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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mama Narcisca and Brrr Cold Day

UPDATE: The Mom and Silvia am going to set trap for Kitty tonight. Her name am Chiquita. There am friend with TNR slots at Kansas Humane Society in morning. Please keeps Chiquita in your purrz that she will go in trap to eat...

Journey to inside world am scary, but so much better for this little girl getting picked on by very large outdoor boy. She is only 6-7 months old. Will need 62.00 help to fund her spay and shots: 40.00 for the spay and 7.00 for each three shots (rabies, FVRCP, Luekemia) and 1.00 for earmites. If you can donate any to her rescue, please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. SHE STILL NEEDS A FOREVER HOME - even in a garage. She still follows her Mama around but will let Silvia touch her face. Please share... - Katie Kitty Too

Furry Cooolllld today... 18∘ Fahrenheit !!!
Please watch fur mew changes in how our  bloggies looks, thanks to the Mom at Four Legged Furballs.  Dats parts of our Mew Year
Stuffoms... likes resolutions and stuffs.

And just to lets you know...
Weze talks more about our Resolutions
tomorrows or dis weekend, like how one of  our Mew Year Resolutions am to becomes a real not for profit  ministry/organization - at least gets a bank account as DBA (Doing Business As) under LifeGate Enterprises Of Kansas -  while we waits to gets paperworks and funds to become 501c3

Auntie Silvia and Katie Mom tooks Narscica Mama to the vet yesterday afternoon cause her was constipurrted and had a mild UTI. 

 Her am doing betters today and had a really goods poo in the box...

Remember this kitty we been talking about?

Well we still don't have a home fur her, but her has to get spayed asap. There am a big mean boy kitty bothering her and her too young.  We need about 70.00 to helps her... get spayed and get all her shots.  Can you paypal to saves this kitty to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com?

The Mom am going to try and trap her tomorrow or Friday night and get her into KHS on Saturday. We has to be early to be one of five on Saturday to gets her in. With no home, the Mom am going to haz to keeps her in a kennel cage after her spay til we finds dats home.

We gonna talks more tomorrow. Silvia and her kitties needs all the purrz and purrtection right nows that you can send...and we don't minds letting our followers know more privately.
Please sends email so we can tells you mores. (laugh_safely at yahoo dot com)  We loves Silvia and her Babies and can let you know what you can do to helps them.

Thank you fur your purrz,
Katie Ann Kitty Too
Jr. CEO (Certified Eccentric and Ornery
Katiez Furry Mewz &
LifeGate Enterprises of Kansas


  1. Purrs to those sweeties and we hope the trapping is successful.

  2. Good luck with your trapping! Hope you have a good new year!

  3. Good luck with your trapping! Hope you have a good new year!

  4. the photos you have here are so incredibly cute! I especially love the one of Narscica!
    I am praying that Chiquita goes into the trap to eat.

    Blessings to you for the work you do to help homeless kitties! (formerly Homeless Cat Care)

    Would love for you to visit and comment!

  5. I hope that Chiquita decides to come inside! That would be pawsome. I hope that your meeting for becoming a non-profit goes well too. You do a lot of great work for kitties. :)

  6. We are hoping the cats that need attention with be trapped. We are sending purrs and wish for everything to go well.


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