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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thankful for The Little Things

And for loving friends.  I am always amazed and humbled by the love and support coming in to help Silvia and I and the cats in our care... 

You all are the true heroes.

Ronnie resting

Ronnie resting after the vets on Monday.

Didn't catch Molly last night. She is very smart... Brought Daughter in carrier and set her outside the trap.  Molly got to see daughter, yet didn't want to go in trap, even with her favorite food.

At one point Molly jumped up on Silvia's car and made eye contact with me while I sat in my car. I talked to her without rolling down the window. She is very smart. When I talked about daughter, she looked at the trap. She saw Chiquita go in when I caught her last week to get spayed.  Then Molly jumped down and went to the window to talk to Ronnie. I got the feeling that Molly wanted to stay with Silvia and Ronnie - keep things as is - not go in trap to be with her daughter.  Yet Molly still needs spayed; Silvia and her indoor babies still need a better home...

More cats are showing up at Silvia's window  - there is a colony a few blocks away - that may be where they are coming from... Silvia won't feed, just feed Molly. Sooo cold last night in the car with no heater running. Going to get colder this weekend, making it harder to catch her for spay this weekend.

Will try again tonight. Chiquita was quiet when back to my house while I cleaned her litter box. She cried a lot when I put her back in kennel - yet she let me love and pet her and hold her in my lap for longest time.  She wants people. Molly her Mom knows Silvia but is afraid of everyone else.

Chiquita is a docile kitty who by her own disposition had to be saved from the outdoor world - I don't know very many cats captured at 7 months old who take to cuddling so quickly. Molly is more street wise and has survived outdoors for more than six years. I am praying what to do - purr-haps Molly and Chiquita are not meant to go together - yet what to do for Molly? 
Thank you fur listening... - Katie Kat.

P.S. - Silvia texted me this morning that Guero's UTI may be back...she's waiting until her break light is fixed to take him in (bought a new light last night but may be connection issue) I can't wait to try the L-methionine for Gordo and Guero.

Now fur a werd from the Jr. CEO.

If you am on Facebook, please stops by our Purple Kattery page to see the starts of The Purple Kattery Pets In Need Auction Stuffs! Please keep checking back fur more stuffs too!

We will be moving the auction to a group this weekend cause Facebook am acting really weirds and deleting our photos and asking us if we wants to do sales and offers and getting the Mom all confused.  If you has stuffs you would like to donate to the Auction, please let us know by messaging on Facebook or sending an email to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. 

 Purrz n Stuffs, Katie Kitty Too
Jr. CEO (Certified Eccentric and Ornery)
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We're joining Brian fur Thankful Thursday cause we loves Brian soo much!


  1. so sweet... I want a cat but allergies are too strong... love them

  2. We sure hope you out smart the smart one soon! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Sendin' lots of purrayers

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. I feel so bad that Molly and her daughter are not together. I am praying you catch her soon.

  5. We purray extra hard that Molly will get into the trap. Maybe you have to tell her that it is a little house and not a trap. She maybe gets to like's just a thought... have you tried nip? ...just another thought...well, purraying for you all :) Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday :) <3


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