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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Since Everyone Else Am Asleep

...And I am trying to gets that lady's attention!!!
Why you not put me in your lap again?? I am lonely!! I don't care that it am 4:31 in the morning and that I am not suppose to be running all over the place panicking a bouts the scary inside worlds... and pawsibly stressing my owie..(from spay)...

I needs attention... please?? Come loves me and takes me outta da big kennel and helps me not be scareds?

Little Girl... aka Chiquita.

(Mom will talks later abouts whats I don't know.... her might even blog tomorrow cause I might needs my owie checked.

 ...and her might talks about catching my Mom and how all these linkies to other humans are in alphabetical order now... Alpha Kitty Blogging List .

 Her couldn't sleep from all the ploppity plop of icy rain... and abouts our mew banner with art
frum Fur Legged Fur Balls Mommy

...and what am a clogged sewer pipe? What am the yucky smell coming from the basement and what am RotoRooter and why are they coming to scare me today? 

Besides I'm hungry!) 

If you are on Facebook, please check out The Purple Kattery Auction Blog - more fun stuffs am being added evfurry day all to helps kitties in needs like me! -Chiquita


  1. Oh, we're so sorry to hear you have an owwie. Your mom totally needs to get up and snuggled with you. PS: thanks for visiting us. We always enjoy meeting new furrriends.

    1. Yes we is likes mew friends cause we hasn't stopped by in like a gazillion months!!!
      Chiquita was spayed almost two weeks ago - but her owie is swollen underneath the skin. The mom wants to haz the Cat Hospital Doctor look at dat...
      -Katie Kitty Too.

  2. Nice selfie, I hope you get batter soon and your Mommy gets captured.

  3. We hope your owwie heals quickly and is okay Chiquita. I don't know how anyone could tell you no with those eyes staring at them :)

  4. Oh those owes are a problem but I'm sure your mom will help put them right very soon and cuddle you very close so you don't get scared any more. purrs ERin

  5. You sure are pretty and we hope that owie is all non-owie super soon.

  6. Cuddles with Mummy always make owies feel better,xx Speedy

  7. We sure hope your owie heals real soon, Chiquita. Cuddling with Mommy always helps us feel better...

    Purrs and prayers coming your way.

  8. I hope your owie feels better soon. And what a beautiful selfie.

  9. Chiquita, you're very pretty. I sure hope the vet is able to look at the owie and help with that.

    I recognize the art in your new banner. It is so sweet!

    1. Annie what am your bloggie? The mom am having trubble connecting your to your bloggie.
      Purrz, Katie Kitty Too

  10. We KNEW your blog looked different! The Banner is simply gorgeous and thank you to Fur Balls Mom for doing such great work!

    Happy Sunday Selfie.

  11. Awwww we hope your owie gets better soon and we're loving your new banner, it looks PAWESOME!!!

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

    P.S. it mew would like a turn with The Time Travelling Bobble Hat, do let us know and we'll add mew to the list!

  12. To Katie, fanks yoo so muches for visiting and volunteering to stay for the cleanup. If you do...we will all get together in a pile and nap!

  13. You're very purretty. Glad things are goin' better fur ya'. We're sure your ouchie is fine. Me was a bundle of energy after mes spa day and Raena was jumpin' all over da place after hers. She even got a huge knot under her incisions. But she and me healed purrfectly. So long as da area not be gushin' blood or red and puffy, it's okay. We're sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  14. Chiquita, you are just too precious. We continue to keep you, Molly, and each and every one of you in our purrs and prayers!

    (P.S. We love how you turned the drawings into your banner. And, those drawings will be on their way to you very soon. The human here got them all packaged up but then sort of forgot the last part, the actually sending them part.)

    (P.P.S. We would love to buy some things from the auction on Facebook! Can you please add us to the group? Thank you furry much!)

  15. Sweet Chiquita pleezee calm down....foe-cuss on yur breethin an centre yourself....
    Fink of yur favorite toyss an foodss an yur luvley Hu'man....those fingss will help...
    Wee sure hope yur Ochie iss OK....
    Sinseerlee, Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^= an LadyMum aka Sherri-Ellen


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