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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some Selfie Updates and Guero Needs Purrs

Hiya Folks, Pearl here... with my Selfies getting compared to the Baking Soda box again! 
I am growing lots - mostly longly - I iz a long waisted girl. I'm doing some betters - But still gots the sneezes. 
 And my poohs are purrty goods. Just had my last worm pill yesfurday... And I sometimes know what a litter box am.

I'm just confused. Katie Mom thinks it am my stuffed up nose. Dis here house that Katie Mom gots am all dusty with somthin called basement. Which means that Katie am looking hards fur me another place to go! And Katie's asthma getting worse and her coughing too. Dats Basement needs sealing...
I don't know what that means - cept Katie, me and da other kitties at her house gotta finds another place til dats basement gets done! 

So please keeps me in your purrz dats I can find another foster Mommy this week or my forever Mommy... I gotz to gets over this nasal stuffs!  - Thanks fur all your purrz,
-Lil Pearl who am getting lots bigger, but confused about litter boxes.

Hiya Folks, Katie Kitty Too Here
Haz you ever seens a Bunny Rabbit in a Victorian dress??? Well ... Katie Mom found a print dats pretty likes dat. Her don't know who artist am. Weze gonna gives dis here drawing to the next pawson who donates to helps us kitties... the frame and all am 8 x 10.


Speaking of pawtraits... Katie Mom am getting dats Puppy ready to mail! Just gotta go gets a photo mailer to keeps it stiff during shipping... 


Da kitty that Silvia was feeding is safe and with a foster in Leon, Kansas! Katie Mom drove Black Kitty (not his name) to Augusta Kansas and the foster picked him up from there. Him gotted a vet checkup and all negative for FLV and FIV. Turned out he didn't have a wound on his face, just a bad rash from fleas. Mom say him am furry nice and getting along with other kitties. The foster lady tooks some photos but dey all looks funny... - cause him so long waisted! 

Maxwell Tigger's rash am getting betters!! Hooray! Now him can gets his Revolution fur dem mean ol fleas.

Well Uncle Mikes Car not gotted fixed! Them auto doctors couldn't find parts fur dat... and so insurance supposed to gives Mikes greenies and da car...Mike say he looks fur part himself den. Well we wents to picks up car and not put back together!!!!

What??? Now gotta waits to pick up car next week..and Mike has to pay for dem to puts it back together and fix the bumper frame?? Dats furry weird. Progressive peeples not tells the auto doctors dat Mike needs him car back together. They almost tooks title to car! Mike already tolds onda phone no he keeping dat how Mom gonna has sumpin to drive? then he go into office and they took the title... Mike say gimme dat!  Me think thats a lot folks needs the slappy award.  Well we trying to finds some catnips to come from all dis stuffs - but Uncle Mike not likes catnip... we lets you knows.

Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia applied to a research call center last week... they gonna be hiring 300 peeples to talk onda phone and ask folks questions.  It part time stuffs so thats goods fur Mom... and they gonna needs bilingual Spanish callers too.  Silvia applied for a housekeeping job yesfurday also. Please purr fur dats job pawsibilities.  But right now no rent fur Tuesday.

Well the next thing needs a lot of purrs... 
Even though Silvia cleaned and cleaned the room, Guero was found string and accidentally gotted stuck in his teeth and throat while everypawdy was sleeping. Silvia tooks him to vets yesfurday morning and the vet gotted the string out and gave him a shot fur inflamation. Yet after they gotted back home, Guero kept feeling likes dat string was still stuck in hims teeth and hims throat all itchy. He started gagging from the itchies and been throwing up yesferday. Silvia tried yogurt and pumpkin and Shannon Coons of us Three Coons hads a home remedy and she tried that too. Guero am eating a little this morning. Please purr dats hims tummy calms down today. Otherwise it back to the vets Monday and No more funds left to cover another check up and meds fur a tummy calmer (or an xray if there am more string in hims tummy.)

Katie Say dehrs more to talks bout... but weze tireds... time fur a morning nap and prayers fur stuffs and miracles to happen... likes having moneys fur a different smart phone that blogger will let us blog on so we can updates sooner!!!

- Katie Kitty Too.
Jr. Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz.


  1. Great selfies! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Purrs to you sweet Pearl, we hope you get a super foster sweetie. Purrs to Guero from all of us too.

  3. OMC...that is a whole lot of news. We'll be purring for everybody, especially the the call center jobs come through. Perl, you are a real cutie pie. We'll be purring and praying that a new home is right around the corner. We are always praying for Guero and won't stop. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Gosh that is a lot of news,keeping all the prayers coming your way,xx Speedy

  5. Hi guys those are wonderful selfies, and Sweet Pearl, surely it can't be long before you find you're new home and settle that little cold.... Prayers to you all cats and peeps alike. ERin

  6. Wonderful selfies ! We hope you get a great foster mom, Pearl. Purrs

  7. We send Healing Pawkisses and purrayers for good luck to find a lovely foster home soon, sweetie. <3 <3 <3

  8. Thanks for the great wrap up!
    Wonderful selfies too.
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  9. There always seems to be a lot of news around there. We hope the car is back together and something good is happening for all of you.

  10. Good luck with the foster home little one!

  11. Great selfies and many, many, many healing purrs fur Guero <3


    Basil & CO xox


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