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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Qwik Mewz on Sunny Day

Maxie Mewz Frum Mawmee's Bedroom.
Maxie n Katie had a stare fight....Maxie won. Akshully hur started growling so Mommy won...
Mommy puts Katie outta da room n Daisy mayd a runnin jump on da bed.

Maxie gohz ta sniff Daisy, cuz him likes hur.
Daisy hisst n ran out of da room. Mawmee closed da door.

Bootsie playz wif hims feet under da door, but runz away when hur sees how big him iz.

Mousie duzn't like nobuddiez save hur Mum...nuffinz diffurent dehr.

Mawmee say so far dats 3 almost votes fur Maxie ta stay and one against. She gots da swing vote...

Hugz n Purrz
- Frum Da Katie Katz

Now A Quik Mewz Frum da Tuxie Two: Mawmee iz doin tooturin stuffomz soh she helps us katch ups wif da frindz awardzn our fotoh fun contest furry soonz.
Now dis iz Maxies idea - we jus makes da contest blog a fotoh fun blog! n Gives away stuffoms! I fink We coods doo dat!! Watcha fink? Dis here whats bin submitted so far.... ats

Weze still needs updatin wifs our squillions and catnip toys ta gives away!!

Bootsie Woo n Katie Too
Furry Funny Fotoh moderaturz


  1. The mom squeeeeeeee'd when she saw da kitteh piccy. hehe

  2. I likez ur site! Not menny sitez r all ritten inz LOLcat like dees one so it hard to reed dem. Dis very nize for me tooz understandz! Tanks and ur fotoz are vewy cute tooz. I iz reporter for da kitty city gazette, maybe we cans interviews yous sometimes. Um, ohh k thx bai.

  3. I hope that all the cats like Maxie soon. I love the sleepy kittens.

  4. sleepy but still posing, they love the camera!

  5. Those sleepy kitties is so cute,I to hope the cats began to like Maxie.


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