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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thankful Fur Rescued Kitties and Purrz Please

Hiya.... Katie Kitty Too Here with Thankful Thursday stuffs

We are furry thankful today for purrific things like rescue kitties finding furever homes.  Last Sunday was National Feral Cat Day and Katie Mom tries to helps kitties in needs alla times.

Little Danny was at Auntie Silvia's motel running around in the parking lot... him gotted captured back in August... He gotted to stay at a foster home while him growed.  Now him gotted furry big and a mew Mommy. 


Him loves his mew mommy. Just looks at that smile...

Danny's older brother Swirly still at the motel parking lot and needs to be rescued, along with Racoon and half sibling Siamese kitten. They come eat together, but been noisy at motel and they not coming... Katie gotted a trap fur Siamese baby. Swirly and Raccoon can be picked up and put in carriers... Auntie Silvia and Mom have found someone to take them. Please pray they are captured furry soon.

More things to be thankful fur - Katie Mom and Auntie Silvie gotted doctor stuffs yesterday. if you would likes more info fur purrz and thanks, please writes laugh_safely at yahoo dots com cause dats purrsonal mol...

YET WE HAS PURRZ NEEDED ASAP -- Gordo and Guero had to go to vets and ER lately and Auntie Silvia had to
Guero feeling betters thank you fur purrz...
borrow from Motel owner 175.00 - so far we only gotted 50.00 to pay hims back. Silvia will be able to pay rent
next week and her phone this week by selling camera, but motel owner wants 125.00 owed or won't take rent money....
Gordo still needs purrz plz

Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia am going to apply to work election voting cause they am going to pay workers really goods... please pray they get picked to works cause they need bilingual workers. Mom speaks Spanish too.

Well Mr. linky am down so fur  now... we just post that there am supposed to be a blog hopping bunny around here sum wheres mol!!

Here am the link to Thankul Thursday at Pepsi Smart Dog

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Jr Repurrter,
Katiez Furry Mewz


  1. Hooray for Danny! We hope the others can be gotted soon. Purrs to you all from all of us.

  2. I hope you can catch these poor ferals. I will pray for Gordo and Guero.

  3. We hope everything works out for Silvia and for your mom.


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