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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Miss Peach Selfie and Sad Mewz Of Local Rescuer

( Note from Katie Kitty Too: We are going to do my Gotcha Day later this week... cause a local rescuer's house burned down yesterday - we do hate being last in a blog hop - the mom needs prayer - she gets home late and usually too tired in morning for blogging. CFS, Asthma and Arthritis - sometimes hard to even get up in the morning... She loves us and our Nana and that keeps her going.  -Katie Kitty Too)


Just a minutes, Mom Lady. I'm not quite ready fur my selfie...
I needs to adjust...


Okay, now I ready...

Hi everyone.  The Mom Lady am still looking fur my furever home. Her thinks that if Chiquita and I could learns to likes each other more that we could get the same home together.

Well we still hissy greeting, but I do like Chiquita. When her was in the kennel apartment, we played slappy paws...

Now her in my bathroom apartment and I gets the run of the house... I would likes to has another little girl friend - we just gotta get to knows each other mores.

Now fur an update on Romeo:

The Mom Lady called yesfurday and the Humane Society said that they loves Romeo and will be able to put him on the adoption floor, so we didn't have to come pick him up... He will be neutered on Monday and should be ready to adopt on Tuesday... Adult cats are free to adopt at the shelter. Please purr fur him that he gets his furever home furry soon dehr... not all kitties does goods at the shelter - Romeo is an exception.

Purrz from 

Miss Peach. 

Update from the Mom.

Now fur the sad mewz, a local rescuer and owner of a local theater lost their home to a fire - Friends and family are helping them recover. Patty Reeder and Family You Caring  Will be giving part of our auction to help them too.  

We will share Katie Kitty Too's Gotcha Day Story later this week.  Need to get items up on our Facebook Auction. We always try to send at least ten purrcent to another rescuer or shelter in needs - hoping if a lot of folks come to our Facebook Auction, we will be able to give more.  

(we do apologize if you am not on Facebook - easiest way to get lots of stuffoms up fur sale. If you are  not on Facebook and would like to see the kitty items, please comment and I will make a post about them on The Purple Kattery Blog or email them to you so you can purticipate in bidding. - If no bids on items - they will go to our eBay store.)

Right now, with the metals and items sold, still need at least 75.00 more dollars for Silvia's rent this week. And Gordo is having another stress UTI this weekend. He will be going into vet tomorrow. 

Silvia is looking into another possible place to live with a friend and try to take cats with her, yet he has two dogs which her friend will try to house some where else. The dogs are retired police dogs... Silvia and I are still praying for her fur kids to be safe and loved in this kill shelter city...

And we still need to catch Molly. Last night rained too much - not a good night to try. Pray that we can catch her tonight. My only worry is no place for her to stay yet. And she may be too far along to spay

Thank you fur your purrz,
Katie Kat The Mom

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  1. Miss Peach, you are a gorgeous girl and you sure know how to take a selfie!

  2. Aww, Miss Peach, this is a great selfie, and you sure are the best thing I have seen in a Walmart bag. MOL Hoping your local rescuer gets the help she needds for her and her family, ASAP. purrs ERin

  3. That is such a cute selfie little one! That sure is sad about the fire, sad.

  4. That sure is a cute lil Peachy! We are so sorry about the rescuers fire and sending purrs and prayers her way.

  5. Nice to meet you. What a pro selfie taker you are.

    Emma and Buster

  6. MIss Peach, what a great selfie! We are really sorry to hear about the rescuer's house. That's just so sad.

    Hooray for Romeo! We hope he finds a forever home real soon!

  7. Purrayers for all of you - especially the Reeders !

  8. Such a gorgeous selfie Miss Peach! So sorry to hear of other troubles though, we are sending oodles of purrs and prayers fur mew all!

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & CO xox

  9. Miss Peach, tell your mom to take care of herself. If she gets sick, who will take care of all of you?

  10. You are all constantly in our thoughts, and we are sending you many purrs and prayers!

  11. That's simply awful 'bout that fire. But everyone got out okay? Is everyone alright? purrs


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