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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wordy Wednesday Kitties and Vets

Hiya evfurryone... Molly Here - Me don't tell the mewz much. I am a furry smart, quiet kitty. I sat down to see if I could help Katie Mom find her thinking cap cause it fells off lately. We founded it though. we thinks... mol

Got lots of kitty mewz so the Mom am figurin out who to talks about furrst... we talks about Gordo cause there was some confusion about hims bloodworks done last Friday and so Katie Mom thought him needed another
doctor visit. Turned out that him didn't need one cause almost all the tests were done on Friday, save for pancreas and diabetes. We gonna puts a correction on Saturday's and Sunday's posts and date the correction.  Da confusion happened cause Katie and Silvia didn't gets the paperworks until Monday and they were told on Saturday "everything was fine," and not what does that mean?

We still don't know whats bloodworks means cause sent to a human lab that didn't point out what is on low sides and what am on high sides that even if they are in "acceptable ranges" they might indicate something by being close to the border. Gordo's thyroid am right on the HIGH BORDER - exactly the opposite what Katie thought it would be. Right on top of it. So Katie am doing the research herself cause Silvia's vet not telling us nuffin. Her might take the panel to our vets just to see what him says about results.

Now Mama Narcisca had anal glands plugged. Her went to vet on Monday and gots all that yucky stuffs pushed out. A nice lady paid fur her visit. Her gots a shot to helps with pain and a pill to helps with appetite. When her went home with Silvia, her hads a good time in litter box, but her fell down trying to go. Mama am a small kitty.  Her am doing some better, but running a mild fever at night. When Nana's cat Bibi had anal gland plugged, her gotted antibiotic shot, so don't know. Both Mama and Gordo are still having tummy troubles and up comes their foods. 

Katie wants to try a corn free food, very easy fix if kitties have developed tummies not likes corn no more, especially if Gordo may has IBS, yet Silvia's doc says don't change food, just get shot to calm stomach (instead of trying elimination diet to find whats bothering stomach?)...  Howsomever Silvia wants to try new bag of Purina Naturals see if something in old bag was problem  --- Silvia really wants to stick to Purina. (Maybe try Purina Beyond grain free. Yet that high Thyroid with Gordo is something that should be checked again to see if it goes outside of range.)

Now fur some loverly mewz. Pearl spent the night with us (Molly was in her bedroom though and Pearl was in bathroom) Monday and then went into to haz her spay yesfurday. Her am doing all goods afterwards so far. Pearl am recovering furry nicely...  Here am cutie pics when her gotted back to the fosters.  

Please purrz dats we gets Bibi to vet today.  We haz found where Nana's cat Bibi am bin hiding, and now we can hopefully catch her to gets to vet today. Could be a toothache. Her am not been sleeping much lately and her sits by the walkway on the couch arm and tells folks off all day, not like her. Bibi's head has been feeling hot. Her am 15 years old, so vital to gets her into vets. Her new appointment is at 3:30 today. 

Purzz from Molly,
A Foster kitty looking for home
with her special needs daughter kitty.
Katiez Furry Mewz 

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  1. My kitties and I are purring and praying for all of you! I hope that someone explains those blood test results to you clearly. Hopefully, all of you will be feeling well soon.

  2. Sending purrs and hugs to you kitties. Hope it all works out for you.

    Athena and Marie xx

  3. Glad to hear Pearl's doin' good. Those spays are fur sure no fun. And we think Bibi should be da purriority fur sure. We just hate to see you kitties bein' taken advantage of fur so long. Dat expressin' is somethin' dat doesn't require a VET. Mommy had to do it long ago with a doggy and a kitty. It's a chronic purroblem fur small doggies. Anyways, we're sendin' purrayers. We do hope Pearl gets a pawsum furever soon.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Purrs to Bibi from all of us. I'm sure glad the adorable Pearl did good!

  5. I hope Bibi will be OK. I am prying for all of you.

  6. Frodo Amarula and Zulu are all sending out lots of love to Bibi!Q!


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