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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Turtle Crossing and Purrs fur Today.

Me am waiting fur the turtles to go by so The Mom can finish painting the porch...I can enjoy a nice day.  Right now all the scrapping am done and then Mom and Uncle Mike put on the primer.

Me loves the Porch cause I gets fresh air and watch birdies.  Ellie May and Molly loves porch too - although I don't likes them - they chase me.
(mom note: Angel and Molly plus Daughter Ellie May take turns being outside their rooms, because they fight...Right now, Molly and Ellie May are hanging out. Angel's turn is this afternoon.)

We gets to check out the porch fur a little bit but them turtles sure am taking a long time to gets out of the way so Mom and Uncle Mike can finish.  Something about Turtles has the greenie papers that am needed to buy the primer.  The paint am been bought and it am a pretty blue. 

The Mom hads a friend helping paint and he puts dat color on the edge. Furry nice.

Well me tells you dats Mom and Auntie Silvia need purrs today. They are both going to clinic. Auntie Silvia am having a well woman check and Mom am gotted hurties in her kidneys and bladder. Her needs antibiographies... hmm. that's not right... Aunty Biotics wants to helps Mom and she has to ask the human doctor where Aunty Biotics lives. I'm confused, but that's okay. I  just want the turtles to go home so I can enjoy my porch.

Please purr fur Gordo too, him still not feeling well and Aunty Silvia needs to pay motel owner for helping him go to Vets... He am looking too thin and Mom and Silvia am worried what am wrong... <3

Purrz, Angel the Fetch Kitty

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  1. I hope that all of your painting goes well! It can take a while for that kind of turtle to finish crossing. Sending purrs for your Mom, Auntie Silva, and Gordo. I hope they are all feeling better soon!

  2. Dang, purrs all around from all of us here.

  3. Nice post!!! Keep enjoying your Porch. Be patient with those turtles.....I really liked your picture, so handsome!!!!!

  4. I hope your Mom feels better and i am praying for Gordo.


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