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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daisy Needs A VET Trip!!!

Update: 19 August 2009.Just took Daisy May to the vet. No fever! The ulcers on her lip are nearly gone, so she doesn't need steroids! The vet thought the ulcers could be food related. Could be that she is allergic to corn. She is back on the sensitive corn free food formula from Pets Mart that Mousie eats.

Her mammary glands just look swollen with milk and uncomfortable, but not inflamed. So far just need to keep putting warm compress in the morning, a cold compress during the day and another warm compress at night.

If she does get a fever or mammary glands get red and puffy or have discharge, I need to call them for antibiotics and just pick them up. won't be another office fee.

So far she is just the bestest Mom cat!

Fanks for sinding funds - waz able to pay the vet visit. Ifnz she needs antibiotix, we kin pay fur dat...

Katie Kat & Katie Too

Daisy gotsta go to vets asap! dem babiez gone and now hurz impacted and sore. Warm packs not helpin. At least 60.00 (office visit and steroiod shot) mite need antibiotikz.
Mom gotz a PayPal debit card...but only 19.00 in dehr.

Who helps kin haves da bone china kittens or sumpin dat we hafs fur our furry bay blog. sum fings not ups yet. Fanks!!

Da Katie Katz Gang.
Junior and Orion have won da Kitty Angel as da furst purrscat to commint. (Please see our Furre Bay Blog - UPDATE: someone hijacked our old Katiez Furr eBay Blog name... so no links here.)


  1. Oh, no. We send purrs she will be okay. We wish we could help.

  2. We saw you on Wendy's LOLspot you are all furry cute!


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