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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Silvias Kitties Selfies After Supper

UPDATE: Please Pray for Silvia and Gordo. He is still having bladder issues. He tried to go last night and threw up from straining. He gagged and got himself choked. Silvia had to take him to the ER and borrowed more money from motel owner. She now owes him 180 from taking Gordo to the vets. Silvia has her doctors appointment tomorrow -please keep her in prayer. The clinic she is going to is wonderful and hard to get in. Pray that all goes well and we make it there.  She is still applying for permanent work. Looking into applying to work election day, which can help pay for one week's rent. Purrz from Katie Kat.

Last night, Silvia's kitties had Sheba Roasted Chicken and Liver for Supper - the new perfect portion size...  (and no we nots gets dats fur free)  Here am our after yummy good night selfies...

After his yummies, Gordo says Good nite.   
Mama on Left, Ronnie on Right

Mama Narcisca and Ronnie after theirs. Goodnite. 

Natasha finished hers.

 Dont mess with me. G'nite.

Guero gets a scritchin' before sacking out...

He would rather be in cool spot... Good night.

  =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= 

Silvia is applying to work at a local Flea Market... Please pray for more job opportuinites. Her Doctor's visit is this Wednesday for well woman check at Guadalupe Clinic. Thank you all so much for helping her stay at the motel and keep her appointment. 


Molly, Siamese Kitten's Mama
There is a Siamese Kitten coming to eat at Silvia's Motel - Please pray we can borrow a trap get this baby out of here... Her Mama is hard to catch, but needs trapped as well. Keep saving her kids and can't get her.

Also Swirly, a really sweet abandoned kitty that comes to the motel needs a forever home. Please pray for him, he keeps coming across a busy street and his eyes were runny earlier this week. I need to find someone to take him in. I have no room...


Katie and the Katz

  (Please purr fur mom, her am maybe gots UTI - and slept all morning so weze doing bloggin in afternoons today....
-Katie Kitty Too, Sr. KFM Repurrter)


  1. Oh my these little dears do need some help, I hope it comes sooner rather than late. I love the selfies this week, which makes me feel so so tired myslef. You all have a great week... purrs ERin

  2. We wish they get some help very soon. Nice selfies ! Purrs

  3. Great selfies this week and we're praying fur all the kitties and fur good things to happen!


    Basil & Co xox

  4. The Perfect Portions are Mudpie's favorites too! Purrs for those precious babies...

  5. We hope and pray Silvia gets steady work soon and the kitties sure are relaxed. We hope those feral sweeties get help soon, we can so relate to not catching an elusive Mom kitty.

  6. I hope so much that Silvia gets that job and I am grateful for all the babies who are getting help.

  7. We are hoping for good news and to be told that Silvia has found some work.

  8. Such a lot going on over your way. We hope your mom is okay and everything works out for all.

  9. I wish I was rich I would give lots of money to Sylvia. I know she deserves to do well she is NOT giving up and Not stopping trying. She has my admiration.


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