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Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Scoop On Ronnie scared Mom yesterday

Hiya, this am Ronnie with my Sunnyday Selfies. I lives with Silvia. I am a furry sweet boy, but I don't think before doing stuffs, I just do stuffs, especially if it smell goods, like food wrappers. Or if I cans runs outsides and find stuffs to chew on likes twigs and bugs. Well I gave efurry buddies a big scare yesterday. 

While Mom was gone to the laundries around the corner, I gotted into mischief. I ates the wrapper from a subway sandwich and nobody knew dat. Then Mom's friend wasn't looking when him opened the door to motel room and I ranned outside while he puts water and antifreeze in Mom's car. Him didn't pay no attention and spilled watery stuff on the ground too.

I gotted confused and ran under the car. Mom came home and saw me standing in water puddle and licking my paw and then spit out the yucky water. oh was her scared. She gots me out from under the car, ran into the motel room and cleaned my paws.  I been throwing ups and acting dizzy. Mom tooks me to ER, but they wouldn't do nothing fur me - too much money.

Mom came home and fussed over me, and I just wanted to sleep... Auntie Katie came over and we wents back to ER, they tooks my vitals and they was fines and vet heard how I licked my paw and spit out the yucky stuffs and mom cleaned me ups real fast. Vet lady said I not has symptoms for Antifreeze poisoning, but didn't know why I wasn't eating. I acted as normal as I coulds cause wanted to go home. The Vet was nice and didn't charge, just said looks for more symptoms what I might have gotten into.

When Mom tooks me home, I threw up again and wanted to sleeps. My temp was 104. Mom found a chewed up hole in bread bag on shelf and thought I eaten plastic with bread, hoped I would throw up the plastic or just pass through. 

Auntie Katie and Mom decided if I didn't feel likes eating by morning, back to the ER I go... geez... can't you guyz just let a boy sleep off his funs???  But Mom didn't know what I had eaten... Well her gots tired and slept awhile and me did too. 

In the middle of night I got the hungries and woke Mom ups to eats! Oh Mom was so happy!  Her found Subway Sandwich wrapper I chewed up. Dat wasn't mom's - her puts wrappers in trash cause her knows me chew stuffs up... a human who shall remain nameless cause Auntie Katie and Mom am really mads at him - yelling at Mom and being mean to us kitties lately. We hides under bed when him yells.

Mom may takes me to Doctor Vet tomorrow to make sure i iz okay... Thanks fur all your purrs and loves for us kitties and Mom Silvia.

-Purrz from Ronnie the paper eater...

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  1. Hey, Ronnie - so sorry you ate the paper - hope your followup vet visit gives you a clean bill of health. I hope you don't feel badly. I know the throwing up is your body's way of getting rid of that stuff you licked off under the car - I am praying for you.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some fun posts and archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

  2. You need to behave yourself silly Ronnie, you are worrying the ones who love you so much.

  3. I am glad you feel better. We hope the mean man that likes to yell goes to -ell.

  4. That's so scary, Ronnie. We are glad tiy are feeling a bit better.

  5. Thank goodness you are feeling better Ronnie and please don't do that paper eating again.

  6. Oh my word, that is a very serious couple of incidents, your peep must have been terrified you had poisoned yourself. Please take special care, as some peeps really don't care for us and are very careless. Keep well little lad. purrs ERin

  7. That is so scary but we're very glad you're doing better. We hope that mean man doesn't come back.

  8. The Human had a friend whose big doggy eated a whole pumpkin pie AND the pink bakery box it came in, MOL! I say: Yuck! I hope you feel better and better!

  9. This is all so frightening. We are praying that it is over and that you are OK

  10. Oh heck, you do get into trouble. We hope you are OK now and that Sylvia will get that job she needs. She is an honourable and hoest lady she needs JUSTICE - A JOB!

  11. OMC Ronnie, that must have been horrible. Poor boy! Sending lots of Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers your way and hope you feel better soon <3 <3 <3

  12. Oh, Ronnie, you must try to be a better boy. It sounds like a certain person set you up to be naughty and get in trouble, but your mommy doesn't need any more stress or expense. Thanks for hopping. We will keep you in our prayers. XOCK Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Ronnie, you need to be a good boy, I am glad you were OK.


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