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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Angel's Kicky Toy Plus Jamison's Memorial and Other Mewz

Angel's Kicky Toy... MOL

=^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^<

Hopefully this will be Angel's Mew Kicky Toy,  unless I get outbid. Howsumever this one is long and narrow... she may prefer a thicker one like the paper towels. I think there are fatter ones on the auction...

If you are on FaceBook, please check out Kat Butrick's Auction: Paying It Forward to FurKids in Need.
Her auctions help several rescuers and more who work hard at feeding ferals and helping pets in need. Their Valentine auction will be helping Smith's Den Dog Rescue in Mississippi to cover vet expenses incurred with the rescue of a family of 3 Min-Pin dogs that were rescued from a flooded shelter in Louisiana. Smith's Den Dog Rescue (SDDR) also assists rescue groups in Serbia and rescues dogs from war-torn countries and brings them to the US to find their furever home. 

And do stops by to check out our Facebook Auction: The Purple Kattery Auction. I will be adding more items today and working on the Buy Now Button on The Purple Kattery Auction Blog - the HTML coding is being glitchy.  If you can, please consider saving  metal and taking to your nearest recycler to help raise funds for Katiez Katz... Still have several animals that need funds to be fixed: 3 girls kitties and a girl doggy... plus other expenses likes foods, litter, vet bills and helping pet owners like Silvia not have to take their animals to the city's kill shelter...

=^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^<

Befur our Updates and Stuffs,We haz to remember dear
Jamison who went OTRB thru no fault of hims own... he was good with dogs and didn't know him was in danger. He was pawsome Black Panther and furry loved at Noodles Adventures Blog and sometimes hacked Noodles blog... you can reads about that here -

The Mom has a special place in her heart fur Black Panther kitties (Puzzles' Spunky Bear's Memorial) and her just couldn't stop crying to pawticipate in the memorial last friday.

Purrz of Lovez and Paddy Paw Hugz,

Benjamin Little Bear
Current Black Panther

Katiez Furry Mewz

 Updates and Stuffs:

Chiquita's owie is getting betters - the swelling is going down. She is eating well. Last weekend, when she ventured out of the kitty kennel apartment, she freaked out and ran into walls and tried to climb up the corners in the living room. On top of my needs list are refills of Feliway.  Last night and today, she came out of the apartment and rubbed on my legs, yet any sudden noises scare her and she is back in the carrier in the kennel.  Since she is not used to going in litter boxes, before I let her do too much venturing, I will place several boxes around my little bungalow when she is out. I will pick them up for when one of the other kitties is having their turn outside their rooms... 

Wish my foster girls were more the Mama types and liked other kitties, but not the case.  Angel is afraid of other cats (she thinks she is a dog)... Little Peach is a Diva and wants all the attention; My Molly and daughter Ellie May are inclusive to themselves (Ellie May had a bad reaction to Advantage Flea meds where she couldn't process being touched or smells normally. Took two years of behavior modification for Ellie to act almost normally to touching, yet she still slaps from strange smells)

How sum ever, there is a Cat Fancy Show day on my birthday February 5th (and 6th) - I am going to register Miss Peach in the Household Category and hope she behaves herself enough to find her furever home... she hisses at other kitties...yet is good at being handled. Crossing paws.  I will buy a small cage for her to stay in during the show... Never done this before... going to be interesting.

In other Mewz: Have not Caught Chiquita's Mom Molly yet and looks like she may have already got herself in a pickle with two boys chasing her... I am going to try to see if she will go in a cage versus a trap - then will come the fun to attempt to get her from cage to trap to get spayed at KHS. Otherwise may have to get her spayed at a clinic that handles ferals and doesn't care if a trap or not.  

I am having concerns about Molly... not sure how bonded She is now to her daughter. Molly did not come near daughter when she was in a carrier by motel room the night I tried to get her to go in trap.

If Molly can get fixed, she may have to be returned back to the area - she has never been inside and I don't have a room to keep her while she learns about the indoors...  

I may be able to hold her long enough to get her to same home with Chiquita - depends - the gal who wants to give Chiqui a mew home is three hours away and her experience with outdoor partial ferals is limited.  I am concerned Chiquita may regress from her progress with people if her Mom is too upset. I have had that happen before.  Too many questions... I may have to rethink a home for both of them. More updates on Silvia's Molly later this week.

Silvia hurt her back very badly a few months ago and she is still in pain, finding it hard to get much done... especially since she lost her contacts. I am hoping to help her get a set of contacts as she can't even see to drive. She has a doctor's appointment today.  We were able to get her rent this week, working on next week - have some metal to recyclers and the auction items on my blog - and still raising funds for Molly's spay.  Still needing to raise at least 62.00 for Molly's spay and 150 for next week's rent.   

Silvia is exhausted and in too much pain... the fracture in her tail bone will take months to heal well.  She is asking me to find a home(s) for her cats - the only offer so far was a 6 high by 6 x 4 feet cage in a shop (!?!) ... fine for kittens and maybe one laid back cat - not for five cats who sometimes need medication and are already stressing out from the boy cats chasing Silvia's Molly. - This morning Silvia told me her kids picked fights with each other from a boy cat spraying the motel room window.

More Mewz later... going to be a loonnng week.

Purrz from Katie Kat
The Mom and the Katiez Katz.


  1. That's one worn out kicky toy. It looks very "well-loved."

  2. My kitties would agree that paper towel rolls are pawsome kicker toys! I hope that you are able to find the best kicker toy out there. Well be purring and praying for you as you help Molly!

  3. Oh, paper towels are sure fun! I sure hope that Mama kitty gets caught soon.

  4. Those kicky sticks are awesome. Bear loves his ... but you're right ... I wonder if they would like a thicker one to really dig their claws into!

  5. Wow, I haven't discovered the paper towels yet! I think I am missing something awesome. I feel badly for Silvia. That has to be a horrible pain. May that get better quickly. And Chiquita...cooperate!

  6. I hope you catch Molly soon. Also hope the auction goes well.

  7. My cat also loves to play with paper towels and toilet paper :)
    Just shared your auction on my blog's Facebook page. Have a great weekend!

  8. Once you took Molly away from her mommy and got your scent on her, her mommy will likely never have anythin' to do with her again. Dat was mommys' 'sperience with ferals caught, 'specially with so much time in 'tween. Not knockin' ya', we know it's hard. Just sayin' they really do need separate homes. And Cat Shows? OMC Mommy be so jealous. She says they're a blast. Mommy also said, in 'tween showin' you chould hold kitty as much as pawssible so peeps get an up cloase a purrsonal look see. Mommy always luvved seein' da kitties dat were out and interactin' as opposed to da ones dat "we can take him/her out of da cage fur ya". Again, just a suggestion. Have fun. Wish we could be there. Oh and da kicker...yeah you'll need a fatter one than dat. We have both types and purrfur da fatter ones. And ifin one is used to a full paper towel roll stead of an empty one, then there's no comparison. Sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Katie, thank you for this sweet memorial for Jamison. The good thing that came from this situation was meeting you and a few others. Thank you for all of your support, kind words, and just being there. *ear licks* Noodle and Family


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