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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday Am Full of Purrz Pleaze

Gordo and Ronnie at the Vets Monday

Stress UTI - Steroid Shot.
Ronnie needed Cerenia shot and nail trim.

Will be getting L-Methionine or D-Mannose for Gordo's stress UTI.  For Ronnie, finding out how to keep Cerenia on hand. He loves getting into things and upsetting his tummy. Keep them healthy and save on vet bills. Gordo only 35.00. Ronnie was 75 and used up funds to get Molly spayed this Saturday.

I can not get Molly in to be spayed this week until Saturday. She didn't show up last night or this morning.  I am so worried for her. All because she did not get in to be spayed last Saturday. She was still searching for her daughter and may have gotten in a trap easier.

Please pray that I will still get her trapped for her spay on Saturday.  Still need 62.00 for her spay. I can get voucher for her to help with 10.00.
Need 50.00 more.

And still short 35.00 for Silvia's rent. Please consider paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

Silvia wants to thank everyone for saving her babies and keeping her and her cats from being homeless all year. You all have been such a blessing... To say THANK YOU, she is working with me to get my non profit organization going that helps pets and pet owners in need, doing much needed clerical work. Yet she can't work for me if she and her babies have no place to go!! Please consider collecting aluminum cans and taking to your nearest recycler. Every small amount will help Silvia pay her rent... and I need to pay her rent today.

Still looking for another place for Silvia and her kitties - A friend asked a friend with rental properties - all full right now. I will check with another friend who lives in duplex to find out about empty one.  

Thank you so much. If you need a statement for your help last year, please let me know by emailing laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. 

Purrs from Katie Kat.

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  1. We will be praying for Gordo, Molly, Silvie and the rest of your gang. I hope that you are all doing well very soon!

  2. Poor kitties, I am praying for them all. I hope you can catch Molly and find a place for her and her baby.

  3. sendin de blessings oh St Francis yur way with hopez everee one iz 100000 purrcent happee N healthee....all wayz ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  4. I remember having almost more cats than I could handle and wondering whether spending all that money to get them fixed was worth it. It was.


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