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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Urgent Prayers For Gordo, Pearls Spay Date and Bibi

Correction to Update Monday October 24 - Blood panel on Friday did include thyroid. Received paperwork Monday and results of thyroid showed borderline of high. Should be between .8 - 4.0. Results when taken were 3.8 right on the border of too high. See Wed Oct 26th post) /// 
UPDATE Saturday Oct 22 - Silvia's vet tested Gordo for anemia (white/red blood cells), liver and overall function. Will have paperwork Monday. Thyroid and Pancreas not done yet. Stopped by motel and checked Gordo myself to see how he is doing. He has lost weight, yet he is alert and his eyes are bright. He is getting some nutrition and liquid to stay down. His skin is way too loose. He should weigh more. Silvia's vet was rude saying that she worries too much probably just the flu - Gordo does not have the flu! I am going to see if I can get him in to see my vet by Monday. (Motel owner is letting Silvia do some room cleaning at 10 dollars a day to pay off old vet bill of 175.00). -Katie Kat. 
Gordo has gone from this gorgeous boy with gold eyes to skinny as a rail... Something badly wrong. Silvia took him to vet yesterday for blood tests (Checking liver, thyroid, kidneys, pancreas. Thank goodness there was credit in her account) - but lab results were sent out and not done in house. No results yet and her vet closes early. Her vet did not give him anything to help his fluid intake yesterday and he is hardly keeping anything down. My vet is open until four today. I hope we can get him in for fluids while waiting for results. I have some Care Credit to cover at my vets (Hers doesn't take Care Credit) Up to Silvia and she is worried about rent for next week. Still trying to get money to pay back motel owner for previous vet bills. She is going out to sell a camera that she got from someone who owed her money to pay for rent next week. (She applied to work for election board and will apply for work cleaning RVs which she has done before) Gordo is eating a little and drinking, but throwing up after thirty minutes.  I don't understand why her vet only did tests and nothing to help keep his organs functioning.  I am very scared...  

Art tribute to Gordo from May 14, 2016

Other things happening will update later too:  Pearl's spay is scheduled for Tuesday.

Nana's cat Bibi still needs to have a checkup to find out why she keeps messing with her ears and her mouth seems to be bothering her.
Possibly a tooth. Been trying to get Bibi in to see a vet, she is 15 years old and loves to hide right at the last minute. Had given our vet a heads up about trying to get her in today, but may have to bring in Gordo instead.

-Purrz and Prayers for Gordo, Pearl and Bibi
Katie Kat The Mom Lady,
Katiez Furry Mewz.


  1. We are sending lots and lots of healing purrs and purrayers.

  2. Purrs for dear Gordo from all of us, non-stop!

  3. Awww...that's so sad...poor Gordo :( Healing Pawkisses and purrayers are on the way. Hang in there my furriend <3 <3 <3

  4. Poor Gordo, I am praying for him. Did you say $10 a day for pay- isn't that minimum per hour?

  5. Poor Gordo We are sending healing purrs and vibes.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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