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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Death of Tiger Lily Needs Justice


Mom took down the movie from Rather Good about the Singing Kitties, because of the little kitten making crying noises... upsetting us all...

Especially after hur found out about the kitten in New York named Tiger Lily. Hur little life was snuffed out by two teenagers as a sadistic "joke." This was no joke to Tiger Lily.

Got a message from a Catster at the Pups and Purrs Group about this.

Kitten Victim of Cruel "Joke" - Please read this story and pray for all involved, especially Tiger Lily's "Mom."

Our Mom cant bring herself to say what happened... Save she cant look at an oven or cook anything... nuff said.

If you see this information by Monday - please fax the judge and ask for no leniency in this case.

The case has been adjourned to September 2 for probationary review, so all comments must be received by the Judge by September 1.

Fax the judge in the case against the abuse of Tiger Lily

"Kitten Baked To Death In Oven-Demand Justice For Tiger Lily. Please send polite letters and faxes to the Judge, as soon as you can. Help educate about the link between violence to other species and violence to people."

Case #:02546-2009
RE: Cheyenne Cherry
Honorable Judge Margaret Clancy
Bronx County Supreme Court
265 East 161st Street
Bronx, NY 10451
Fax: 718-618-3573

- Katie Too
Who wants to slappy reel badz bout dis.


  1. Oh My ...
    I can't believe that someone would do that ...
    Some people should just be put to sleep ..

  2. We have read about that horribly cruel act several times and each time it makes us sick. Those girls deserve the same kind of mercy they gave that kitten -- NONE!

  3. I can't bring myself to read it, but agree with JFF, they deserve exactly what they did to the poor kitten.
    And don't people realize that serial killers and sociopaths begin by acting out on little animals before they "graduate" to humans?

  4. Mom cried when she read what happened. She cannot believe the cruelty that some psychotic beans can do. I agree, animals today humans tomorrow. This person needs to be locked up forever to keep her away from any living creatures.

  5. This is such an awful thing. They should lock up those girls and throw away the key. I have no access to a fax machine and a snail-mail letter wouldn't get there in time from England. I wish there was an email contact for the Judge. I've only just come across this monstrous story through finding your link on Chey's Place. You are good kitties and beans! :)xxx

  6. Another avenue to contact would be the ASPCA in New York City. I am sure that they are involved with this horrible sadness. Contact all animal welfare agencies in the greater New York area. I'd pound on all of the doors, not just the judge.

  7. Oh, thanks for your offer of adding my name to your fax! If it's not too late, please do! I'd be more than happy to contribute towards the cost (I have a Paypal account). I really don't want those girls to get off with short sentences. I'm not a vindictive person but they need to be kept away from society so they can't do this sort of thing again, and while they're locked up, hopefully learn the error of their ways.

    I live in Sussex. I wasn't borned here but I've lived here for squillions of years. Say hello from Sunny Sussex to your Daddy Purrson! :)xxx

  8. Thanks for the offer of the linkie and yes, please send. I've been trying to email you but gmail is playing up. My email addies are:
    pennyATfast4DOTnet. Fast4 gives me loads of headaches but this prob is a first for gmail. Duhr! :)xxx


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