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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pleeze Vote fur da silliest Sisfur! (Postie 99)

Hiya Effurry Buddees!

Mawmee made deze furry funnee fotohs! (Furst one iz Daisy. Seconds one iz Bootsie. Thurds one iz me, Katie Too!)

Pleeze votes on which one u fink is funniest or cums up wif nu linez dats weze kin votes on! I
fns u can donates sumpin, pleeze helps Mawmee gets sum furry warm shoez!
Da Case uv da Furry Bads Shoez.
Onse upon a time, but not in Franse... a Mawmee lived wif hur furry babeze in a furry cold howse behind a scarree trane trak. Sum furry nise kittehs help da babeez gets a heetur ta helps keep warm.
Now dis Mawmee went huntin abouts too munths agohs in nofembur. She wents huntin to finds sum furry warm wintur shoez... She wents ta dis plase Kohl's and dey hads sum furry nise warm black shoez dats fitted hur. Dey was made by Skechers n waz furry blak wafflestompurz. Dey hads eyelets fur da shoo shoo stringz.
Whens she gotted dem home and wore dem onse... da fings dat holds da shoo shoo strings cames out!! Sohs Mawmee wented bax ta Kohl's and dey gived hur nuver pair. Den in Decembur, da stichins cummed outs of one of dem n dey was fallen aparts.
Da furry babeze tole Mawmee dats dehr must be bad gooblin at dis Kohl's plase...
U gotta takes dem baks agin!

But Mawmee say din I not gotted noh Wintur shoez!! Mai feeties is freezin in deze hehr cloggiez!
Den Katie say...
U gotted dem fur bout sumpins weeks n den day fells aparts. Dats not rites!!

So Mawmee takes dem baks and dey credit da Kohl's cardie wif dat. But Mawmee comedid home wif noh more shoez!
Soh Daffy Daisy tried ta cheer Mawmee ups... she say,
Mawmee you gotted warm feeties fur free!

But Bootsie say Whats about da rest uv da wintur?? Ice Cold feeties belongs on Gooblins, nots on Mawmeez!
Soh Auntie Bibi who is furry smart like Granmawmee said to Katie - Puts sum funny fotohs wif capshuns uv you guyz on da bloggie n gets peeples ta votes fur which one is funniest!
Den Mousie Gurl say... who is furry quiet til sumpin gohz likes eureeka in hur head!
Dey coulds cums up wif funnier capshunz too!

So here ya goh Weze Gots Dez Funny Fotohs... Which one is da funniest?
Kins you all fink uv sum funnier lines fur dem? Evfurry buddee iz welcumz ta purrteeceepate.
And ifns u can, pleeze donates whatevfur u kin affurrd....whatevfur dat iz. Rememburs dats weze luvs U and all da Cat Bloggisfere no matturs what!!

(All da furry babees n Mawmees dats bin helpin us wif stuffoms n commintin n purrin fur us will be puts on our Film Purrducshun furry evfur gift list - Dat meenz U gets a CeeDee uv whatever we make a film uv ifns u wants one!! And weze tells u all about Mawmees adventures in gettin ta be a funny aktress! And secret stuffoms dats we iz workins on in our film purrducshun stuff...on a nuffin budget)
Pleeze helps Mawmee getted new warm shooze!! Skechurz tooks dem furry bads shooez off der webbie!! Mawmees lookin fur a size 9 (narroh heel ifns posseebul) - sumpinz like deze ones but higher ups da ankel.... She purrin dat she finds dem and on hur nuffin budget dat woulds be a furry m irakul!!

Katie Too, Furry CEO uv
Katie Katz Purrducshunz


  1. Thanks for visiting our blog. We are in a suburg of Chicago. We are sorry to hear about your green paper troubles. Ours are pretty scarse as Mom is down to two days a week and doesn't know how long that will last. We hopes your Mom can finds a job soon.

  2. We think the second picture is furry funny! We hope that your Mawmee can get those new shoes, as it's been furry cold out.

    Purrs to you all!

  3. I do hope your mawmee gets her shoes, I am not good at funny sayings. Thank you for letting me know.

  4. Our mommy is broke now too, but she sez if yoo haf anything left on da Walmarts card dey haf a brand of shoe called "Athletic Works" dat our mom buys cuz dey is not expensive and dey last and last. She even wears dem in da snow! If not den e-mail mom at kattonic AT att Dot net (skwished and maked dem @ and .)

  5. We're not so good with funny sayings, but we like the second photo too. Sorry to hear about your Mom's shoe troubles, but we hope you can get some better ones soon.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  6. Yup, I agrees wif Zippy, Sadie an Speedy. Walmart's Athletic Works shoes be good sturdy shoes. Mine Daddy Charley wears 'em. Hims paralyzed on one leg an furry hard on shoes. We can replace them often an they do last a long time. We hafn't snow tested them, of course, but I's imagine they be warm.
    Purrs, KC

    pee ess: We's like tha furrst photo, Pink is not mine color. Hee hee, that's cute. Much better an anyfing I could write.

  7. We had the mom sended yoo the money collected from the auction and raffle, to yer paypal account today. We hope it helps!



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