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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Purrz Fur Rescued Kitties

Romeo: silly sweet kitty boy was picked up from Silvia's motel Thursday. Poor guy had been coming to the motel for about a week, crying at all the motel windows, wanting someone to love and feed him.  Brother Mike and I took Rommy to Kansas Humane Society yesterday for Reclaim or adoption. 

He did well yesterday, hanging out in the evaluation office. Cost: 30.00 - borrowed from Mike -have to pay him back when my husband's social comes in next Wednesday. This is the week when I have less than 100.00 in the bank.

He is getting neutered this morning and vet checked.
I have to call at one this afternoon to find out if he will be put on the adoption floor or I come to pick him up.  He already has someone who may adopt him - who left a comment on Face Book post.  

Rommy at KHS

Will update tomorrow about this little fellow.
Luna Pic - Art / Floating
In Other Mewz: Chiquita may have a small hernia at the
incision site from her spay... Developed this week, two weeks later - Chiquita has not been exerting herself, except for the one time she tried to climb the walls last weekend. She needs a checkup asap - KFM funds are depleted right now - made an appointment for her at Cat Hospital on Wednesday at 3:30. Exam will be 45.00. Will let you know how much surgery might be if she needs it. Also going to check her eyes - she always seems to have dilated pupils - wonder how well she sees...
Have lots of items still to upload at the The Purple Kattery Face Book Auction! Will upload pics first, then add descriptions. Silvia is also donating items to the Face Book auction, including this cute big rainbow teddy bear with lots of purple! (The Purple Kattery Auction has to haves purple!)

We didn't get much metal this week - just one water heater, a bike frame and some miscellaneous stuff - taking to recyclers today.  Will have a better idea how much we still need for Silvia's rent by tomorrow. - Still have three girl cats to spay and one doggy - More on how much those expenses will be in another post.

Tomorrow will haz a selfie from Miss Peach and a furry special post from Katie Kitty Too fur her Gotcha Day.

Purrz from Katie The Mom
Katiez Furry Mewz



  1. Purrs from all of us. Dang, that Romeo sure is handsome.

  2. Purrs for sweet Romeo, I agree with Brian, he IS handsome! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors you used in your art! Beautiful!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thank you fur your purrs. Romeo is doing well. Just got an update. He will be neutered on Monday, not today and then be available for adoption by Tuesday or Wednesday. -Katie Kat.

  3. We have turned our purring factory on for your family Katie. hope all turns out well. We loved your Caturday art. You look way happier than me.


  4. He is handsome, I can see why someone would want to adopt him.

  5. Purrs to Romeo for his neuter and for a safe and loving forever home. What a gorgeous Caturday art picture that you created!

  6. Lovely art!

    We hope everything works out for the kitties.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  7. Sending purrs and prayers. Romeo looks like such a nice cat, and we hope his forever home comes quickly.


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