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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Bear Loves Boxes And Good Mewz Fur Purrz Plz

Hiya folks, Benjamin Lil Bear here today fur Arts and Updates.
We didn't blogs this week yet cause us cats were doing boring stuffs like eating and sleeping... well except me. I found a furry interesting box to fit into and gets calm in... den I gotted out and wanted loves. 

The Mom am thankful thats sumkitty used Dream Scope fur their arts recently cause Mom forgotted how to find them bootiful art filters!

Mom helped me make bootiful arts... Here am one with curlies in it... I look artsy yes?
Mom likes this one with all the pretty blues... Being a black kitty, all dats blue shows my handsomeness.

Which one you likes bestest?

Oh and please sends chickens with your comments. The magic box (Fridge) gots not-chicken today. Please tell Mom you am sending socks. Me learned dats from another kitty blogger... mol. Me forgotted who... does you know?

Up next am updates fur purrz and prayers and stuffs...

-Benjamin Lil Bear.

Swirly Kitty
This sweet kitty is coming to Silvia's motel at night, wanting to eat. We are hoping to find a rescue to take him. He looks and acts so much like my sweet Doobie.

Gordo is doing better finally, please keep him in your purrs about his urinary stress.   

We have some good news fur Silvia and news for prayer too.  Silvia will be getting computer testing at a much better staffing agency then the one who has been sending her to do collating for pennies an hour.

Also, Silvia has a very important doctor's appointment at Guadalupe Clinic in two weeks. This will be her first appointment there and she can't afford to miss it. Will be for a well woman check up, high blood pressure checkup and getting her medications and for chronic sinus infection. I use Guadalupe and they are one of the best charity clinics - in Wichita. Hard to get in as a new patient. If she misses this appointment, they may not give her another one. Until we can find a better place to live, very important that she has help to pay her motel rent for the next two weeks - 300.00.  
Ronnie and Silvia

Please pray and consider sending even a small amount.  Just like Marjorie commented from Dash Kitten, many people would have given up by now, but Silvia keeps trying. I have faith that something good is about to happen furry soon.  


 Love and Purrz,
Katie and the Katz.


  1. Blue-de-ful! Lovin' yer artwork. Both! Probably like best the more colorful one but youze guys did a great job! Dream on...

  2. What totally fabulous foto's, we loved them all!


    Basil & Co xox

  3. Beautiful art. Really love the blue too!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. We like both of your amazing artwork boxes. The first looks like an Autumn box, that we like most because of its colours, and the second looks like a freezer...MOL...I mean Winter box, its Cool :)
    We purray for all the kitties and send Healing Pawkisses for a wonderful day <3 <3 <3


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