, Natasha, Gordo and Guero.

 P.S. from Aunty Katie - Finally got the porch steps finished. All painted... Whooo.  Now just have to move them back... Still having some furnace sporadic problems with gas not going through the valve consistently.  Off for now unless I'm home. But kitties there have beds and blankies.  Not too cold yet.  Right now typing at Uncle Mikes. No PC at my house...
Purrz, Katie Kat.



  1. Purrs to Silvia from all of us. We will go share again.

  2. Don't know how you do everything, Katie. Feel better. And Silvia too. Hope you can get the furnace fixed really soon!!!!

  3. The best of wishes for Silvia from us. Have you contacted the Cat Blogosphere site ( They put all the news from blogosphere there. Sometimes they make people aware of the need to help others financially. It's worth a try.


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