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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Furry Fanks and A Story

Mom sez fanks soh furry mush fur all da suppurrt and all dis goods advice.
Sum good fings iz happinin and sum dunno yets...

Since dis iz publik bloggie - Mom sez dat we iz purrin ta see whats best 2 do.
We is still wif Granma and Mom...and dat housey iz gettin an extenshun.
Katie Ann Kitty Too.
Now here iz sumpin Mom found in an old email... Dis a good tail...umm tale. bye bye.
(No, Bootsie dehr iz notz a rabbit in da tail... iz a Rabbi. daz a Teacher Bean, silly... noh you cant go to himz howse and rollz round in himz beard!!! Bootsie, cum bak here, you silly sisfur!! Otay, you kins hafs a Catmitzvah!! Bootsie...!!)

A Small Shul and the Messiah.

Once a synagogue had fallen on hard times. Only five members were left: the cantor and four others, all over 60 years old. In the mountains near the shul there lived a retired rabbi. The five members sought the rabbi if he could offer any advice that might save the shul.

The cantor traveled into the mountains to visit the rabbi. They spoke at length but when asked for advice, the rabbi simply responded by saying, "I have no advice to give. The only thing I can tell you is the Messiah is one of you."
The cantor returned to the shul and told the four other members what the rabbi had said.

In the months that followed, the old shul members pondered the words of the rabbi. "The Messiah is one of us?" they each asked themselves.
As they thought about this possibility, they all began to treat each other with extraordinary respect on the off-chance that, one among them might be the Messiah ... and on the off-chance that each member himself might be the Messiah; they also began to treat themselves with extraordinary care.

As time went by, people visiting the shul noticed the aura of respect and gentle kindness that surrounded the five old members of the small shul.
More people began coming back to worship at the old synagogue. They brought their friends, and their friends brought more friends.

Within a few years, the small shul had once again become a thriving congregation!

(Smart Rabbi, hunh?)

Update bout Maxie:
Had a possibility for a new home for Maxwell Tigger today. (which might have turned into a home for the kittens and Daisy too.)

Two things: Wasn't at peace with the placement - this woman takes in animals - already has several cats and dogs, but does live out in the country. The cats have their own bedroom and porch she said, where they can go in and out. The porch isn't enclosed. They wander around the neighborhood. She spays the females, but not the males. (Max is already Neutered, but the kittens aren't yet.) She give them their shots herself (?) She was reluctant to let me see their housing arrangement.

Second: Maxie stressed out from just a car ride. Normally he's a very quiet boy. In the car, he was screaming his head off. I let him out of the carrier and he calmed down a little, but kept talking, "WHY WHY WHY???" At stoplight, he tried to get on the dashboard! I got him down and he sat in my lap and cried more quietly, plaintively.

I took him to Mike's (a friend's) house.
After a few more, less anxious "whys," he finally calmed down due to the familiar smells - Mike visits us alot.

Max quieted down alot, although that was his first time at Mike's house. Max did really well in a "new" house, with me there at the same time.

He sat down when I sat down and walked around when I walked around. Mike was playing a computer game - Max laid down under the desk by Mike's feet until I got up and left to visit the bathroom. Max wanted in the bathroom with me!!

After Mike took some photos of Max, we took him back home. Mike drove my car and Max sat in my lap, quietly scared. He shivered from the A/C. I turned the fan down...Once back home, Daisy was so glad to see him! She touched his nose and they walked side by side. He groomed her for a while... Wish Daisy and Max and the Kits could all stay together somewhere... Max acts like the kittens are his babies!

(I've talked to Mike about taking Maxie in, but he doesn't think it would work, since he works such long hours and isn't home most of the time, and has never owned a cat... I would still have to look after him..
.yada yada yada...) =^..^=


  1. I would vote no on the lady. She isn't much of a cat owner if she lets her unfixed males roam. unfixed males end up getting into fights and That's the way they end up getting diseases like FIP, Felv, etc.

  2. A definate NO to the lady who doesn't neuter the males! Ozark cats are so right about the disease risk.

    Very glad you got an extension on the house. Maybe Mike could be persuaded to take Maxie, if you offered him some initial support. Sounds like Maxie enjoyed his visit!

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. A third vote for no on that lady! Sounds like she runs a kitty/puppy mill. :P


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